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Wilshire Restaurant Review

A thrilling discovery, stunning Wilshire restaurant you'd only dream of discovering in Los Angeles. Hyper-Exciting food with flavor combinations shooting like fireworks, delectably stimulating, a cacophony of sensations. Wilshire restaurant is the best organic cuisine, served along with gorgeous organic meals that are unique, the type of place that delights you to always return for more. It also has one the trendiest bars in Los Angeles, and a very elegant ambiance, surrounded by trees, lights and a cozy area for smokers, and the best view of the house.

What a great location for a restaurant. The night we dined at Wishire was on a Saturday night, a very busy night, with great looking crowd and the bar scene was truly sensational! The setting is interesting and laid-back and with a esteemed wine list and radiantly warm service. Inside our dining room there is a wall that has a brilliant screen that changes color, it is a great piece of multicolor art that adds charm to the ambience.


We got a good first impression. I’ll have to make up a new phrase "Flavor Compression", you look at the food and its beautiful, but then you taste it and wow, its a symphony of flavors that makes you dream of only eating organic food for the rest of our lives…


Our waitress was helpful and extremely pleasant, attentive and happily gave us suggestions about what to order.

The wine we had was a delicious 2001 Amarone Riserva from
Musella – Italy, and the great 2003 Riesling Piesporter Treppchen
from Germany, a superb choice for our meal.


We started out with a great selection of appetizers and salads; Scarbourough Farm Field Greens; Crispy Shallots, Aged Sherry Vinaigrette, Salad of Farmers Market Beets, a very sweet salad, made with Roasted Hazelnuts, Honey Blosom Vinagrette, a Yellow Nantes Carrot Soup, we all enjoyed this sweet and unique soup, also we had the Rate Ahi Tuna, with Fennel, Citrus Juices and Fresh Wasabi, very tasty, finally the Lobster on a Shingle, with Baby Carrots, Breakfast Radish, served on a Toast. They were all very tasty with interesting flavors and appealing presentation.

For our main course, we were also told that the menu changes on a daily basis, we choose the special for that evening which was the Wild King Salmon, with Green Garlic, Morel Mushrooms on a Pinot Noir sauce, this one sounded too good to pass up, then we tried the Alaskan Halibut on a Spring Vegetable Cassoulet and after finishing these delicious dishes, I we had to try the Kobe Ribeye Steak and the Asparagus Risotto. YUM! The Steak had a Local Chanterelle Mushrooms, Potato Puree on Herb Jus, and the Risotto, was served with Raw Sparagus, Mushroom with Riggiano Parmesan Cheese. Also we choose from the farm fresh the Farro with Wild Mushrooms, the Brussel Sprouts & Applewod Smoked Bacon and the Grilled Aspargus, These were such treasures dishes, spectacular taste brilliantly presented.

As far as desserts, we were very lucky that night our spectacular chef send us the Red Wine Sauteed Strawberries served on a Brioche Bread Pudding and Tarragon Ice Cream, we also tasted the Vanilla Crème Fraiche Panna Cotta with Blood Oranges and Slow Poached Pineapple, and the delicious Vanilla Ice Cream.

I felt pretty good about eating at Wilshire, the food is healthy there, and you do not feel guilty about enjoying everything you eat.

There's no question! Organic food is grown and stored without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers, and in my opinion you should always applaud any restaurant chef who strives for organic fare.


So for that, we say three cheers to the Wilshire restaurant. We had a fantastic experience and look forward to our next excursion there. A Superb Spectacular Hit. 

                                                            Chef Noa Rosen

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Alex Bonvi

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