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Maple Drive Restaurant Review

Maple Drive is a true outstanding restaurant! The Ambiance, service, food and hospitality all top notch. I would describe it as a Contemporary American restaurant secluded on a quiet street in Beverly Hills. It gets a 40’s something crowd during the day, and more of a mix at night when a jazz trio plays great songs, while you dine and enjoy the great ambiance.

Ask for the fabulous Chef Vincent Manna for a tour of the kitchen you will
be impressed with the great menu and his fabulous staff.

The Friendly Kitchen Staff                            Chef Vincent Manna   

If you are not looking to commit to just one entree but instead you want to dabble in a few dishes, you should head to Maple Drive; you can choose from a sizable menu of small plate selections where there is most definitely something to satisfy your every craving. Upon entering Maple Drive, where the artwork and walls are - what else - Maple Drive, you are greeted by an amiable staff and tended to by a knowledgeable server who lets you create your own casual dining experience. To share or not to share, that is the only question.
      Our server Kelly                             Zen Master Specialty Drink

Maple Drive’s medium-sized dining room is outlined with inviting banquette seating and there is a large cozy bar in the front, with a large variety of drinks. The Zen Master is prepared with sky mellon vodka, green tea liquor and fresh lime,
a delicilious drink anytime!

The restaurant and bar area are perfect locations to peruse the substantial wine list, on which many selections are available by the glass or in flights. Once seated, warm sourdough is served. Not fussy, it’s all about the food. As the meal continues, I realize, this is a good vibe for a weekday get together, or a date, or even a meal for one.

Maple Drive’s menu lists several popular options, including great pizzas, but one of
the most noteworthy is the Wild Arugula and Endive salad; comice pears, candied walnuts, grapes, Roquefort on a honey mustard vinaigrette dressing. This is a whole new way to experience salad and it whets my appetite for the next small plate.

   Wild Arugula and Endive salad           Coconut Crusted Tempura Scallops

Without delay, a delicate presentation of Coconut Crusted Tempura Scallops
arrives at the table. The scallops are accompanied by an Asian cabbage slaw,
crispy wontons, mango jicama and orange chili aioli. This is a great choice, the coconut sits atop the scallops and brings all the flavors and textures of the dish together. Simply delicious.

       Prawns Scampi                              Japanese Hamachi Sashimi

Prawns Scampi were the evening’s special feature, will mostly likely be phased into the seasonal summer menu. Chef Manna uses herbs and spices like a signature on each dish, and here it is a sprinkling of fresh thyme. The server intuitively paired the Chalone Pinot Blanc and it was a great match for these starters. Its fruitiness, in the form of blackberry and cherry, complemented the meat and thyme nicely.

Wild Striped Bass

In a continuation of the decadence, a bubbling little crock of Maple Drive’s
signature Japanese Hamachi Sashimi, spicy roll with avocado, cucumber
dijon salad, yuzu ponzu on a wasabi aioli, I must say, it was an exciting moment.
Once you eat this, you will want it again.

Colorado Rack of Lamb

Feeling very satisfied so far, we start thinking about main course, our server suggested that we should try the Olive Oil Poached Wild Striped Bass ; roasted eggplant puree, ratatouille vegetables on a white wine fennel basil nage, this is a very light fish with a good texture and very tender. Great choice, then we also tasted the amazing Colorado Rack of Lamb, a ragout of flageolet, cranberry and white bean, heirloom tomato confit, shepherds pie, which as simply the best, on a rosemanry red wine sauce.

Chocolate bread pudding with crème Anglaise

For dessert, we had a surprise prepared by the Chef Manna, a chocolate bread pudding with crème anglaise served with whipped cream, well done interpretations of both classic desserts and a fine finish to the Maple Drive experience. As something new, Maple Drive was just purchased by Patina's Joaquin Splichal, a renowned California chef, which I heard will also bring new exciting menu to the restaurant. Put simply, just as Chef Vincent Manna would prefer, Maple Drive is a keeper!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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