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E3 Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014

The Electronic Entertainment Exposition in California that occurs in June and can
be looked at in a lot of different ways. The gigantic games-only exposition has
been the launching pad for numerous game consoles by companies like Sony,
Microsoft, and Nintendo. The affair plays out much like an arcade with
yet-to-be released titles available for free. It's a circus. It's a
place where game business gets done. It's a place
where all the gamers want to go.

Every year about this time articles start springing up all over the internet about E3.
Every year about this time millions of gamers feel the longing to attend. About
two months before the show it starts with a mild trickle of rumors and as
the show draws closer it becomes a frenzied flood of PR madness. As
the information increases, so does the desire to attend the show.

                                                               Gilbert Gottfried

That is, of course, the real purpose of E3. To get the end-customer so
excited about upcoming games and systems that they will spend
every waking moment dreaming of its arrival.

Tony Hawk Showing Downhill Jam

It is crowded. No, I mean really crowded. If you want to get in to see the “hot
properties” at the show you are going to have to wait…for hours. I wait an
hour each year just to take some snapshots of a certain developer’s games
because of the “crowd control” designed to make it look like they
are really popular. A ticket inside isn’t all that matters.


Just because you go to E3 doesn’t mean you get to see the really cool games
or talk to any developers. Each company has a list of publications that are
“AAA”, meaning they are deemed worthy enough to talk to developers
and see the exclusive “behind closed doors” games. If you aren’t
on the list, you’ll spend your time wandering
the show floor like a zombie.


The 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo), the world's premier
interactive entertainment trade-only event, kicks off at the Los Angles
Convention Center (LACC) June 10-12 for exhibits and
for conference and workshop sessions conducted
by a panel of more than 175 industry leaders.


1,000 never-before-seen games, 5,800 screens,
79,000 square yards of carpet and much more.


More than 400 exhibiting companies representing 90 countries will showcase
thousands of the latest computer and video games and technologies
within 540,000 net square feet of exhibit space, an area
equal to 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Almost two-thirds of E3 Expo exhibitors (60 percent) will showcase
games scheduled to hit store shelves by the 2014 holiday season.


Exhibitors will display nearly 1,000 never-before-seen games and products.

Almost half of exhibitors (49 percent) will launch one or
more titles for the latest handheld platforms.


Eleven percent of companies will exhibit one or more games
featuring celebrities or other "Hollywood" talent including
directors, screenwriters and musicians.

                                                              Steve Issacs and Dave Navarro

One-tenth of exhibitors (10 percent) will present one or more
games or products including a health or fitness element.

Adam West promotes Family Guy                                                                

More than 5,800 flat screen computer and television
monitors will be seen on the show floor and in public areas.

More than 850,000 pounds of equipment will run along the convention ceiling.


Approximately 79,000 square yards of carpet and
other flooring will cover the LACC.


110,000 square feet of banners will hang within
the LACC during E3 Expo 2014


Virtual access to E3 Expo 2014 is available to the general public at the
official E3 Expo consumer news site E3 Insider for breaking news
and special behind-the-scenes reports from the show floor


Article By: Chris Marx 4/25/2014
Photos By: Chris Marx

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