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The Stinking Rose Review

The Stinking Rose is THE PLACE to go if you are a garlic lover! The garlic over
there is happening! If you like garlic, you’ve got to go to this fantastic restaurant,
the aroma of the place alone is worth every penny you’ll spend for your meal.


They make the best garlic food that I have ever tasted in my life. Absolutely superb.  
They season their garlic with food and the ambience is unbelievably great,
and just a note to compliment their staff on the wonderful dinner we had. The
service was exemplary and the food was great and a special thanks to our server.
His service was perfect,  he was efficient, very polite and gave great
suggestions for a memorable meal.

Cuban Blue Mojito                                         Chianti Room  

We started at the bar, where they have a great selections of drinks to choose from, among them are some of the best Mojitos in town.  We had the Cuban Blue Mojito, so good we had to have more.  Then we started our dinner with appetizers, and this one I recommend, it is called: Bagna Calda, a stunning way to start your meal, they said this one is Garlic soaking in a hot tub, Garlic cloves, oven-roasted in extra virgin olive oil and butter with a hint of anchovy. A wonderful treat for spreading on our house-baked focaccia bread. Served at your table in an iron skillet. I would have this one every single day!

Bagna Calda (Roasted Garlic)                   Shrimp Sizzling Iron Skillet   

The next one, we were told not to miss it, it was the Shrimp Sizzling Iron Skillet and Roasted to perfection.  This dish was simply delicious and there is a variety to choose from such as combinations of Mussels and Crab! The garlic flavor on this dish is simply fabulous!

Popcorn Calamari

Then we also tasted the Popcorn Calamari, very good and with that garlic taste,
such a unique way to eat Calamari. Please, don’t miss the Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue, the best Spinach Fondue I have had in my life! I simply enjoyed so much,
that I wanted more, but I had to save space for our next marvelous dishes that
were coming ahead.

Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue

Before our entrees, we got a very nice salad with Asparagus & Roasted Tomatoes, this did not have that much garlic taste, it was a very refreshing salad that we both enjoyed very much.

 Asparagus & Roasted Tomatoes            Arugula Pesto with with Pine Nuts  

Lasagna of Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Eggplant

Of course, The Stinking Rose has the best pastas in the world, so we got to try 
two of them; The Lasagna of Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Eggplant, Garlic,
Peppers, Onions, Spinach, Mozzarella & a to die Tomato sauce, that reminded
my mother’s home made Lasagna, deliciously prepared, and unforgettable… our
next pasta was the Arugula Pesto with roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic & grana, yes, I give a 10 to this one as well… hey, we needed to make some space for the fish… Oh my God, the fish, you can’t, just can’t miss the Dungeness Killer Crab,
this dish is roasted in their secret Garlic sauce, and this was the best Crab dish I
ever tasted in my entire life. There is no comparison, it was perfect, it was delicious,
it was fresh, it was to die for. You can’t make this one at home, you have to try
The Stinking Rose Crab, if you are a crab lover and if you don’t try this dish; it
is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. That is it!

The Stinking Rose Crab

The next winner was the Garlic Roasted Prime Rib, one of the best Cuts of meat
we have ever eaten and the garlic sauce right on! How can you bit these dishes?
The only place you can find the best of the best food with Garlic, I have to say is
The Stinking Rose. Nothing else matters to me…

Garlic Roasted Prime Rib

Let’s talk about dessert, imagine having dessert with your favorite topic: Garlic. No? Oh Yes! They have it, and they make it so wonderfully light and tasty that you can’t really taste the garlic, but you know it is there. Get it? So we had the Sunday Garlic Ice Cream Curacao, so good that you can’t stop eating, and the Gilroy’s Famous Garlic Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce, this one is a killer, simply the best.


The Stinking Rose is a place where you must go, their menu has such a variety of great good to choose from, you can’t go wrong, and if you love Garlic, this is a restaurant that reaches all the standards for the most perfect food, with a gorgeous ambience, and the most unique and entertaining dining experience.  

Dracula Room

                                                           Cork Room

For map and location click here.

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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