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Gyu-Kaku Restaurant Review

This is a very fun Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy your friends
company and have a really good time being your own chef.


Gyu-Kaku is a great Japanese dining barbecue restaurant and you will certainly enjoy the experience. Located at La Cienega Boulevard, this comfortable restaurant is a very pleasant place to entertain and be entertained.

I loved the service; everything was fast, and very good. This restaurant is a pioneer in fusing Korean charcoal barbeque and Japanese – style grilling. It also combines a unique dining experience with established Asian tradition. The accommodating staff greets diners with a warming welcome, while your order is on its way.

Shochu Mojito                                             Edamame 

Each table in the restaurant is fitted with a grill of glowing hot coals that are replaced through out the evening. We had ours replaced like 4 times. I truly enjoy cooking so for me it was a blast having the opportunity to cook at the grill in the center of our table, it give you that campfire feeling!

     Miso Soup                                          Gyu-Kaku Salad

I noticed that even on a Sunday evening the restaurant was very busy with
families with children and couples, and everyone seemed to be having a great
time cooking and eating, without having to deal with the preparation of the food
or cleaning up.   You can get a unique dining experience that provides a lively
setting for your family and friends.

All the items are seasoned with salt or sauce. Since I am Italian, I brought my own extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and extra garlic, sorry but I can’t help it. So I marinated my own meat and seafood the way I enjoyed. They also have their own traditional seasonings such as shuchimi (seven-spice mixture) or mustard dip.

Assorted Vegetables                                     Bibimba Rice  
Another good thing about this is that you don’t have to wait for your food to be cooked before it’s brought to you. You can get started as soon as you sit down. Ordering can be a bit confusing at first, so don’t be ashamed about asking your server for advice. Our server already knew what we were going to eat, so we started with the Samurai dinner good for 2. It included: 2 Miso Soups, a Gyu-Kaku salad, it was very good and big, I loved this salad. Then we got the Edamame all this was a great start. Then we got the Ahi Poke; a true Hawaiian delicacy, Raw Tuna mixed with a traditional soy based sauce on a bed of sea veggies. You can either eat like it comes, or you can lightly marinated a bit more, I loved to mix mine with my spices and some lemon and eat after 1 minute on the grill, just slightly seared. It was great! If you want to make it a bit spicy, you just ask for more pepper.

Ahi Poke, Raw Tuna mixed with a traditional soy based sauce

A tip: before you start cooking, make sure your roaster is hot enough, the meat tastes better if you let it marinate couple minutes in your favorite sauce, usually it cooks in 20 seconds, because it is very thin, and always ask for your server to change your grill before it gets burnt. 

Vegetables and Scallops                        Salmon Butter Fish in Foil

We got their original Bibimba, a kind of rice that is prepared by your waitress,
which kindly ask you to wait couple minutes before you devore it! It has rice,
chicken, seasoned veggies, and egg, served in a sizzling stone pot. A must
try item! You also get a plate with assorted vegetables, which you can keep
asking for more at no extra charge.

U.S. Kobe Kalbi with Ponzu

U.S. Kobe Kalbi with Ponzu, a Kobe style rib eye served with your choice of marinades, very good and thin! A Premium Kalbi Tare – this one has premium
cuts of boneless short-rib beef with you choice of marinade. I loved mine with
lots of garlic, lemon and the tare sauce. Harami Miso, this meat has juicy
slices of skirt steak.

Premium Kalbi Tare

Consistently their most popular item when marinated with miso. Shrimp Garlic,
we had 4 pieces of large butterfly Shrimps that rocks the boat in their
marinated garlic sauce. Great and we enjoyed this very much!

Harami Miso

Salmon Butter – a surprising item, this fish comes in a foil packet ready to be put in your table grill, just leave it for 3 minutes on each side and it comes perfectly done, and ready to be eaten, simply fantastic, I want to try this one at home!

Garlic Shrimp

We also requested 2 extra seafood dishes that appeared to not be missed in their menu. You must try the Scallop Miso and the Sea bass, both were great! What a nice way to end our meal. 

Scallop Miso

For dessert we had the delicious and gooey rich S’mores, it was
so romantic to cook your own meal and dessert.


Gyu-Kaku was certainly a great place and a fantastic atmosphere that I truly
enjoyed, grab all of your family and friends and try this restaurant, it is an
experience that you must try, it is also great for any kind of parties, birthdays,
mixers, romance and any other celebration, but don’t let the low-priced plates
fool you. A dinner for 2 with drinks would be approximately about
$130.00 (not including tips). I will certainly be back!  

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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