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Boe Restaurant Review

This charming restaurant is located at the old Beverly Crescent and it is really one of the coolest places in town. With a very sophisticated setting transformed into nightspot that continues to shine under the toque of chef the cuisine Eric Ritter.


This is a perfect spot for mingling and partying in a very sexy atmosphere. There is a very cozy bar, with creative drinks that includes everything from Mojitos to Caipirinhas, also offering a large selection of great wines.       


There is a beautiful private dining room overlooking the bar-lounge, this can be a perfect spot for a birthdays, families and any king of party celebration.


The entire dining space is basically outdoors and holds about a dozen tables, it is
really the most cozy and fun places in the area, specially on a summer night.
It also offers breakfast and lunch. 


I was very impressed with Chef Ritter, his menu is excellent, and the prices
are moderate. His eclectic training shines through on Boe’s well-composed
menu. Offering great dishes ranging from great salads, inventive
appetizers and fabulous entrees.

    Mojito, White Wine                           Long Island, Caipirinhas

We started with a selections of delicious appetizers such as Baked Brie with Sundried Tomatoes in a house made roll with olive dip, Mini Curry Burgers with mint, apple-tamarind chutney, Market Pizza, crispy and crunchy, with Spinach Leaves and Meat Balls, and Tuna Tartare bites with Ponzu, Cucumber, Sesame, Shiso Leaf.

Baked Brie                                             Market Pizza

All of these were a great selection of appetizers, very tasty and creative, I loved the mini burgers, they tasted great, and the pizza was also very crispy and delicious, the tuna and the brie were traditionally prepared a we all enjoyed it as well.

Mini Curry Burgers with mint, apple-tamarind chutney

Tuna Tartare bites with Ponzu, Cucumber, Sesame, Shiso Leaf.

As far as our entrées, our delightful waitress Elizabeth, suggested that we tried the Flatiron Steak with Roast Red Fingerling Potatoes served with Caramelized Shallots, Haricot Vert on a Cabernet Demi, this dish was truly a masterpiece, the flavors and the texture of the meat along with the potatoes, were simply delicious, everyone enjoyed this dish.

Flatiron Steak with Roast Red Fingerling Potatoes

Our last entrée was the Seared Halibut with Manchego Polenta, Sauteed Mustard Greens on a Pinot Noir-Paprika Butter sauce, if you love fish this is the one to choose, simply spectacular, the flavors of the fish and the butter sauce just melts into your mouth and it was just an amazing dish.

Seared Halibut with Manchego Polenta, Sauteed Mustard Greens

Chef Ritter came to say hello, and I am happy to have the opportunity to tell him that we enjoyed his menu, and that everything was excellent, and he kindly sent us 3 desserts that were the golden key to end our wonderful evening. 

Chocolate Raspberry Gooey-Heart Cake

We had the Chocolate Raspberry Gooey-Heart Cake with Chambord
Ganache Center, on a Fresh Berry sauce, if you are a chocolate lover,
you can’t miss this one, it was heaven.   

Strawberry-Bananas Foster Tart, with Graham Cracker Crust

The second one was the Strawberry-Bananas Foster Tart, with Graham
Cracker Crust and Whipped Cream, a total paradise, very light, and you
just can’t stop enjoying it.   

Vanilla Ice Cream

We also got the Vanilla Ice Cream which goes well with anything
and it was a nice complement for such a warm night out.

   Chef Eric Ritter                                  Our Waitress Elizabeth

I truly believe that a dinner is an opportunity to satisfy all our senses, beginning with sight. I think that food had to be presented in an artistic manner playing with colors and forms, and the plate had to be arranged as a work of art similar to a sculpture
or a painting and Chef Ritter certainly has talents to achieve all of that and much
more, we were very impressed with our great dining experience at Boe. This is certainly a restaurant that you can’t miss, you must try it!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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