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Moonshadows Restaurant Review

Diners could practically reach out and touch the water from this
intimate, rustic landmark restaurant overlooking one of the nicest strips
of sand in the world, Malibu – CA.


"California dreaming' becomes reality" at this "idyllic" aerie, "a Malibu tradition
of sun and sea" where patrons "dolphin-watch" and "star-watch", while dining
in the "beautiful" room or on the "fabulous terrace" "overlooking the ocean";
but it's not just the "spectacular vistas" that "absolutely bewitch" fans—the
"excellent" Cal cuisine and "charming service" "wow" 'em as well.


Seafood is favorite eating for probably the majority of diners, but affordable seafood dinners are hard to find these days in Los Angeles. Except for a few seasonal runs of salmon and crab, the remaining seafood—e.g., halibut, cod, sea bass, pompano, mackerel etc.—is high-priced in the markets, hence, also in restaurants, but at Moonshadows, the food is magnificent and very affordable.

Chef Joachim Weritz                              Champagne at the Bar

We met their brilliant Chef Joachim Weritz. As we always do, we stopped at the Bar before dinner, and this is a true Malibu happening place. The bar view is astonishing and also there is an outside Tiki bar that prepares the best drinks while you enjoy the most amazing ocean view. Eating outside at their cabanas is the most romantic thing you can do for your loved ones and you will be enjoying the most amazing songs by an authentic French DJ! The noise from the rowdy crowd broke over us in waves. Tables were mostly big groups of family or friends, all ages, sizes and ethnicities. In fact, it was one of the most diverse crowds I've seen anywhere in L.A.

        Caipirinha                                      Long Island Ice Tea

We tried a variety of drinks at the inside bar, and among them, we tried
the Long Island Ice Tea, and their delicious Brazilian drink; Caipirinha,
which tastes like a Mojito.

I do not know how to describe our fabulous dinner, but I hope you can go
there to taste for yourself and try the best seafood of your life!

Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartare

Our table location was great, we had 360 degrees of ocean view, the most
amazing sunset and for some reason I felt like being on a cruise. You just do
not want to leave, if I could, I would still be there right now… just enjoying
and dreaming… Chef Weritz, totally surprised us, by serving the most incredible appetizers and entrees. I will try to describe and to show you guys each item, 
we all loved every single one of them, they were not only delicious but the
presentation was also gorgeous. Just hope that from our photos you can
see what we tasted!

Classic Tiger Shrimp Cocktail and Iced Oysters on the Half Shell

We started with appetizers, so we had the Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartare, with gingered cucumbers, marinated seaweed, avocado crème, and fried won ton chips, a selection of Classic Tiger Shrimp Cocktail and Iced Oysters on the Half Shell, we also tasted their True New England “Quahog” hard shell clam chowder, the best one we ever tasted, it had tons of clam chowder and it was super delicious!

Clam Chowder

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

As far as salads, we tasted the Malibu Farmers Market Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, an organic seasonal greens, caramelized pecans on a beet vinaigrette, also delicious and fresh, we had the Ripe Bartlett Pear Salad, with organic seasonal greens point reyes blue cheese and candied pecans, on a roasted pear vinaigrette then my favorite the Sweet Maine Lobster Caesar salad, with baby romaine, apple wood smoked bacon, parmeggiano reggiano, avocado, and focaccia croutons, this salad is truly an Oscar winner, we all loved it! Don’t miss it. Our final appetizer was the Sable Fish Carpaccio,  it was very tasty and spicy, and we loved it.

Ripe Bartlett Pear Salad                  Maine Lobster Caesar salad

Sable Fish Carpaccio

Our dinner entrees were all carefully chosen by Chef Weritz, who kindly served
us his best specialties, and among them we had the special of the night, the
New Zealand Snapper, one of the best fishes I ever had, on a bed of Matcha
Green Tea Rice, simply the best!

New Zealand Snapper

Lobster Shrimp and Crab stuffed Black Ravioli

Also the Lobster Shrimp and Crab stuffed Black Ravioli is one of the items you
can’t miss, if you love Ravioli, like me! It was spectacular, and the saffron-lobster sauce on a sweet basil was divine! As far as our meats, Chef Weritz sent us 2
kinds, the Honey Brined Natural Fed Pork Chop, brandied applesauce,
caramelized sweet potatoes and grain mustard-bacon sauce, if you love pork,
you can’t go wrong, deliciously prepared and tasting like it should be, very
tender and very sweet. Our final meat tasting was the Kobe Beef served
on a creamy grits that was absolutely perfect. We were totally satisfied
with the excellent menu choices that Chef Weritz served to us.

Honey Brined Natural Fed Pork Chop

Kobe Beef served on a Creamy Grits

Now, I do not know how to describe the Moonshadows Summer Dessert Menu, it was to die for, we choose one item, but Chef Weritz was so kind to send us 3, and I can’t say which one we loved the best, because they all were heaven.

Warm Fuji Apple Pie

The Warm Fuji Apple Pie, on a crème anglaise and rum-raisin ice cream was so delicious that we could easily repeat another one, then we had the Caramelize Banana and Almond Crostata, on a Dulce de Leche rum sauce, this was also a dream coming true, truly an opera d’arte! We loved and the last one was the Valrhona Chocolate and Gianduja Souffle Cake, on a spiced coffee sauce & hazelnut ice-cream.

Caramelize Banana and Almond Crostata

Valrhona Chocolate and Gianduja Souffle Cake

All served with a Dow’s 20 year Tawny Port that was a gold key to close this superb dinner at the most amazing and spectacular Malibu Restaurant: Moonshadows, I guarantee if you go there, your night will be an unforgettable one. 

Three Great After Dinner Wines

It was all good, and I must say that the atmosphere of Moonshadows rocks!
This is absolutely one of the best Seafood restaurants in Malibu!

I would like to give my special thanks you to superb Chef Joachim Weritz and
to the amazing owner Andrea who kindly invited me to this special dinner and
made it happen. Grazie Mille!
For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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