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Colors On Bedford - An American Bistro

A thrilling discovery, stunning restaurant – Colors on Bedford, owned by the
talented Barbara Lockhart, who certainly did the city a favor, by creating this
fabulous new restaurant where you'd only dream of discovering at the heart
of Beverly Hills on Bedford Drive. 

      Barbara Lockhart & Eva Larue                          Main Dining Room                
Hyper-exciting food with flavor and combinations shooting like fireworks, delectably stimulating, and creative. It also has one of the trendiest bars in Los Angeles, with an elegant ambiance, and superb service. The wine list is impressively large, covering all the usual bases, predictably heavy on the Bordeaux and Burgundies. They also serve great drinks such as Martinis, Mojitos, Long Island Ice Tea and Teas!

The night we dined at Colors on Bedford was on a Friday night, a very
busy night, with great looking crowd and the bar scene was truly sensational!

Orange blossoms perfume the air. Through the window you can see wine glasses laid out on the bar, sparkling in the soft candlelight this place is sheer magic, trees and flowers erupt in an extravagant arrangement. The mood is high romance.
Chef Irving Medina                               Oven Braised Shortribs

The dining room sparkles, the setting is interesting and laid-back. The inside is surrounded by large trees that are so pleasant to have around when you dine
and they certainly add charm and freshness to the ambience. There is also
a cozy outside area for smokers, with a nice and quiet view.

   Our Waiter John                                   Long Island Ice Tea 

We got a good first impression. I’ll have to make up a new phrase "Flavor Compression", you look at the food and its beautiful, but then you taste
it and wow, its a symphony of flavors that makes your dining experience
there, certainly unforgettable.

Our waiter John was extremely helpful, pleasant, and attentive and happily
gave us suggestions about what to order, since the menu was very tempting.

Flat Bread with Herbs                             Macaroni & Cheese

The wine we had was a delicious 2001 Amarone Riserva from Musella – Italy,
and the great 2003 Riesling from Germany, a superb choice for our meal.

Chef Irving Medina’s menu was absolutely one of the best in Beverly Hills. He
is a very young chef, with an amazing tasting for preparing the most amazing
dishes with flavors that were certainly memorable.

Roast Portobello Soup                               Sweet Potato Fries

Each table gets the most delicious flat bread with herbs, butter and olive oil; it is
served hot and crispy, what a great idea to give your customers before their
meal, just delicious, it taste like a fine pizza, we loved it!

Crab Louie, with Green Goddess Dressing

We started out with an outstanding selection of appetizers, including
soups and salads. They were all very tasty with interesting flavors
and appealing presentation.

Ahi Tuna, with Spicy Sesame Vinaigrette

I must recommend for sure the Roast Portobello and red Wine, this soup was simply fantastic, the taste of the combinations of 4 mushrooms including the famous Italian Porcini was without any doubt one of the most delicious soups I’ve ever had; then we tried the Macaroni & Cheese, the Crab Louie, with Green Goddess Dressing, the Crunchy Ahi Tuna, with Spicy Sesame Vinaigrette, and the Dungeness Crab Cakes, with Avocado Salsa. All of these appetizers were served to perfection and the assemblage of flavors was simply delicious.

 Dungeness Crab Cakes, with Avocado Salsa

The chef has offered 2 stunning first courses, we were also told that the menu changes on a daily basis, I choose the special for that evening which was the Pan Seared Northern Halibut, with Port Wine and Fig reduction, this one sounded too good to pass up, and it was the combination of the figs and the fish, was simply divine!

Pan Seared Northern Halibut, with Port Wine and Fig Reduction

Then we tried the Grilled Filet of Hereford Beef, served with Gold Potato Gratin, Sautéed Spinach and Napa Jus, these were such treasures dishes, spectacular taste and brilliantly presented, and the restaurant makes a point of proclaiming that most dishes are lighter because, in place of butter, the kitchen uses the olive oil, which is certainly healthier and I truly prefer. We also got a side order; the best Kennebec Potato Fries, made with sweet potatoes that were so spectacular, that we
could not help, but called the Chef again to say how wonderful it was.

Grilled Filet of Hereford Beef, served with Gold Potato Gratin

Pan Seared Bay Scallops

The desserts are sophisticated and really delicious, like a White Chocolate Mousse served with a fresh Raspberry glaze and berry puree. Even if you don't like white chocolate, you might appreciate this one.

White Chocolate Mousse served with a Fresh Raspberry Glaze and Berry Puree

Colors on Bedford, is a magnific restaurant, where you do not feel guilty about enjoying everything you eat, great ambiance, combined with amazing service,
and for that, we say three cheers to this amazing new restaurant which I
consider a Superb Spectacular Hit!

1985 Vintage Porto Wine

We had a fantastic experience and look forward to our next excursion there
and to make sure we will bring our family and friends.

It would be a safe bet that the trees and flower blossoms with candlelight would be easing romance for another quarter of a century at Colors on Bedford.

For map and location click Here!

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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