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French 75 - Bistro Restaurant Review

Voilà French 75 – Bistro, it feels just like a bistro should: warm, friendly, luxurious, unintimidating, comfortable, inviting. Restaurants are an art form to David Wilhelm. From his early years in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Southern California, to his current role at the helm of a successful roster of concepts,
David has virtually redefined “Bistro” dining.

The "symphony of pleasures" he has created encompasses a unique blend of authentic ambiance, impeccable service and delectable cuisine. Our lively “American in Paris” atmosphere blends their favorite neighbor café with the best of Parisian bistros.


I truly loved this elegant French restaurant, with a spacious luxurious bar up front, along with a half dozen tables where you can have dinner, surrounded by a
pianist and a singer, who manage to entertain guests and make each one
feel like you are in Paris. It’s a stylish and welcoming space. Bistro 75
truly does offer something for every taste and every mood.


This restaurant is exactly what we needed to have in Los Angeles. It is a fancy,
but at the same time fun, elegant, happy and truly a happening atmosphere,
with such an amazing service and fabulous french food. It is the best
French restaurant in Los Angeles. 

     Champagne                                      Long Island Ice Tea

After having amazing drinks at the bar I truly could not wait to start our dinner, the menu was simply fabulous, and hen I looked around at what other diners were ordering for first courses, though, instead of pastas or thin-crusted pizzas or even meats, the women, mostly, seem stuck on salads. French don't really eat a lot of salads, so I decided to start with an amazing selection of appetizers, which were all amazingly prepared, gorgeous to your eyes and delicious to your palate.

Chimay Ale

The menu proposes Plateau De Fruits De Mer, to share before everything." Eperlans! Now that's French. The thought of having Pacific Oysters, Gulf Shrimp, King Crab Legs, Ahi Avocado Tartare served on Shaved Ice with Cocktail and Louis Sauces puts the hungry Francophile in a good mood right off the bat.

Prosciutto Scallops, with White Corn Ragout

All of the appetizers were simply astonishing, the Prosciutto Scallops, with
White Corn Ragout, Crispy Sage Brown Butter was to die for.

Dungeness Crab Cake with Corn-Pepper Sautee

The Dungeness Crab Cake with Corn-Pepper Sautee, Spicy Provencale Aioli, was simply mouth watering and the Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartare was also delightful, with Avocado, Crispy Sesame Tuile on a Chile Sauce. But, going to a French
restaurant and not trying their French Onion Soup Gratinee, is like going to
Rome and not seeing the Pope…This soup was such a meal, it is served
very hot to your table, with delicious pieces of bread a melting cheese,
that just that is a meal by itself. I loved, loved, and loved, this dish.

       Ahi Tuna Tartare                          French Onion Soup Gratinee

Alaskan King Crab Legs, served Steamed with Lemon and Drawn Butter

I was truly excited already with all of these great selections of appetizers but the best was yet to come. Our entrees, yes, there is anything you want for every single taste you imagine. I was in the mood for seafood, so we choose the Alaskan King Crab Legs, served Steamed with Lemon and Drawn Butter, it was really one of the
best crabs I ever had, beautiful succulent huge crab legs, fresh, it tasted like it
was just out of the ocean, a fine dish and huge portion, enough to be shared 
with 3 or 4 people. I also ordered the Halibut “Picholine” with Vegetable,
Capers and Picholine Olive Butter, again, could not be better, the
Halibut was huge and delicious, could not ask for more.

Halibut “Picholine” with Vegetable, Capers and Picholine Olive Butter

My guest tried the recommended Cote de Boeuf 22 oz (Rib Chop) and Maine Lobster tail, what an amazing combo, the meat was so tender, and along with
these dishes we got a side order of Macaroni & Three Cheeses and Ragout
of Forest Mushrooms with Thyme. Yes, if I tell you that this is my favorite
place in town, you must believe and see for your eyes. It could not be
better; French 75 is certainly the most amazing restaurant with a
fantastic service and a superb food.

Cote de Boeuf 22 oz (Rib Chop)

Maine Lobster Tail

When the Mac & three Cheeses were served, ah…the noodles were really delicious, tossed in butter, covered in a mild with 3 cheeses. These have such a delicate flavor
I ask if the chef has seen fit to amp up the dish with truffle oil. He checks
with the kitchen and says it's truffle paste, butter and lots of love.
Who knew love was so exorbitant?

Mac & Three Cheeses                               Forest Mushrooms  

The dinner was all of such high quality, it's a pleasure to sample this and that. And it's certainly generous enough for two or more to share. Best of all, it's light enough that you should be able to maybe even manage eating dessert. Hot Callebaut Chocolat Soufflé on a Countreau Cream, anyone? Oh yes, don’t even think about missing
this dessert. It is served hot and the waitress drops a spoon of hot chocolate
inside it and covers with Chantilly cream, and to make it even better, we had
that with the best Port Wine so it truly made our French
dinner an unforgettable one.

Hot Callebaut Chocolat Soufflé

Hot Callebaut Chocolat Soufflé

The French 75 Bistro is not cheap, by their standards: At $41.00, it's tied with côte de boeuf and porterhouse as the most expensive dishes. But it's big, and it's marvelous, and you don't want it to end. Start with a salad of field greens, goat cheese beignet, raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette, then go for the French Onion Soup Gratinee.
Three people can easily share two orders, and you'll want a bottle of rosé
with that. That is it; your French night is going to be “fantastique”!

     Fonseca Porto                                   Our Friendly Server Kate

Merci to Michel Keller, their wonderful manager, who truly
made our night simply Magic and Fabuleux!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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