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Windows Restaurant Review

 Windows is a great restaurant located downtown Los Angeles. It was Friday night and the restaurant was super busy. The views catch my attention right away. From
the dining room’s wall of windows I see the beauty of downtown LA as it
continues to mature as a living space. Inside, all the tables are already taken,
and there is a nice bar with great choices of drinks and great service

Main Dinning Room

Italian Chef Michele Cremonese only buys the best meat, fish and produce available, allowing the true essence of quality ingredients to be the star. Nothing is over
seasoned or over sauced, but rather each dish exhibits precisely the right
balance to create a subtle and sublime flavor meld.

Spectacular View of Downtown LA

Chef Cremonese decided to make a special tasting menu, so what I had in my mind
to exactly request, unfortunately was not possible. Items such as the Mushroom
Spring Roll and the Lobster Ravioli… but I will assume they were all good.

Front Entrance and Bar Area

A perfect example of this simplicity in action is his signature chopped salad of
lightly sherry vinaigrette and blue cheese and just the right amount of
low-key vinaigrette to tie it all together.
      Long Island Ice Tea                            Moet Chandon Champagne

We got couple appetizers, the Ahi Tuna Tar-tar with avocado pistachios and
capers, the resulting dish is a spectacular amalgamation of taste that turns
humble Tuna into a lasting and memorable experience and the Fried
Calamari and Zucchini, which was good.

Signature Chopped Salad                       Fried Calamari and Zucchini

Chef Cremonese is a very charming Italian man, who is passionate and enthusiastic about food subject. Show any interest at all and he'll be off on a fascinating yarn
about the food and the wine you are drinking, the places he came from, the
people who make them and what makes it all so special.

Ahi Tuna Tar-Tar with Avocado Pistachios and Capers

For the main course we got the Scallion Crusted Bluenose Seabass with
spicy miso-butter sauce, and per our request we wanted to try the
Surf &Turf, with half Maine Lobster and a Petite Filet Mignon.
They were all great items, the fish was very tender and frehs,
the meat also had an amazing quality and tenderness.

  Scallion Crusted Bluenose Seabass with Spicy Miso-Butter Sauce

All of their steaks come from a family-owned prime USDA program located
in the heart of the Northwest. The beef is hand selected and naturally aged
for 28 days, which ensures a consistently tender and delicious product, we
certainly enjoyed. Just make sure you keep in your mind, these dishes can’t
be shared, portions were relatively small.We also would love to have tried
their side orders, such as creamed corn or the steamed broccoli, and
some garlic French fries… oh well, next time!

Surf &Turf, with Half Maine Lobster and a Petite Filet Mignon

Service at Window’s is impeccable - comprehensive and caring but never intrusive. It's because the staff - from the chef down to the busboys - all work as a team
to ensure a flawless experience for the guests. Our waitress Gladys was
super caring and attentive to details.

Our Waitress Gladys                               Black Moskat Wine

Our dessert was a Cheesecake – A Fluffy cheesecake wrapped in a crispy
cinnamon pastry with caramel sauce. I liked, it was a nice way to enjoy this
so common American dessert in a Italian way, and a Black Moskat was
a nice complement to drink and enjoy such a fine meal.

Cheesecake Wrapped in a Crispy Cinnamon Pastry with Caramel Sauce

Live piano music creates an elegant and romantic soundtrack to complement the cuisine, and despite the large room size, the design and décor somehow
make it seem intimate, romantic and private.

      Live Piano Music Sets the Mood

So next time you want to have a special meal that will live long in your memory,
head to Window’s before the rest of Los Angeles discovers it.

Special Thanks to “belissimo” chef Michele Cremonese for your wonderful
meal and to manager David Borrego for your hospitality.

For map and location click here.

For more information please visit their website at 

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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