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Tengu Restaurant Review

Los Angeles is without a doubt a city with a tremendous variety of great
restaurants, but none of them manages to exude the fun, the glitz, and the
charm and the superb food that Tengu does.


Tengu located in Westwood Village, is for sure L.A.’s hottest Asian Fusion
and Sushi restaurant, this place lifts the concept of sushi bar restaurant to
the new heights, offering heavenly food for all palates, the kind of food
you will not easily forget. You will go back for more.

Kubota Sake and Kyuuri Lime Martini

You must stop first at their charming and comfortable Bar and enjoy a one of their signature cocktails such as their Pineapple Sake, infused with fresh Maui pineapples,
it is just a great way to enjoy Sake, it does not get better than this! There are
several other choices such as Orange Blossom, an unfiltered sake, with vanilla
vodka and orange, or a Kyuuri Lime with a ketel citroen, fresh lime and
Japanese cucumber. My sake choice was the Kubota, which was
light and dry, with a hint of peach, delicious.

                                                           Pineapple Sake

Their menu list is huge, and for dinner, we moved towards their grand dining which
is one of comfortable dining rooms I have been. The decoration is simply stunning, charming, reflecting history, mystery and passion.


The service is impeccable, much of the staff is helpful and well informed. They offer helpful choices and selections if it is your first time, or if you're just trying to
decide, to be honest, I was not sure what to order, since everything
in the menu sounded fantastic.

Chef Rafael Martins                                    Chef Masa Endo

Chef Rafael Martins and the sushi Chef Masa Endo are truly one of the most
talented Chef I have met. Their food creations are a piece of art, and
flavors that are very impressive and their diverse menu will sire;u
please anyone who enjoys eating well.

You can’t go wrong with anything you order, because it will be so stunningly
diverse and the quality of the food is unmistakable fresh every single day.

                                                            Kurama Yama Hand Roll

I will try to describe each item we had, but can’t describe how delicious they
were, you must go there and see for yourself.

Carrie, our waitress was so kind and guided us on our choices, so as appetizers we had an amazing selection of the most wanted items, such as Kurama Yama, a spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, vegetable, soy paper handroll, but no rice, yes, delicious,
then we had 2 of their specialy rolls; the Subarashi and the Diablo, the Subarashi
had spicy shrimp, seared tuna, avocado, sweet onion, and ginger sauce, the
Diablo was prepared with albacore, gobo, cucumber, jalapeno, chili
pepper, habanero punzu, also amazing rolls, but again, the choices
are truly amazing, you just can’t go wrong, it was all good.

Diablo Roll and Subarashi Roll

Yes, go with a big appetite, because these are also appetizers you can’t miss; Asian Tartare, simply gorgeous and tasty, with diced tuna, avocado sauce, crispy wontons, soy-lime dressing, you can choose 3 layers, or 4 layers of crispy wontons.

Asian Tartare

Then you simply can’t not miss the Baked Citrus Black Cod, on a soy-citrus sauce, I am still thinking about this one, it was super delicious, I can’t tell how much I loved
this dish, the other one you must try is the Chilean Sea Bass Dynamite, with
sea bass, asparagus spears, enoki mushroom, on a dynamite sauce, this is a
perfect dynamite dish, because does not have too much mayo, it was perfect!

Baked Citrus Black Cod, on a soy-citrus sauce

Sea Bass Dynamite                                   Coconut Shrimp     

Then if you enjoy Carpaccio, you just can’t miss theirs, they have 3 choices,
The tuna, salmon, yellowtail and we got them all in a sampler dish, again: divine!

Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Carpaccio

Our last appetizer was the Filet-Wrapped Asparagus, a prime filet, grilled
asparagus spears, on a oyster demi-glaze, another unforgettable one.

Filet-Wrapped Asparagus

As far as salad, we had the Asian Pear & Arugula, with pomegranate, walnut, crumbled Danish buttermilk, blue cheese on a vinaigrette sauce.

Asian Pear & Arugula, with Pomegranate and Walnuts

At this point my expectations for our fabulous entrées were certainly rising, the smell that comes from the kitchen has the capability of perfuming the entire ambiance. As far as the main entrees, again there is a huge menu, with so many great choices that it is impossible to go wrong. We were told not to miss the sea bass.

Jalapeno-Miso Chilean Sea Bass

When the Jalapeno-Miso Chilean Sea Bass arrived I already knew that this was going to be the most tasty Sea Bass we ever had and I was right, their sea bass is purchased from licensed fishing boats only, was a very tender roasted Chilean sea bass, grilled with garlic shoots and cooked to perfection on a chili-lime sauce, which gives to
this dish such a unique texture in tasting, again, spectacular, simply divine,
and you must try this one, for sure, I am not kidding!

Togarashi-Crusted New York Strip

Our final entrée from the land was the Togarashi-crusted New York strip, this dish Rocks! It was huge, enough to be shared in 2 and the flavor is out of this world,
and what truly complements and makes this such a great meal, the meat is
grilled with ginger asparagus, frizzed bonito on a pomegranate
dei-glaze sauce, we love every bite of it!

Their dessert creations will make you go directly to heaven, nothing
that I tasted in the past, can truly be similar as this sweet temptation.

Dinner at Tengu was enchanting, this is a great restaurant to take your family or friends, you will certainly love this place. There is also an alive DJ, thir
dining rooms are charming and spacious.

Tengu offers a fun environment that has without any doubt the best location,
food and service that has all the right elements to entertain the
Westwood elite, it is simply fantastic!

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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