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Seoul Jung Restaurant Review

This is one of the greatest Korean restaurant in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy your friends company and have a really good time being your own chef.

Seoul Jung is a great dining barbecue restaurant and you will certainly enjoy the experience. Located at Wilshire Grand Los Angeles Hotel, this is a very comfortable restaurant and it is also a very pleasant place to entertain and be entertained.

Main Room                                               Party Room

Seoul Jung’s menu includes barbecue specialties such as Dea Ju Gui (sliced lean
pork marinated in flavorful hot and spicy beef broth, topped with shredded
beef, scallions, vermicelli noodles and gi-dan), as well as a variety of
appetizers, porridges, noodle dishes, rice and desserts.


I loved the service; everything was fast, and very good. This restaurant is a pioneer in fusing Korean charcoal barbeque and Japanese – style grilling. It also combines a unique dining experience with established Asian tradition. The accommodating staff greets diners with a warming welcome, while your order is on its way.


Each table in the restaurant is fitted with a grill of glowing hot coals that are replaced through out the evening. We had ours replaced like 4 times. I truly enjoy cooking so for me it was a blast having the opportunity to cook at the grill in the center of our table, it give you that campfire feeling!

Assorted Dipping Sauces                            Boneless Short Ribs 

Korean delicacies are featured in this highly acclaimed restaurant. Located on the Wilshire Grand Los Angeles hotel’s lower lobby level adjacent to the Seventh Street entrance, Seoul Jung features the city’s finest Korean cuisine prepared by traditional chefs. The atmosphere is wonderfully contemporary, yet authentic with a vast number of its furnishings being imported directly from Seoul, Korea.

                                                               Ros Pyeon Chae

Another good thing about this is that you don’t have to wait for your food to be cooked before it’s brought to you. You can get started as soon as you sit down. Ordering can be a bit confusing at first, so don’t be ashamed about asking your server for advices.

Ke Sal Mal Yi

Our server already knew what we were going to eat, so
we started with a selection of 3 appetizers:

Ros Pyeon Chae
Thinly sliced carpaccio served with assorted vegetables,
wasabi and grated daikon radish
(Shown Above)
Ke Sal Mal Yi
Crabmeat rolls, thinly wrapped in a silky spinach crepe

Jun Chae Ga Ri Bi
Marinated jumbo sea scallops served with tossed mixed greens

Jun Chae Ga Ri Bi

They were all good, although the portions were not so huge,
and they were pricey as well.

As far as dinner entrée we got 2 barbecue dishes to be cooked at our table, and all entrees included side dishes such as rice, soup, and barbecue dipping sauces.

Kal Bi
Tender, marinatged boneless short ribs

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail
Marinated filed mignon and lobster tail

Duie Ji Bool Go Gi

Sliced lean pork marinated in a flavorful hot and spicy sauce
(non-spicy available upon request).


What a nice way to end our meal, for dessert we had the delicious
Persimmon Mousse and a place of fresh fruits.

Seoul Jung is without any doubt a great place to dine the most authentic Korean cuisine. I truly enjoyed, grab all of your family and friends and go to this restaurant, it is an experience that you must try, it is also great for any kind of parties, birthdays, mixers, romance and any other celebrations. 

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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