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Sopra Restaurant and Bar Review

Sopra Restaurant & Bar brings the taste of Italy to the heart of Los Angeles. One visit to Sopra and you’ll immediately feel like you’re one of the family. Owner Oliver De Mori welcome you with open arms.


The interior of Sopra is refreshingly light and modern. A comfortable outdoor patio adjacent to the avenue is also available for those with a penchant for al fresco dining. The bar is compact but exceptionally well stocked, featuring everything from specialty Martinis, mixed drinks and popular call brands, to chilled microbrews and fine wines from around the world. The wine list includes both Californian and Italian wines with a wide selection of wines by the glass. The large, full-service bar is inviting and a great place to get together with a friend, wait for guests joining a party or simply have a meeting. We tried the Sopratini, with Silver Tequilla, Contreaux with a splash of orange juice and fresh limes, simply terrific!

Sopratini / Long Island                                                             

Enjoy an upscale yet contemporary setting, a unique uptown destination where
inside the restaurant you’ll find that the owner Mr. De Mori, have strived to
provide a relaxed and simple environment influenced by the Rustic qualities
of southern Italy’s small villages.

Cioppino,  A Special Seafood Soup of the Day

Sopra’s menu is truly amazing, there is a large variety of great appetizers, and we started with the Crocchette di Patate e Formaggio, with Potato and Cheese
Dumplings on a bed of Mushroom tartare, simply delicious and light,
great size and taste, we loved it!

Potato and Cheese Dumplings                            Caprese Salad           

Our waitress Luciana, was terrific, she guided us and gave us the best suggestions, such as Carciofo alla Griglia; Grilled Artichoke with diced Shallots and Lemon Dressing, I love artichokes, so this was truly a delightful appetizer for our entire table.

Grilled Artichoke with diced Shallots and Lemon Dressing

We heard not to miss the Scampi con Mango; Grilled Marinated Shrimps with Mango Salad, Fresh Parsley, Lemon Dressing, and the Calamari Fritti; Fresh Fried Calamari with light spicy Marinara Sauce, both authentic Italian appetizers with such an incredible taste. As far as salads, there are so many great ones to choose from but I particularly love the Caprese Salad, and yes, it was very good, as expected.

Scampi con Mango                                      Calamari Fritti     

Our entrees were no less stunning. They were worth the visit all by itself. Luciana mentioned that their pastas were homemade, so how could we miss it? The only problem was that they all looked to tempting, that we had to try 3 of them;

Risotto agli Asparagi
Risotto with Asparagus and Parmigian Cheese

Ravioli allAragosta
Lobster Ravioli with Creamy Saffron sauce

Tagliatelle Verdi all Bolognese; with Spinach Tagliatelle Pasta and Old Fashioned Meat, on Tomato and Herbs Sauce

They were simply the best homemade pasta you can find, it can not get better than that! After years of dedicated, loving effort, the management and staff have successfully built a reputation for offering some of the finest Italian cuisine and
service to be found anywhere in Los Angeles. Oliver de Mori is a committed professional whose diligent attention to detail helps to keep the entire staff
consistently focused upon enhancing the dining experience of their patrons.

Green Peppercorn Filet with Brandy sauce Roasted Potatoes

Well, were were not done yet, there was more to taste, and what a dinner, simply divine! We had to try their Pesce & Carne, (Fish and Meat), of course, it was simply sensational, our choice was the Filetto Al Pepe Verde; Green Peppercorn Filet with Brandy sauce Roasted Potatoes and Rapini with a side of Asparagi e Mozzarella Steamed Asparagus with Mozzarella Cheese, without a doubt one of the best meats we have ever tasted, very moist and tender, with the most delicious roasted potatoes, it was like being in Italy, what a meal!

Steamed Asparagus with Mozzarella Cheese

I wanted to try the Pesce Del Giorno, (Fish of the day), and we got the most tender and juicy Seabass that you can ever find. Delicate in flavor and texture, the mild,
lightly smoky seafood was artfully offset by the velvety sauce in wine blend.

Pesce Del Giorno (Fish of the day) Seabass

Add to this the skill and talent of Sopra’s accomplished, Executive Chef and owner Oliver de Mori, and you have an unbeatable combination of resources that allow culinary masterworks to be born in the kitchen then, minutes later, explode
blissfully in the mouths of happy guests seated in the dining room.

To conclude our toothsome banquet we had to taste their incredible selection of desserts, and they were simply heaven; we had 3 of them, and they were:
Semifreddo; Vanilla and Caramel
Crema Catalana; Cream Mousse with Caramelized Sugar
Torta al Cioccolato; Double Layer Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream

Semifreddo; Vanilla and Caramel

Crema Catalana; Cream Mousse                Double Layer Chocolate Cake

To enjoy the desserts we could not miss the 20 Year Tawny Port Dessert Spirit
and Sambuca Dessert – both great and very light after dinner.

20 Year Tawny Port                              Sambuca Dessert Wine

This was one of the best selection of desserts that I have enjoyed in recent memory, and that is quite an endorsement coming from an ardent sweet lover such as myself.

First and foremost, Sopra Restaurant is a good Italian Restaurant and second, it is one of those comfortable anytime places to always remember when you can’t think where to go. Sopra is also perfect for cocktail receptions of up to 300 guests.

Our friendly Server                                                              

Luckily, before heading back into the flurry of activities on the streets and sidewalks
of Los Angeles, we had the good fortune to enjoy an exquisite meal at one of the ultimate havens for gourmet palates; Sopra Restaurant. Don’t miss it!

Grazie per tutto – special thanks to Oliver de Mori for an extraordinary dinner!
For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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