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Shu Sushi House Unico, Restaurant Review

Welcome to Shu Sushi - Since opening its doors, this restaurant has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed sushi restaurants in Los Angeles.

Shu Sushi is a dining experience like no other - a fusion of Japanese, Italian, Latin Flavors and influences. Shu Sushi is the vision and artistry of owner/chef Giacomino Drago, the well-known restaurateur and chef of several restaurants including Il Pastaio, Il Buco, Panzanella and Piccolo Paradiso.


Shu Sushi earned its remarkable reputation on the quality and the attention to detail in every dish. Ask around and you won't find many people who don't revere Shu Sushi as their favorite sushi spot. Shu Sushi Restaurant is different from any other Sushi bar or Japanese restaurant you will ever go to in Southern California for that matter.


Their secret is in their expert staff, their wide selection of traditional Japanese cuisine, and their long tradition of quality and dedication to the customer and their palate.

Giacomino Drago has created an eclectic menu that makes use of the freshest
seafood and typically “Japanese” preparations, but is a decided mix
of Italian and Latin influences.


The moment you step through the door of Shu Sushi you are transported to Japan. The chefs working busily behind the counter greet you as you enter.

The atmosphere is traditional, yet casual. You can take a seat at the sushi bar and watch the chefs work their magic, or sit at one of the tables and be amazed at what is brought to you. We were extremely pleased with service, and the amazing dishes, it was a feast to our eyes and palate.

The restaurant is small, intimate and clean. Gorgeous and friendly staff greets practically every customer that walks in, and usually have a big smile for you. The family-run atmosphere makes this a favorite of mine, among non-franchise restaurants in Los Angeles.

The menu ranges from eclectic specials to premium traditional sushi
with various favorites in between.

Start with some edamame while you wait for the first unforgettable courses. It's quick work popping the hot boiled soybeans from their pods.

We had an amazing server who was kind enough to guide us and help on
what to order. When I go to sushi restaurants, I always ask for
unusual appetizers and shushi roll.

Eel Sushi (Unagi)                                      Lobster Roll   

I love sashimi, and they have a great selection of the most fresh and delicious ones, but this time, we escaped it and wanted to try their amazing variety of sushi and hot dishes. I happen to see a table closer to ours who had ordered the Baked Eel Sushi, I could not resist, and I had to try it and I must say that it can’t get fresher that, I loved it.

We also tried 2 special rolls in their menu; the Lobster Roll with lobster and asparagus topped with fresh water eel and served with sweet sauce; the contrast of the eel with lobster and the piercing hot sauce is simply thrilling.

Baked Crab roll with soy paper

The second choice was the Baked Crab roll (2 pcs) with soy paper, I loved this one, simple, fresh and the soy paper makes it even more delicious to bite.

 Crispy Risotto with Spicy Tuna Tarts and Sliced Jalapeno

In terms of their Special menu, our server told us not to miss the Crispy Risotto with Spicy Tuna Tarts and Sliced Jalapeno, the crispy risotto with the spicy tuna tartar is such a great combination that I even notice every single table had ordered it, so it has to be special and simply divine!

In terms of hot dishes, no place can beat Shu Sushi. Their menu is simply one of the best and absolutely affordable. We choose 4 different hot dishes, and I can’t
tell you which one was our favorite, since they were all great in taste,
presentation, flavor and freshness.

Lobster Dynamite

The Lobster Dynamite is the best one we have ever had. It not only looked fantastic, but they basically serve you a half tender lobster baked half shell with mushroom in a dynamite sauce; yes: to die for, I would just go back there for this one, without any doubt the best lobster dynamite I have tasted.

Almond Crusted Scallops

The Almond Crusted scallops, very unusual, what a combo, imagine large fresh scallops deep fried and covered with sliced almonds, where else can
you find it ? Loved the taste and the amazing creativity in
combining tastes and textures of this dish.

Crab and Mozzarella Cheese Tempura

Another unusual one was the Crab and Mozzarella Cheese Tempura, another daring combination that worked out so well, that it was like a dream to enjoy all of these delicious dish in just one single restaurant.

Kobe Beef Tobanyaki

Of course, our dinner could not end without trying their famous signature
Kobe Beef Tobanyaki, sautéed kobe beef and Japanese mushroom
in hot plate served with ponzu sauce.

Hey my friends, it can’t get better than this, if you are a meat lover, you simply
must try this one, it was, again, one of the best we’ve ever had.

Fried Apple Rolls and Ice Cream

To end our dream meal, we sampled a very light and delicious dessert, made with apple fried rolls and ice cream – a great combination after this delightful meal.

The entire dinner experience at Shu Sushi was consistently excellent. Fresh fish
doesn't get any better than this, sushi rolls are just the best ones in town,
and the ambiance and service was also impeccable.

Ask around and you won't find many people who don't revere Shu Sushi as their favorite sushi spot, it is also continuously noted as being a favorite among Belair's elite.

Shu Sushi features a great selection of beers and sake. If I lived in the area, I'd be happy to drop in for a few bites of high-quality sushi or tempura. On the other
hand, it might be nice for lunch on the weekends or an early supper after
a day at the Belair canyon.

Special thanks to the amazing and creative Chef Giacomino Drago for
making our night very special and of course, unforgettable.
For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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