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Aphrodisiac Restaurant Review

This is a great spot for a quiet and romantic delicious dinner. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t begun to make plans yet, don’t panic!
Whether you’re aiming to impress, escape, or explore, I’ve found a range
of restaurants that are sure to spark romance, and The Aphrodisiac
Restaurant is one of them. I am pleased to say that The Aphrodisiac
Restaurant is one my favorite picks for Valentine’s Day this year.

The restaurant was created by one of the folks behind Porterhouse Bistro, this provokingly named eatery in the former Lunaria space offers everything from
classic steakhouse fare to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with foie gras;
the late-night lounge-and-bar annex features an extensive martini
selection, mood lighting and live music.

The restaurant’s striking contemporary dining room offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic meal, while the kitchen’s tantalizing “Aphrodisiac Cuisine” will surprise and delight the palate, there is also a semi-private bedroom, where cozy couples can nibble and sip in pillow-strewn opulence.

The décor is very romantic. There are some booths where you can get a bit more privacy , where sheer drapes can enclose you in your booth, if you want to get cozy.

It seemed more spacious than the typical LA restaurant where you
can hear your neighbor’s conversations.

The service is very attentive and great. Our server was very attentive to
details and made a lot of effort to explain the entire menu.

A basket of soft rolls and crunchy cheese bread immediately came out
along with some olive oil and vinegar for dipping sauce.

Long Island Ice Tea

We had the White wine and the Long Island Ice Tea, although I wish I had
ordered a martini, another table had ordered it and it looked refreshing.

Mini Pizza Cakes

The Executive Chef Antonio graciously sent us a mini
pizza cakes, a nice way to start our fab meal.

Spinach Salad                                          Assorted Breads

Vegetable Soup

I ordered the spinach salad (delicious in its simplicity), and the special soup with was made with vegetables. The soup at this restaurant is dense and extravagant in fine taste and aroma, deliciously thick and creamy, it was replete with the spices and seasonings.

Next, we sampled an exotic trio of appetizers, which included:

Crispy Lobster/Shrimp                                  Ahi Tuna Tartare     

The Crispy Lobster and Shrimp – Maine Lobster and Shrimp lighly battered
then deep fried served on a bed of mashed and crispy potatoes with
two sauces; shrimp and plum.

Ahi Tuna Tartare with lemon, capers, shallots and chives served on a bed
of avocado and topped with a slice of fried cassava,

A Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich – pan seared Hudson Valley Foi Gras
served on brioche with peanut butter and raspberry jam.

Hudson Valley Foi Gras                                 Surf and Turf      

Each of these offerings was a masterpiece unto itself and, with a little
Sauvignon Blanc, would have constituted a full meal for most people.

The afterwards menu is truly appealing to the senses and to the palate, and we could not miss the Surf and Turf to 2, this dish was to die for, it is a real winner, – A New Zealand rack of lamb and Australian Lobster Tail served with garlic mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and the best lamb you can ever had, with a reduction jus and a sice
of garlic butter. This dish was the elemental mix of comfort food and haute cuisine

New Zealand rack of lamb

Australian Lobster Tail

Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables

Prime Filet Mignon with Sauteed Mushrooms

Also memorable is their Prime Filet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms, potato grain
and haricot verts with the famous “Café de Paris” sauce. This thick and tender
cut was bursting with flavor and truly a meat lovers delight.

     Fresh Fish of the day

This is a great deal for a truly romantic dinner, and the presentation was superb.

Last but not least was their Fresh Fish of the day, served on a bed of Truffed
Mashed Potatoes with grilled market vegetables and topped with a dollop of
Caviar. It is a toothsome treat that is perfect for a chilly evening.

By the time our entrees were served we had practically eaten our fill, but had our gastronomic vigor renewed by the magnificent dishes that were placed before us.

Green Apple Sorbet

Aphrodisiac is equally inviting for a business lunch or larger groups. This restaurant proves itself as a local favorite with exceptional service, food, and prices, all converged in a tastefully adorned setting.

    Cotton Candy                                       Chocolate Cake

Our dessert sampler, although it was a bit difficult for us to fully appreciate at
this point in our sumptuous repast. Nonetheless, the chocolate cake was a
real knockout, as was the Green Apple Sorbet. The Cotton Candy is
a very nice dessert that truly impress everyone.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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