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Scarboni Restaurant Review

Located at 312 Wilshire Blvd. only steps away from the Third Street
Promenade and only blocks away from the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

The Scarboni Restaurant may be blending in among the many restaurants lining on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. But stepping inside is a distinctive experience, like arriving at a sanctuary away from the chaos of the Santa Monica’s busiest street. The building in which Scarboni is housed is a historic landmark and its facade can never be altered. The "theme" of the restaurant will be that of a 1930's Italian saloon. Hardwood floors combined with classic tile and custom millwork give the restaurant a warm comfortable feel. Scarboni will seat 145 persons comfortably. But the accolades didn't really prepare me. It wasn't any one thing in particular, it was a symphony of elements: There was an almost manic expression of hospitality, coordination, and propriety. Everything was just so and everyone was as gracious as could be, yet
there was still humanity about the place. It was first rate without being stuffy;
top notch with a sense of humor; not the easiest balance to strike.

Their elegant bar is a social space shared by many tourists and locals, it is truly an intimate lounge space at the main entrance of the restaurant perfect for indulging in their daily happy hour specials. Striking wood table tops provide an appealing backdrop to remind diners of the many treasures hidden in the restaurants
historic depths to be discovered.

Although we choose to sit at one of the booths across from the bar, next time I would sit at the bar to closely watch Chef Cavalli strut his stuff; as it was, we could see the bar but still relished the intimacy that the booth provided.

From the rich mahogany walls and the gourgeous historical ambiance to the main dining room that retains its intimacy despite its size, you'll find yourself right in the middle of everything a steak and seafood house is supposed to be. You will be accommodated, you will enjoy yourself, and you will fall for the dishes, the
service, and the atmosphere. One just can't help oneself.

Champagen / Long Island                              Assorted Breads     

Our charming server, suggested my guest to try one of their signature Long
Island Ice Tea, it was just the right amount of fruity sweetness without
being bitter, and it was deceptively potent.

Cabernet Sauvignon Fransciscan Wine

While we were relaxing and watching all the crowd gathering and having a great time,
I had a glass of champagne. Other specialty martinis include the Ocean Room Martini, a cross between a martini and a Bloody Mary, with a large shrimp garnish. Along with a full bar, Scarboni offers a well-rounded wine list. My choice to go along with our entrées was the Cabernet Sauvignon Fransciscan from Napa.

Crab Meat cocktail                                        Calamari Fritti    

Their menu is spectacular, I would say one of the best in town, and without any doubt this is the best place in town, specially if you love lobsters. We started out with an amazing Crab Meat cocktail, the crab is so fresh that melts in your mouth, along with that we got some hot sauces to go with it, but I wanted to taste the sweetness of the crab meat by itself, it was just amazing, one of the specialties of the house.

Since they had run out of their Lobster Bisque, we tried a sample of their Calamari Fritti, again very tender and deliciously prepared with a wonderful marinara sauce.

Iceberg Wedge & Tomato                                 Lobster Ravioli         

As far as salad, we opted for the Iceberg Wedge & Tomato – a delicious salad, that was very light and fresh.. After taking in the mouthwatering aromas while it was being made, and then enjoying its rich, balanced flavor, there was little doubt left in our minds as to why this salad has become a house favorite.

Surf and Turf with South African Lobster Tail

Side ofMushrooms                                    Side of Spinach

Our entrees were nothing less than spectacular. My guest selected a beautiful, Surf and Turf – a South African Lobster Tail which is markedly sweeter with a better texture, and a Filet Mignon that weighed a full 8 ounces. The chef broils the
steaks on both sides, sealing in the juices and flavor, before he finishes
with a slow-cooking process.

16oz Australian Lobster Tail

The freshest and the most amazing and unbelievable huge Lobster Tail that I ordered came from the crisp waters off Australia’s ocean. This magnificent dish was ringed with a tasty extrusion of sautéed mushrooms, and served with spinash. This was the best and the most tasting Lobster I have ever tried. I give it a 10 plus!

Dessert Selections

At this point, we were so satisfied that we didn't really feel a need for dessert until our talented waiter made us an offer that we couldn't refuse. Scarboni’s tempting array of after dinner treats was more than we were able to resist. My choice was the homemade lemon pie. This title is truly an understatement, since what I received
was a generous serving of one of the most decadent renditions of what the
French often refer to as Lemon Tart. This dense, extremely rich and almost
pudding-like confection is a lemon lovers dream, and was one of the best
recipes of its kind that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Lemon Tart

The service was, in one word, impeccable. Each server has a partner. Each partner has a back up. Each back up has a support staff - or so it seems. It wasn't just us that felt this way. If you looked around the room you would see tables full of happy diners. Several people noticed me taking notes and stopped by to tell me that Scarboni Restaurant was the best restaurant in Santa Monicas' loyal clientele can do
wonders for a reputation. And the food was incredible.


It's obvious that Scarboni Restaurant strives for excellence.As we slowly meandered from the restaurant, my guest and I found ourselves consumed by the pleasant afterglow of our fine meal and the flawless, personalized service that we had received throughout our visit. While walking toward our car, it was difficult not to smile. Although the memories of 12th century Florence may lie in the distant past, we
knew that we would be returning to Scarboni Restaurant again, and again.

Owner Steve Scarduzio and Partner/Chef: Tommy Saboni (Left)

     Chef Cavalli                                     Live Entertainment

Our thank you for the wonderful owner and partner Steve Scarduzio for allowing
us to have such an incredible dining experience that will be treasured forever.

Scarboni New York Lobster & Steak House

Location: 312 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, (310) 393-2288.

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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