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Ma'Kai Restaurant - Lounge Review

Ma’Kai Lounge, a truly happening restaurant, located in Santa Monica providing authentic Islands tapas and fine cuisine combined with gorgeous décor and a casual, relaxed ambiance. Between Tapas, Sushis, Salads and Hot dishes, Ma’Kai Lounge shows showcase the passion and romance of authentic Tapas bar.


With its prime location in Santa Monica, Ma’Kai Loungeoffers innovative Island coastal cuisine with a magnificent view of the Santa Monica pacific ocean.


Chef and owner Mike Dubson offers fittingly elegant dishes, with a menu that
changes daily, emphasizes fresh seafood and local ingredients, and
incorporates culinary styles from Asian to Japanese.


Ma’Kai Lounge's daring combinations of asian ingredients, culinary techniques, and traditions result in a truly special, somewhat mythical culinary experience that
delights the senses and satisfies the adventurous spirit.


Enchanting tapas Lobster Quesadilla; with Shiitake Mushroom and home made salsa, or Steak and Asparagus skewers a miso marinated New York strip and asparagus, a delicious way to start a sensational dinner. We had a chance to taste a bit of everything in their creative and large menu list.

    Long Island Ice Teas                          Our Charming Server Clint

After we were seated, our charming server Clint was extremely helpful in
assisting us with our food and beverage selections.

Steak and Asparagus Skewers

The exotic menu at Ma’Kai Lounge features flavorful creations; the likes of
which are difficult to find anywhere else in town.

Lobster Tempura Roll                             Baked Lobster Roll

Before our entrées arrived, however, we were eager to try their Tapas and Sushi’s, so Clint brought us a tasty platter with a delightful creations such as the suculent and delicious Lobster Tempura Roll, and the tables favorite; the Baked Lobster Roll,
a california roll with lobster and their own spicy chili mayo, we loved this one!

Lobster Quesadilla

I loved Ma’Kai Lounge restaurant, because it demonstrate the range of culinary
styles, traditions, and ingredients that makes their food out of this world.

     Spicy Tuna Roll                                Salmon Mango Avocado

We also tried couple of their Ma’kai Sushi rolls; the Spicy Tuna and the
Salmon Mango Avocado, both nice in consistency and flavors.

By the time our main courses were served we had already taken the edge off of our appetite, but it was quickly rekindled with a single whiff of the tantalizing aromas that wafted by us as our plates were set on the table. Among many choices we had,
Clint advised us on what to order; so we had the pleasure of tasting the
most amazing dishes; such as:

Garlic Noodles With Sugar Cane Shrimp

The Garlic Noodles – a organic soba noodles with chopped scallions served plain or with sugar cane shrimp, we choose with shrimp, we had about six large ones, and
very deliciously tasting the real garlic and we all loved this dish.

Miso Black Cod

The Miso Black Cod; was superb, marinated in sake and miso and served with steamed rice, could not be better, my guest’ black cod was mild, delicate
and flaky, we loved it!

Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi

Next we had the Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi, a pan roasted with a tropical
salsa and ginger glazed tofu, another winner, great taste, and super fresh fish,
and the size also was enough to be shared.

10oz. Filet Mignon

And our last one was the Filet Mignon, a 10 oz prime filet served with
wasabi and mashed potatoes, another wonderful choice for meat
lovers, and we loved this dish as well.

Everything was absolutely delicious, and we couldn’t have been
more impressed until we took a bite of our desserts.

Crème Brule Trio

Our choice was the Crème Brule Trio, a Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Kona Coffe &
Lychee served in individual cups, delicious… and the Molton Chocolate Cake;
the dense richness of this regal concoction is suitable fare for the most
dedicated of choc-o-holics.

Molton Chocolate Cake

As we worked our way through the crowded lounge on our way out the door, we were not surprised to note that the line of those waiting to enjoy a taste of Makai’s Lounge addictive cuisine was now even longer than when we had arrived.

Do not miss Ma’Kai Lounge, because you will simply love it!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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