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OLIVER Cafe Lounge Restaurant Review

Picture a romantic retreat in the French countryside where days conclude with
glowing and elegant meals, and you have the essence of OLIVER. The restaurant,
which is located adjacent to the trendy Sports Club LA, which offers a warm and charming atmosphere that plays host to stunning haute cuisine. Chef Francisco Ochoa’s menu, which changes daily, delicately melds European culinary traditions
with local California ingredients. The result is sensational and exquisite fine dining
which makes Oliver one of the most significant dining establishments in Los
Angeles, also recently just opened a second location at 1835 Sepulveda
Boulevard in Los Angeles, also located adjacent the Sports Club LA.

OLIVER restaurant boasts a loyal following of locals who find it charming and comforting; a home away from home with excellent food, a gracious host, and
a welcoming staff. This is a place where it will please everyone, from Asian to
Italian, OLIVER’s dinner appetizers have something to appealto everyone’s taste
from assorted Sushi plate and rock crab cakes to carpaccio of filet mignon.

French Brut Champagne                           Long Island Ice Tea    

As we were escorted into the dining room by owner Mario Oliver, I felt as if I was entering the country home of a good friend and gracious host. After ensuring that we were comfortably seated, our server began a graceful dance from table to table, entertaining and checking on guests with ceaseless energy and gregarious charm.

     Chile Lentil Soup                                  Ahi Tuna Tartare  

We started with a great selection of appetizers that were incredible tasty and deliciously prepared; A Chile Lentil Soup, the soup itself spoke of elegance and harmony, with layers of flavor and a complexity not unlike a fine wine.

Shrimp Dim Sum

Then the Asia Ahi Tuna Tartare, mixed green and toast, very freshly done and with
a great taste and a wonderful salad on the side. We also order the Dim Sum of Shrimp, steamed shrimp dumplings chinese style, with ginger soy sauce,
one of the best in dim sum in town, you must try to believe!

Warm Shrimp Salad, with Heart of Romaine

If you like salads, OLIVER is the place to go, we had such a variety of salads, that
were simply divine, the Warm Shrimp Salad, with a heart of romaine, feta
cheese, cucumber, roma tomato, parmesan cheese on a miso-rice wirn
vinaigrette, this salad by itself is a complete deliciously prepared meal.

Brie-Avocado Bruschetta
The Brie-Avocado Bruschetta was also to die for, the bread was so fresh and
what a great combo with avocado and brie melted together on a
french baguette, it can’t get better than that.

White Fish Special

Eager begin our meal, our kind server offered to bring a glass of the French Brut before bringing the menu. This champagne, he explained, had been a mainstay on OLIVER’s wine list for a long time, continuing to elicit enthusiastic feedback from
diners. The gently effervescent brut lived up to its reputation—offering a
hint of creaminess, crisp acidity, and a subtle but lingering finish.

Miso Cold Poached Norwegian Salmon

We began our selection of entrees with the Miso Cold Poached Norwegian Salmon, a rich yet delicate, one bite was full of complexity and elegance. Perfectly composed, the flavors and textures worked in harmony so that the delicate taste of the Salmon was mirrored in the delicate texture, and the miso-rice vinaigrette sauce offered a fleeting burst of rich flavor, almost a tease that left us wanting more.
Home-Made meatloaf with mushroom pepper merlot sauce.

Home-Made Meatloaf with Mushroom Pepper Merlot Sauce

We also tasted the Home-Made meatloaf with mushroom pepper merlot sauce, mashed potato & steamed vegetables, the gentle flavors of this dish slowly
awakened our taste buds, preparing us for the heightened flavors to come.

Filet Mignon Tips, with Penna Pasta

I know, Mr. Oliver was kind enough to allow us to try another fabulous entree, we were pretty much satisfied at this point, but the smell of the kitchen was so good, that we could not help but wanting to try couple more dishes, so we tasted the amazing Filet Mignon Tips, with Penna Pasta, the portobello mushroom, roast garlic, rosemary glaze and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and parmesan cheese, this dish certainly was a masterful concoction that was at once comforting, intriguing, and intense. The duality of the dish simple ingredients combined in heightened complexity, seemed to embrace the soul of Italian cuisine.One of the best pastas I tried and enjoyed in a long time.

 Dow's Port Wine                                       Mario Oliver   

While there were so many tempting entrées on the night’s menu, we opted to prolong our meal by sharing a glass of Port wine before dessert which was simply sensational, the best Tiramisu you can find with only 140 calories. Our dessert, almost dainty in
its elegance, proved the perfect conclusion to our truly astounding meal.


Having reached the end of our leisurely meal, we found our visit to have been filled with graciousness, warmth and charm; the harmonious combination of atmosphere
and cuisine working to transport us to another time and place. While we found ourselves reluctant to return to reality, we were thrilled to have experienced
OLIVER, a magical establishment that offers one of the most exquisite,
enjoyable, and evocative meals in the Los Angeles are.

A warm thank you to the charming creator of OLIVER; Mario Oliver
for proving that the older you get, the better you can look!
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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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