Today is: Sunday, July 14, 2024

LA Opening of Babeland, A women-owned sex toy boutique.

Babeland, a women-owned sex toy boutique, and YOU will celebrate the opening of Babeland's new Los Angeles store from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturdday, November 12. Babeland is the sex toy boutique that is NOT staffed by stuck-up snobs, but rather friendly, knowledgable associates who like to help customers, or even just chat.

Rachel Venning, the co-founder of Babeland recently spoke with Buzz of LA and told us about the founding of her company: "I never liked having a boss, so I wanted to do my own thing. The reason for Babeland is that I really love talking about sex- it's fun, revolutionary, and feels a little bit naughty." We agree with the fun part and talking about it somtimes might feel a bit naughty, but revolutionary? -- We should have inquired further at the time of the interview.

Though the LA scene already has a quite a few sex toy stores, we asked Rachel what is different about Babeland. "We bring a great crew of sex educators who are passionate about helping folks get the toys and information they need. We have a beautiful store, and a hand picked selection of the best toys around." Rachel also promised to show us her hand selection process.

She added that she was drawn to Los Angeles because of the "…creative energy of the people, and the warm summer nights."

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