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Falcon Restaurant Review

 Quality dining and value combine in the casual meets upscale Falcon an award
winning restaurant that specializes in California cuisine, with fresh seafood, and some surprisingly exotic dishes. Located in Hollywood, Falcon’s restaurant lounge and
bar trickles great and charming ambiance into the sexy dining rooms for intimate
weekend dinners; yet Falcon is equally inviting for a business lunch or larger
groups. Now also offering the Early Bird for ladies and gentlemen,
from Monday thru Friday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.


Falcon proves itself as a local favorite with exceptional service, food,
and prices, all converged in a tastefully adorned setting.

    Blackberry Mojito                             Caipirinha with Leblon

We started sitting at their fabulous bar, and of course we had a couple of drinks
in the interested of research. I had their famous Blackberry Mojito
what started as fruity ended with a spicy kick.

My companion had a Caipirinha, with Leblon cachaca, fresh limes, raw sugar,
and it was light and fresh. Many of the cocktails were on the sweet side,
presumably for the ladies. In addition, the wine list was
comprehensive and many are available by the glass.

Dirty Sue Martini                                                         Diamond Martini

We also tried the Dirty Sue Martini, and the Diamond, which was not only delicious but it was served with a charming edible flower, it was all simply fabulous. Again, thanks to the generosity of our bartender, we also had the pleasure of trying
the famous Long Island Ice Tea and on the bubbly side.

Long Island / Veuve Clicquot                      Our Fantastic Bartender   

I tasted the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, France. The bartender was simply divine; in fact, he was one of the best bartenders we had in Los Angeles, capable
of making the best drinks and entertains guests at the same time.

Outstanding service was one of the hallmarks of our evening. From our servers,
and the artful wine pairings all the way down the line to the bus staff; every
element of their cumulative performance was executed as if it
had been done a thousand times before.

     Executive Chef Jeff Marino                 Outdoor Dining and Lounge Area

Then there is the food. Ah, yes, the food. Executive Chef Jeff Marino is deceptively young looking for the amount of expertise he has accumulated over the years.
Chef Marino has worked under a number of LA’s finest master chefs for so
long that he eventually gained a reputation for having become one himself.

Scallops Appetizer

Wisely, the dining room’s menu features a compact selection of appetizers and
entrées covering a wide variety of preferences so that each dish benefits from
intense attention to detail before it is brought out to the table.

Kobe Beef Appetizer

My guest and I started out with a selection of appetizers chosen by Chef Marino.
We greatly enjoyed them all, starting from Dishes, such as the Ahi Tuna Tartare,
and Maryland Crab Cake, Kobe Beef and Scallops, which offered subtle combinations of rich flavors. Can’t say which one was the best,
since we truly loved them all.

 Ahi Tuna Tartare                                  Maryland Crab Cake

When my Maryland Crab Cakearrived, I was impressed by the striking presentation but even more overwhelmed by its wonderful blend oftastes and textures. The
tender, succulent Kobe Beef meat was absolutely fantastic. When combined
with asmooth, slightly fruity 2004 Navarro Gewurztraminer from
Mendocino County, it was exquisite!

Sesame Crusted Steak

We were already quite impressed with the food and wine prior to the serving of our entrées, but when our server placed them before us we realized that the best was
yet to come. My guest had the Sesame Crusted Steak, and was in heaven with
the very first bite. This generously thick portion of juicy, tender meat is specially
bred to be tastier and leaner than its counterparts from the Southern Hemisphere.
He ended up savoring every mouthful in between sips of a velvety 2002
Arnoux, Cotes de Beaunes from the French Province of Burgundy.

Sea Bass (Special of the Night)

On the other hand, I love fish, so I ordered the Sea bass which was on the special of the night, a delicate and mild, the Sea bass one of the most ‘gourmet-friendly’ fishes on our planet, and these small succulent fillets were no exception to the rule.

Mac and Cheese                                      Fried Calamari

The Mac and Cheese was one of their side dishes, which provided a delightful
textural contrast to the fish that was also packed with flavor and nutrition.

Assorted Dessert Platter

This was of great interest to us when it came time to order dessert, but guess what, Chef Marino sent us an amazing selection of their best sweeties in the house, such
as Banana Beignets, their traditional Chocolate Tart, and a mini Blueberry
Pie, all these desserts were prepared to order for us and was
unscrupulously decadent, dense and delicious.

Perfect Cappuccino

This masterful conclusion to our fine meal was enhanced further by one of the most enchanting red wines that has ever crossed my palate, a 2002 A.S Kiken,
Diamond Mountain from California’s Napa Valley. Dry, rich and as
smooth as brushed velvet, it was the perfect foil to the sweet
chocolaty cake and the perfect topper to our evening.

One thing is a given: if you are looking for a great new restaurant to delight
your palate in the peaceful twilight of an evening in Hollywood, The
Dining Room at Falcon’s is the place!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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