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Coccole Restaurant Review


While it may be physically impossible to bring an Italian Restaurant to Redondo Beach, Chef and Owners Collete and Guido Fratesi have come remarkably close. This Italian-Piemontese style dining right in the heart of Redondo Beach in
California. The charming ambiance hints of old world Italy, while the aromatic
and flavorful dishes exude authenticity. Anyone considering an escape to
Italy should first pay a visit to this local favorite. 

 Charming Ambiance                             Collete and Guido Fratesi

Collete and Guido Fratesi are pleased to introduce a truly unique Italian restaurant to the South Bay. “Coccole” is devoted to the Slow Food Movement, born in Italy and defined as the art of enhancing the flavor of food and the dining experience by preserving the culture, traditions and origins of its ingredients.

They spent the past fifteen years as successful restaurateurs in Torino, Rome
and Tuscany. Guide and Collette are fulfilling their dream of opening
their first restaurant in the Redondo Beach area.


“Coccole” means to snuggle and “Coccolare” means to pamper and yours hosts will live up to the name. Guests will experience a laboratory of flavors featuring authentic dishes from different regions of Italy. Chef Collette will also serve seasonal dishes celebrated in Italian provinces throughout the year. Dining at Coccole will be an educational experience of true traditions and culture, and how they have
influenced Italian cuisine throughout the centuries.

An important feature of Coccole is their wine-pairing program. They offer a wide selection of fine Italian wines, hand-selected from various regions of Italy. Their
trained staff will pair their dish with the most appropriate wine. You are also
welcome to bring your own special bottle, for a small corkage fee.

They also invite you to try a new way of ordering wine – their signature “Quartino”. Often customers wish to try a new vintage wine, but are hesitant to order an entire bottle. The Quartino is a small decanter holding about a third of a bottle – a quarter
of a liter – or about a glass and a half wine. This offers you the flexibility of trying different vintages, or perhaps a white with your appetizer and a red wine
your main course, without the expense of a full bottle.

   Valpolicella Ripasso 2003                   Peroni Beer with Prosciutto Pate

We start our amazing dinner by ordering our wine, I tried the delicious
Valpolicella Ripasso, 2003 from Venezia, as our waitress described, this
is a wine that talks to you. It is an historic assemblage of Tocai Friulano,
Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Malvasia and Rebolla. It is very well
balanced and wonderfully aromas and richness.

Chef Collette also sent us a delicious toast of Italian
Prosciutto pate. A nice way to start a fabulous meal.

This is real Italian food, not the Americanized version so often featured in chain restaurants. Rather than choosing our own menu items, we placed ourselves in the capable hands of Chef Collette, who saw to it that we were not disappointed.

Homemade Breads                                       Bruschetta       

We began our meal with a series of delicious appetizers, and also tasting their fab home-made breads. Each offering a bit bolder flavor than the previous one. The
first, was the Bruschetta, a grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with
extra virgin imported olive oil, tomatoes and basil. In the Roman
dialect “bruscare” means to roast over coats.

 Sformatino di Verdure                             “Cestini dell’Amore”

The second, Sformatino di Verdure Bicolore, a two-tiered savory vegetable
flan set upon a creamy fonduta made with imported Fontina cheese from
Val d’ Aosta, a light and delicious appetizer that I recommend anyone to try.

Next came the amazing “Cestini dell’Amore”, a mini-house made Puff pastry “baskets” stuffed with spiced meat and vegetables surrounded with
creamy imported Italian Gorgonzola.

Insalate Alla Griglia

We of course, had to try their signature salads, and my choice was the Insalate
Alla Griglia, a grilled romaine, topped with Parmigiano Reggiano, roasted
tomatoes, basil and a whipped aceto balsamico di Modena dressing, a
wonderful salad, in fact, it was one of a kind, I had never tasted a
salad with grilled romaine, delicious, you must try it!

Tortelloni Verdi di Anatra

The service we received throughout our visit was masterful, and highly attentive
to our every need. The entrees arrived as we sipped our Chianti, and we were
dazzled by their attractive presentation and mouthwatering aroma. You have
to try their home-made pastas, they are to die for, our choice among many
others, was the Tortelloni Verdi di Anatra; a hand made spinach tortelloni,
stuffed with a light filling of duck, imported Prosciutto Crudo de Parma,
and shallots then tosed in butter, laid atop of imported Speck and sprinkled
with imported Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. One of the best pastas I ever
had. I will have to bring my mother over there, although she is Italian and
knows how to cook, this pasta will certainly delight her palate!

Trancio di Pesce,  8oz. Halibut Filet

I love fish, so my choice was the Trancio di Pesce, a 8oz. Halibut filet sautted with leek, white wine and extra-virgin imported olive oil, topped with raisin, capers, oregano and lemon zest. Served with grilled vegetables. My Filetto al Aceto Balsamico was a hand-carved filet mignon topped with a balsamic vinegar glaze. The dish was aromatic and delicate in flavor, as well as being so substantial in quantity that I ended up taking almost half of it home, to be enjoyed for lunch the next day.

Anatra, a Pan-Seared Duck Breast

My guest wanted to try the Anatra, a pan-seared duck breast served with a seasonal vegetable wrapped in imported Prosciutto crudo di Parma and covered with cheesed breadcrumbs. This piece of fantastically seasoned duck was fork tender, juicy and
an exquisite rendition of properly prepared meat, it was a real show stopper.

Tiramisu and Mini Cream Pies

Chef Collette capped off our meal with a dessert sampler consisting of a 3 very delicious crispy cream mini pies, one tasting like a lemon cream surrounded by
fresh fruite, and the amazing and delicate Tiramisu, hum, what a
way to finish our amazing meal.

As we quietly sat by candlelight for a few additional moments, I realized Coccole Del Gusto was both the perfect place to visit for an artful introduction to true Italian cuisine, or to reminisce over a long past Italian holiday. The only question is, with such delicious and authentic food available right here in Redondo Beach, why bother with the long, expensive flight to Italy?

Our special thanks to amazing Chef Collette and her husband, owner Guido
Fratesi, who made our dinner “indimenticabile” or in English: unforgetabble. 

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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