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Bella Cucina Italiana Restaurant Review

Bella Cucina excels at bringing the traditions and elegance of fine Italian dining to Hollywood area. Sous Chef Rufino Pacheco’s delectable Northern Italian cuisine ranges from delightful treats, such as homemade Ravioli di Zucca, to reliable favorites, such as risotto del giorno, a rich risotto with clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari.
An outstanding and extensive wine list complements every dish on the menu.

The classic setting is full of old world charm, with a combination of fantastic service, great food, and warm atmosphere, it’s no surprise Bella Cucina continues to be a
local favorite. Bella Cucina Artful food celebrates this passion for living soulfully,
it is a place where you feel the daily ritual of eating simply, yet deliciously, it is
be a part of a centuries-old art of living a beautiful life. It evokes emotions that
have lain dormant, tapping into a creativity that we all possess. It is accessible
for all, enjoying good food and thoughtful conversation at the table.

As soon as you enter Bella Cucina, you feel at home, it is a welcoming place, where you feel welcome and happy, you feel that like should be a Dolci far Niente. Sweet Idleness, I belive that a delicious meal can heal the soul as well as our body.

In Italy, people work to live and satisfy their life, as their ancestors have always done. The artisan baker still tends to his hearth, the barista pulls your morning espresso
and the food markets burst with the season's best offerings. Bella Cucina
celebrates this way of life and honors this philosophy that food is daily
sustenance for the spirit as well as the appetite.
Carpaccio di Manzo                                  Fritto di Calamari

We started with a selection of the fabulous antipasti; such as Carpaccio di Manzo, a delicious well prepared thin slices of marinated raw beef with balsamic dressing, shaved parmesan cheese and arugula, one of the best carpaccio I have tasted
among so many other places that I have been, also another one you can’t miss is
the Gnocchi di Patate, a very tender Potato Dumplings in a basil pesto sauce, again, this one would make my Italian grandma upset… this was spectacular, the pesto
sauce was simply divine in this dish! If you like Calamari, then you can’t miss
their Fritto di Calamari, it was simply perfect, and very well done, the spicy
tomato hot sauce was the complement to make this a fabulous
appetizer and also their portion is enough to fee 4 people.

Gnocchi di Patate, a very tender Potato Dumplings in a Basil Pesto Sauce

In terms of salads, they have an amazing variety of great salads to choose from, they have the Insala Mista, Insalata Tricolore, Insalata di Spinach e Bietole, Insalata Caprese, di Cesare, (Ceasar Salad), but our choice was the Insalata Bella, with salami, mozzarella and avocados, tossed in a delicious vinaigrette salad.
Caprese di Cesare                                  Agnolotti di Gamberi

At Bella Cucina, the dinner menu is to die for, you can’t go wrong
with anything, because everything is done to perfection.

I could not miss among their fabulous pastas the Agnolotti di Gamberi, a Ravioli filled with shrimp in a spinach, thyme cream sauce, it was so wonderfully prepare and the taste was so good that I just can’t wait to go back and try it again. Divine!

Halibut with Vegetables in a Pesto Sauce

Among the “secondi” dishes, I wanted to try the special of the night which
was the Halibut with vegetables in a pesto sauce, it was tender,
fresh and a very light and healthy dish, I loved it!

 Filet Mignon with Balsamic & Herb Reduction

My guest choice was the Filetto di Bue alla Griglia al Balsamico, this was a great choice for meat lovers, the grilled filet mignon with balsamic & herb
reduction was very good, and the quality of the meat was superb,
also had vegetables and potatoes, another great option.

Osso Bucco D’Agnello

Then the chef surprised us with another spectacular dish their famous Osso Bucco D’Agnello, a braised lamb shank with parmesan risotto. I have had Osso Bucco in
the past, this one at Bella Cucina gets a 10, simply a not to be missed dish that I
totally recommend for those who loves Osso Buco. I know what I am saying
because I come from Venice, in Italy where I grew up around my grandparents
who really knew how to cook the most traditional Italian food.

Tiramisu, Panacotta, and Chocolate Cake

Desserts created daily by the in-house pastry chef complete a meal or round out
a shopping trip. We got from the chef a selection of Tiramisu, Panacotta,
and Chocolate Cake, all equally delicious and unforgettable.
           Porto  Wine                                Sous Chef Rufino Pacheco

I hope you, my dear reader, will take a chance to visit Bella Cucina, where you will
be eating deliciously and savoring their beautiful and amazing food. Buon Appetito!

Bella Cucina brings fine dining quality for a casual price during lunch
Monday-Saturday, and dinner all days of the week.

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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