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Lift-24 Hour Gourmet Bistro Restaurant Review

Lift Restaurant located at 6533 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, is an experience at Lift is nothing short of stunning, with newly-appointed Chef Russell Hawkins’s culinary talents delighting the eyes, nose, and palate. Delicate creations based loosely around a “fusion” theme take seafood to new heights, weaving ingredients together in subtle harmonies. With an emphasis on freshness, the menu
is constantly changing, although certain themes—thoughtful pairings, light and healthy preparations and careful attention to detail—remain constant. An intimate and welcoming atmosphere, composed of bold gentle color, and comfortable tables,
with a view to Hollywood boulevard, it offers a hint of understated elegance;
the perfect stage for Chef Keith Silverton’s cuisine to shine.

Lift's a Parisian bistro from a Spider Club vet (an invaluable pedigree, given the
A-list joint's popularity among both creepy, leggy creatures, and spiders).
The menu rests upon unusual ingredients like Vegetable Pot Pie, New
Zealand Lamb Chops, Bison Burger, and homemade Lemon Tart.   

The result's a rotating slew of dishes riffing on comfort food, the be-lobster’s
Mac and Cheese is just the way mom used to make it, provided you
were birthed by the Gorton's Fisherman.

  Tanners Jack Beer                                 Monte Bruna 2005

We started with our drinks; they have a great selection of wines and beers. The Tanner’s Jack, was a perfect start and also the Monte Bruna Barbera D’asti
2005 was a perfect choice to go with our selection of appetizers and entrees.

Spicy Tuna Cones

I really enjoyed the Spicy Tuna, not too spicy made with very charming
Crispy Cones, it came 4, they were big as well, so 1 portion is enough
for 4 people. The presentation was very nice as well.

Lobster Mac-n-Cheese

Then we could not miss the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese, made with Maine lobster,
very good and very tasty! A great dish to go with your dinner, or just by itself!
Lots of lobsters and good to be shared by two people.

Wild Arugula salad with Portobello Mushroom

Our salad was delicious; there was an incredible taste of freshness to the Wild
Arugula salad, made with warm Portobello mushroom, Bermuda onion,
avocado, red cow parmesan, on a truffle vinaigrette dressing. Really good!

Albacore “Au Poivre" with Spinach and Gold Potatoes

The arrival of the first course marked a turning point in our evening, when we
went from simply enjoying ourselves to being stunned. I was told not to miss
the Albacore “Au Poivre”, Sautéed spinach, whipped gold potatoes with
green peppercorn and cognac. This was one of the best Albacore dishes
I have tasted in a long time. I love the flavor, the texture and the presentation.

Roast Flat Iron Steak, with  Weiser Potatoes

My guest’s choice was the Roast Flat Iron Steak, with fork crushed Weiser
potatoes, this again, was a great piece of steak, done perfectly and truly a
dish of a 5 star restaurant, and the most amazing of all these dishes is the
price. Very affordable and the service and location could not be better.

Pear with Chocolate

To finalize our amazing dinner, we got to try 2 incredible desserts, the special
which was a delicious Pear with Chocolate, and the outstanding Greenbriar
Chocolate Soufflé for two, but you need to order with main course, because
it takes about 30 minutes to prepare it, and it was all worth it! To
accompany that we got the “G” Moscato d’Asti 2005.

Greenbriar Chocolate Soufflé for Two

We left Lift Restaurant with smiles on our faces, feeling like we had just experienced
a delightful surprise. While we had expected a good meal, there was something
about our dining experience that we could not have anticipated. It was just a
detail not the quality, or the service, or the ambiance, but some combination
of the Chef’s enthusiasm; the well thought out intricacies of each dish; and
the lightness and delicateness not only of each element, but of the
combination of elements on the plate.

Moscato Vigna Senz Nome 2005

Somewhat elusive, it was this that had instilled us with a sense of wonderment, each dish calling for our full attention so that we explored and delighted in its subtle complexity. In an increasingly populated sea of restaurants, it is sometimes
the little things that set one apart from the rest. Lift restaurant,
we discovered, has emerged from this sea with distinction.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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