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Mosaic Restaurant Review


The Mosaic is located on a quiet side street in Beverly Hills, a walk to Rodeo
Drive, and is tucked away behind flowering plants, great patio with an
amazing pool and a sparkling cozy bar inside. The Mosaic is a quaint,
intimate hotel with an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

The lobby restaurant and bar feels like a private club; at night, candles add a
warm glow. The restaurant is nicely done inside, in a charming and romantic
decor, with front, middle and back sections. My editor and I had dinner
there last Friday, and I was very impressed with the amazing food prepared
quite well by Chef Mark Pierce and a decent wine list, with cocktails of all
kinds available, even though I did not care to look over the wine list
since we had the privilege of having the Assistant General Manager
Peter Dickinson making a fabulous choice of wine for us.

Long Island Ice Tea                                      Champagne      

We had a chance to taste several wines that paired very well with our menu,
which satisfies most of our tastes on this menu, and which I overheard
are sold directly from the Mosaic restaurant only.

                                                                Amuse Bouche 

The wines we tasted perfectly matched our food. The chef’s choice was his
Tasting Menu. Our first item was the Amuse Bouche, great taste and
presentation. Then we had the Cappuccino, a Porcini Mushroom
soup with an Asiago Foam, very tasty and well presented.

Cappuccino, a Porcini Mushroom soup with an Asiago Foam

Then we tasted the Citrus Salad with Mono de Leon Scallops on a
Citrus reduction, very good, this is an amazing salad, I loved it!

Pacific Swordfish with Cippolini Onion on a White Wine Mustardo

Australian Lamb Rack served with Potato, Olive on a Red Wine sauce

Two highly recommended entrees, and we both agreed that we might return
just to have those were the Pacific Swordfish with Cippolini Onion on
a White Wine Mustardo, and the Australian Lamb Rack served with
Potato, Olive on a Red Wine sauce, and to me would ideally
be replaced by almost anything else!!!!

Chocolate Decadence

For dessert, we had the Chocolate Decadence, and yet the sauce was as 
good as ever, and we had a selection Imported Cheese with honey
and pears, a great end for a magnificent evening!


A selection Imported Cheese with Honey and Pears

Love the look of the place, and the staff is overly nice, nearly to a fault.
Attitude belongs in other restaurants and is not at home with
the staff here at Mosaic in Beverly Hills.

Chef Mark Pierce

Over all, we cannot wait to return, I would say that Mosaic
is one of the best hotels in Beverly Hills, with an
amazing service and a great restaurant.

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God
had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity, by Voltaire”

For map and location please click here!

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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