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Hidden Restaurnat Review

Venice Beach based restaurant artist and investor Warren Cuccurullo, is an American rock and pop guitarist who has worked with Frank Zappa, a longterm member of Duran Duran, and was a founding member of missing persons. He also has some notoriety in the restaurant industry, and now currently behind this massive
restaurant in the former schatzi location, on main street in Venice Beach.
Hidden owners are also the same owners of Via Veneto up the street.


The ambiance is comforting, the atmosphere lively, and the energy  bustling with excitement. The restaurant’s prime location, within walking distance from Venice Beach, hotels, and shopping area, MAKES it an ideal place to see and be seen. 

 Mango Mojito                                            Caipirinha  

The complex includes an indoor-outdoor restaurant where the concept  four cuisines, four kitchens reads like a high-end food court. I loved the impressive outside bar, offering a large variety of delicious drinks, such as my favorite “Caipirinha”.


The bar service is great, and I truly felt like I was in italy, because the owner,
Frabrizio who an authentic charming italian chef, and part of his employees
are also italians, and if they were not, they spoke italian, so I loved it. 


Their private dining room setting is terrific, it makes you feel like being at your own home, and a fab dj, energizes the atmosphere with great songs, like charivari the from wheepapadowe track, (not that it’s necessary considering the action already in place).

I  loved the fact that warren cuccurullo, my duran duran idol was there and was in action, making sure that everything was fine, and I loved meeting him and talking to him, I would define warren being like the wine, the older the better, and he is such
a wonderful and humble human being. his presence, generosity and hospitality
WERE such a he has what I called the “magic” charisma and natural
talent that warms up any ambience he enters.


To distinguish hidden, the owners have chosen a casual theme; it starts with the
décor, a trio of spacious cabanas takes up one corner; next comes a patio framed
by bamboo and palms and outfitted with lipstick-red acrylic chairs and a platform furnished with sofas and coffee tables. There is also a cozy dining room with a
vaulted white brick ceiling, a massive crystal chandelier and banquettes backed
by gold brocade panels, ideal for a romantic dining or for a special
celebration, and of course, hidden extends through to the
amazing and diversied food that we absolutely loved.


Eel Avocado Roll and Spicy Shrimp Roll

The chef likes to diversify and mix ingredients, so the menu offers four
different cuisines such as japanese (mostly sushi and sashimi), spanish
tapas, vietnamese fusion cuisine and neapolitan-style pizzas.

Marinated Black Cod

Hidden Roll

We had a chance to try a bit of each menu, starting from the Japanese section of the MENU; we order the hidden rainbow roll, the eel avocado roll, and the spicy shrimp roll. we also tried the broiled (yaki mono) gindara yuan yaki, marinated Black Cod
and yuzu soy sauce. Try the nigiri sushi and sashimi combos for sampling, or try to select just a few of the special rolls and also do not miss the tempura shrimp each
one is more tempting than the last, no matter what you order, the fish is fresh,
the prices are reasonable and, the staff friendly and accommodating.

   Tuna Spring Roll                                  Short Rib Skewers

Chilean Seabass

Moving on to the Vietnamese menu, we tried the truffled tuna spring roll, the short
ribs in lemongrass skewer with peanut sauce and the seared Chilean seabass,
again absolutely heaven, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on
the Vietnamese side, simply perfect and delicious.

Kobe Beef Tacos                                    Shrimp Tenpura

Pancetta wrapped lobster medallions, with shrimp emulsion

Going towards the tapas menu, it is a must for anyone wanting an authentic tapas experience. The tapas menu is extensive, and peppered with delicacies such as
the mini Kobe beef tacos with guacamole and salsa and the Pancetta
wrapped lobster medallions, with shrimp emulsion.

                                                              Executive Chef and owner Fabrizio

Great variety of pizzas

Oh yes, the italian menu, it is absolutely magnific! the pizzas are to die for, and you can’t go wrong, everything is delicious. the pizza of our choice was the four
seasons, with mozzarella, mushroom, italian ham, artichokes
and black olives… crispy, crunchy and to die for!

Charcuterie Plate

Our server graciously brought us a final meal of the day: an amazing
Charcuterie plate which included a selection of fine imported
cheeses,a wonderful way to complement our dinner.

Pineapple Crème Brule

Desserts are sweet but complement the meal as well: we had the Pineapple Crème Brule, and the Chocolate Cake a dream come true in terms of presentation and taste.

Chocolate Cake

Make sure to reserve to secure a table at this busy
Venice Beach high end spot. Simply magnific!

Executive Chef and owner Fabrizio

We want to specially thank the Executive Chef and owner Fabrizio
whom not only served as a chef but as gracious host as well.

While the atmosphere is one of the most inviting around, it is the food and the
service that makes hiden a favorite among Venice Beach local and visitors alike.

For map and location click Here!

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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