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Tanzore Restaurant Review


Tanzore, exotic Cuisine of India offers an elegant and contemporary setting in which to enjoy some of Los Angeles’ finest Indian cuisine. Focusing on the dishes of Northern India, the menu includes such delights as Tanzore Lobster Moilee, Prawn Pulao, Tandoori Chicken and an excellent selection of both meat and vegetarian curries.
Each dish is a delight to the senses, incorporating rich spices that yield subtle
yet memorable flavors. The food alone would attract a regular crowd;
exceptional cuisine combined with a romantic atmosphere and
excellent service makes Tanzore a local favorite.


The vibrant neighborhood of Beverly Hills seems ideally suited for a restaurant
that serves nothing but vibrant food. Tucked between a wine bar with
great and fine cellar collections of well known allocated wines,
champagne and sparkling and a fusion restaurant.

Tanzore is a thriving neighborhood spot with an atmosphere that is just as suited to group dining as to a romantic date. The restaurant serves traditional Indian cuisine mixed with a handful of unique specialty dishes, and has established itself
as one of the most frequented Indian restaurants in Los Angeles.


The first thing we noticed upon arriving was the restaurant’s looming presence
of comfortable feeling. Past this modern architectural achievement, the
restaurant seemed to adopt a modern and comfortable feel.

There is a large screen which features a multi HD experience, of fashion,
travel, cinema and art, which I liked; it feels like you are in a party!

Green Tea Mojito                                       Champagne     

We were led to a booth, a luxurious semicircular space raised slightly from the rest
of the dining room, providing us with a regal view of the restaurant. Across the
room an equally regal bar faced us; I loved the bar, with a beautiful turquoise backdrop setting the tone for the evening. The marble structure
that, could have appeared in a temple or an Indian palace.

Pomegranate Mojito                             Drake's Imperial Stout

Our server Mike Hoagland enthusiastically greeted us, presenting us with menus and the wine list. While Tanzore offers an array of specialty drinks, my guest opted to
start our evening with their signature Pomegranate Mojito, and I started
with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, 2004.

Vodka-Citrus Scallop Salad

Noticing us glancing through the array of appetizers, our server suggested we try
some of the amazing appetizers, we started with the Vodka-Citrus Scallop Salad served with palm hearts and avocado, a dish he promised was much more flavorful and exotic than anyone we had tried. His description was accurate: the dish was
made with a blend of flavors, and fresh salad resulting in a tantalizing flavor.

Maharaja’s Mixed Grill

We ordered a second appetizer, the Maharaja’s Mixed Grill, a unique dish that, like many of the appetizers, seemed to combine traditional Indian ingredients with a more western preparation. The dish included green herb chicken tikka, Cardamon chicken tikka, Masala Lamb chop, Tandoori prawn served with garlic sautéed baby spinach and mint chutney, all which seemed like approachable dishes for those not familiar
with Indian food (although traditional options such as samosas were equally prevalent). The appetizer arrived on a dish dusted with cumin salt and tamarind syrup, accompanied by two chutneys: a light and spicy mint chutney and a creamy raita, a cucumber yogurt sauce that is a traditional accompaniment and ideal for cooling the palate. The chicken itself was tender and succulent, while the pieces of mango were soft and juicy, and the dish seemed more and more savory with each bite. The lamb was flavorful and intense, the tandoor having cooked it to perfection, while the two additional chutneys presented in small bowls offered a further array of flavors.

Relishing the complexity of lamb, mango, and mint lingering on our tongues, we looked around after our appetizer had been cleared. The room was quickly filling, and soon there would not be a single empty table. Indian music piped over the speakers, combining with the low din of table talk to fill the large room with a festive buzz.

Tandoori Sorse Sea bass

Mike our server brought us 2 entrees that he highly suggested; the Tandoori Sorse
Sea bass, grilled and served with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ‘upma’ served on grilled eggplant, and the Tanzore Lobster Moille, a pan-seared 1 ½ pound Maine lobster served with moilee sauce and oven roasted garden fresh baby squash, both
of which had been enthusiastically recommended, along with basmati rice and 2 popular sides; the Baingan Bharta, smoked eggplant, green peas, garlic and tomatoes and Bindhi Masala; fresh Okra onion, tomatoes and spices. The Lobster dish was
rich with flavor, a golden curry sauce offering complex spices and a good amount
of heat. Cilantro and lemon imparted a refreshing flavor, and the sea bass was soft
and creamy with each bite, almost the consistency of a firm but silky tofu.

I was very glad we had decided to try these entrees—which we were
surprised to learn does not melt upon cooking—as I found it sumptuous,
wholesome, and excellent at soaking up the flavorful curry sauce.

The side dishes were hearty and flavorful, with both yellow and brown lentils
mingling in a soup- like broth. Though a traditional side dish, I thought it easily
could stand alone as a light meal, and imagined how comforting a
steaming bowl of lentils and rice would be on a cold rainy day.

Tanzore Lobster Moille

As our meal progressed different layers of spice and subtleties of flavor seemed to emerge, creating an increasingly complex sensation with each bite. I couldn’t help but compare the dishes to good wine—complex, well balanced, with a long finish that becomes increasingly flavorful as it lingers on the tongue. I was absolutely captivated by the subtle flavors in my mouth, and almost wished the meal wouldn’t end.

  Mango Bombe                                    Spiced Apple Gallete

We decided to end our meal with a traditional Indian dessert; The Mango Bombe, with Bavarais Crème fresh, mango nutty almond meringue cake , tarte mango, raspberry compote and mint leaves; one spoonful proved the dessert creamy and
light, with each bite more comforting than the next. The my guest tried the Indian Spiced Apple Gallete, with caramelized apple slices, crispy puff pastry with
caramel sauce and a vanilla ice cream. I noticed how the tingling sensation in
my mouth was slowly fading, the complex of flavors like a monochrome
blanket of snow slowly covering diverse terrain.

                                                           Our server Mike Hoagland

We soon found our palates soothingly calm, signaling a conclusion to our flavorful meal. Satisfied and full, we walked out onto the bustling La Cienega
Boulevard warmed by food and wine and excitedly wondering
when we would have the next chance to taste such riches.

Tanzore is a wonderful Indian Restaurant, that I totally recommend
for those who appreciates great cuisine and wonderful service.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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