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The Palm Restaurant Review

It was to the ultimate delight of carnivores a few decades ago when it once again became politically correct for them to admit that they took pleasure in consuming
a tender steak, juicy chop or succulent roast. This was also a positive turn
of events because it helped to restore the popularity of what had
traditionally been an American institution, the steakhouse.


One of the very best of the lot is The Palm Restaurant, that for over 80 years, proudly features the USDA prime-aged beef, fresh fish, Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobsters,
Italian Entrees, Seafood, hand-picked produce, delicious appetizers and
elegant desserts. They also boast an award-winning selection
of wines that pair exquisitely with their fine cuisine.

Our Server Larry Vera

At the Palm Restaurant will find a thriving team of people whose
commitment, passion and loyalty create the foundation for success.

Bar Area

At ThePalm servers strive to provide unparalleled hospitality to each and every
guest. They are not happy until your filet is perfect, your lobster
succulent and your vegetables are steaming.

Main Dining Room

The original Palm Restaurant at 837 Second Avenue is a virtual museum of cartoons and caricatures. Many of the familiar faces drawn on its walls date back to the 1920s when the restaurant was opened by Italian immigrants Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi.

Groucho Marx                                            Chris Marx

As a curiosity, my guest Chris Marx, has also his face on the wall, at the
Palms Restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles, since he is
directly related to the Marx Brother’s family.

Superior service combined with the superior product and the dedicated
people at Palms create an experience you won’t soon forget.

The Palm Restaurant is the oldest family-owned white tablecloth restaurant to
expand across the United States and still maintain family ownership. Pio Bozzi
and John Ganzi`s original New York City steakhouse on Second Avenue
has grown into a thriving empire of over 25 restaurants spanning
the continent from Boston to Los Angeles.

But there`s more to The Palm - there`s that certain something special. The Palm Restaurant has it, and once you get it, you just can`t get enough. It`s a hearty handshake, a sea of conversation and laughter, a panorama of caricatures and character. It`s your favorite table, your favorite drink and the best of everything.

On the evening of our visit, my guest and I were seated in the dining room with a commanding view of the entire restaurant, which was beginning to fill up rather
quickly. Our server, Carlos and Larry Vera, were extremely accomplished
at making us feel at home while making suggestions in regard to
appetizers, wines and entrées that he felt we might enjoy.

Shrimp Bruno

We decided to begin our meal with an order of Shrimp Bruno, three jumbo shrimp francaise sautted in a Dijon musard sauce, excruciatingly fresh farm-raised bivalves from the chilly waters of British Columbia. The side sauces provided as an accompaniment were quite tasty and well-conceived, but these shrimps
achieved such a high level plumpness and flavor that they really required
little more than a squeeze of lemon to be fully appreciated.

       Steak Tartare                                   West Coast Gigi Salad

Since my guests also ordered their richly delicious Prime Aged Steak Tartare and I decided to try their West Coast Gigi Salad, expertly paired our appetizers with a dry Sauvignon Blanc from California’s Napa Valley, and a buttery smooth Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio from Italy, both of which proved to be perfect matches.

   Fried Calamari                                 Tomato Basil Bruschetta

My salad turned out to be a magnificent work of art that was made with a generous serving of iceberg, roasted pepper, egg & avocado to the east coast version and
with big chunks shrimps. It was a toothsome treat and, although I’ve eaten
many, it was one of the very best salads of this type that I
have ever had the pleasure of being served.

Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa

Our server also brought us a special treat: The Broiled Crab Cakes with mango
salsa, this must be the very first time in my life that I can say, these
were absolutely the best Crab Cakes we have ever tasted!

Steak and Lobster

For our entrées, however, we decided to stick to the house specialty: Steak and Lobster! For this, Carlos and Larry made sure that our selections were
matched with a smooth 2003 California Pinot Noir from Duckhorn
Vineyards and a rare, velvety 2001 ‘Coach Insignia’ Cabernet
Sauvignon by Fisher Vineyards, also from the Golden State.

Halibut Filet

The Palms serves a wide variance of red meats, which include veal, lamb, rib-eye teat, pork chops and The Palm proudly serves USDA prime beef. My guest was entranced by the possibilities, and selected a Prime Aged Double Cut NewYork steak with 
sliced with sautéed onions and roated peppers and the house specialty the Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster. It was a choice for which my guest was later quite grateful.
For those who have never tasted it, their Lobster is leaner and richer in
flavor than any other place you tried and much more tender.

       Asparagus Fritti                                 Fried Onions and Potatoes

When it comes to tenderness, however, it is hard to match the king of steaks, the New York Steak. This was my choice. The meat served was enormous by contemporary restaurant standards, and weighed a full 3/4 pound. Served with a side of Asparagus fritti, steamed, garlic and oil and with Sauteed Wild Mushrooms. This dish was a meat lover’s dream: thick, tender, juicy, flavorful, and formidable right down to the very last bite. And also we tasted the Half & Half cottage fries and fried onions, again, divine!

Crème Brulee

After our plates had been cleared, Carlos and Larry informed us that their Corporate Executive Chef, had a selected sampling of their most popular house desserts in
store for us; their signature Cheescake and the Crème Brulee, which
both melted in your mouth as soon as it left the fork.

Berries and Cream

This crowning conclusion to our fabulous dining experience offered proof positive
that, no matter where one may decide to go when in search of gourmet cuisine,
prime steaks, amazing lobsters, fine wines, and outstanding tableside service,
it will be difficult to make a wiser choice than The Palm Restaurant.

     Cheese Cake                                     Carlos and Larry Vera

Special thanks to our amazing servers: Carlos and Larry Vera, who kindly
shared with us his secret: He has a collection of 240 autographs
that he put together over his 22 years of devoted service!

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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