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Ita-Cho Restaurant Review

Ita-Cho is one of the most satisfying things a savvy diner can do is discover a phenomenal restaurant. Ita-Cho is an outstanding find. Located at 7311 Beverly
Blvd. Ita Cho doesn't look like much from the outside. Yet a surprisingly
full parking lot is a tip off to the satisfaction that awaits inside. 

Ita Cho's interior defies its surroundings. The space is cool and minimalist-modern, simple and serene, it is a welcome respite from the traffic outside. The space fills quickly over the course of an evening—the sushi bar becomes a flurry of
activity, while the dining room becomes peppered with couples enjoying
a quiet meal. The diversity of the seating options makes
the restaurant well-suited to a variety of occasions.

The menu is extensive and accessible, with over 30 specialty rolls as well as a more traditional selection of sashimi, nigiri, and maki. Photos of some of the more popular rolls appear on the menu, making ordering a breeze. In addition to the regular menu, which also includes hot appetizers, noodle dishes, and a selection of specials
that are served as tapas menu. Adventurous sorts will find live fish and
Black Cod offered when available, as well as excellent deals, such
as an Eel roll. Who knew sushi could be so decadent?

Black Cod

Rolls such as the Crab roll offer stunning visual presentations, put together
with the ultimate craft and care. We opt to sample some
of the most popular specials on the menu.

    Crab Roll                                          Eel Roll Uzaku

The Eel Roll Uzaku, is the house signature, a decadent combination of broiled fresh water eel, with cucumber on a house sauce vinegar dressing. It sounds like a
mouthful, and it is—and a delicious one to boot. We also tried their famous
Black Cod, we watch as carefully prepares the fish, certainly very
good. A smile and nod is all that's needed to acknowledge
this is some of the best fish around.

Tuna Shiso Tempura

Our next roll, the Tuna Shiso Tempura; is it really vibrant, awash with playful tones from the pink fish and red sauce. The innocent appearance belies the flavor that waits—a burst of fresh fish followed quickly by several layers of spiciness.
The intoxicating flavor lingers long after the piece is swallowed,
tingling the tong, enticing us back for more.

  Lotus Roots                                       Pork in Port Wine

We also tried the Root, and sauteed spicy lotus root, I love the texture and the welcome creaminess. My guest ordered their Pork with his anticipation heightens
as we watch the dish being prepared, the sauce melts and the
Pork is gently warmed. Simply delicious.

Shrimp Shumai

Our faces must have displayed our pleasure, because our server soon insists we try something simpler. "You have to try our Shrimp Shumai," she presses, "it’s so fresh."


Tempting dishes include the Fried Chicken and mixed sashimi. To end our meal
we were surprised by a nice and refreshing dessert: The Red Bean ice cream,
one of the best I’ve ever had, you must try it, we love it!

Red Bean Ice Cream

I feel as if we could stay all evening, simply watchin the Chefs together endless creations. The room is bustling, and the activity behind the sushi bar is more so
both pairs of hands work deftly and gracefully, pausing only to dip their fingertips
in a nearby bowl of water or call back into the kitchen for a piece of tempura.
But alas, our empty plates are cleared and there are guests waiting for a
spot at the near-full bar. As we walk out the double doors
I look back longingly, already eager to return.

Whether you are just introducing yourself to sushi, looking to try more
adventurous items, or simply want to order reliable favorites,
Ita Cho is a place to return to again and again.

For map and location click Here!

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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