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Chakra Restaurant Review

Chakra Restaurant in Beverly Hills follows in the successful footprints, and namesake, of Owner first restaurant in Irvine. In Beverly Hills, he continues to demonstrate that his philosophy—to provide food and service expected of royalty—makes for an outstanding establishment. The food—savory Northern Modern and Traditional
Indian cuisine—is exquisitely flavorful. The service is always smiling and friendly.
And the atmosphere is ideal for enjoying everything from authentic samosas
and flavorful Tandoor to the wide variety of chicken, lamb, seafood and
vegetarian entrees. Details such as free shuttle bus rides, make
Chakra an excellent choice for exotic Indian cuisine.


Beverly Hills has become a magnet for just about every type of ethnic food that you can imagine, but there is one new addition to this throng of eateries that will truly capture your heart, particularly if you are a devotee of gourmet Indian cuisine.


Chakra is located in the middle of Doheny Street and cross street is Wilshire Blvd.
If you don’t look carefully, you might even miss it. The marvelously flavored, traditional recipes available here are meant to be savored, and mirror
those of Owner original Chakra which has been recognized as one
of the finest dining establishments in Irvine for years.


This location features a modern, restful décor, along with walls festooned with authentic artifacts and a serene ambiance that reflects the ancient, resonant culture
of India. The tastefully appointed bar offers a full selection fine wine, beer, and cocktails. Our server started my guest off with a glass of Mojito Martini, while
I enjoyed a bottle of cold Taj Mahal Beer. Bottled under the supervision of its
parent company in India, this tasty brew features a full European-style
bouquet and flavor. Both beverages proved to be excellent choices.

One of the waiters arrived promptly with a basket of crisp papadum flatbread along with a sampling of aromatic and flavorful condiments. The mint and cilantro relish was bright, tantalizing and made for a perfect prelude to the main course with the small bowl of red onions and chilis and cup of piquant tamarind sauce that accompanied it.

Next, we were served a sampling of aromatic Indian dishes, each of which Executive Chef Madhan Kumar artfully crafted to tantalize our taste buds. The Chef’s Mixed Kebab Sampler, an assortment of Chef’s daily selection of Tikkas and Kebabs,
it was exquisite, featuring an assortment of tender lamb, chicken and shrimp
that had been artfully seasoned and cooked to a turn near glowing
embers in a ceramic Tandoor oven.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Samosa Trio

Our Chicken Tikka Masala was made from tender, bite-sized pieces of Tandoor chicken in a tangy tomato and yoghurt sauce that was enhanced with a striking
touch of masala seasoning. Soheil, our server then delivered a Samosa Trio,
a succulent, spicy recipe prepared in the classic, regional style consisting
of Potato, Mushroom, Corn on a trio of delicious Chutneys.

Tandori Rack of Lamb


My guest and I were also inspired by the wonderful entrée; Lasooni Champen,
which incorporates juicy chunks of lamb sophisticated cooked and served with
Garlic Spinach Kichree. The spicing combination in this dish was masterfully subtle,
and would have been suitable for 18th century Indian royalty. We both agreed that
this was some of the finest Indian food that we had ever eaten. I tried the Sea Bass tossed with kashmire vegetables on a avial cream. As my accompaniments my choice was the Pulao of the day; with consists of rice and tomatoes cooked with spices making it a delicious choice for my sea bass. We also got a portion of the Indian bread; Naan with cheese, a great choice for any of the delicious entrees.

After topping off our meal with a couple of Indian teas, and some wonderfully
desserts that added a light, crowning touch to our wonderful dining experience,
we sat transfixed, as the exotic music began to dance with the appetizing
fragrance of rare spices and braised, Tandoori treats.

Although it was difficult, we eventually had to summon the resolve to rise from our table to once again face the modern, busy world of Beverly Hills. We took solace, however, in the realization that we had just discovered a captivating oasis of
unusually fine Indian cuisine that was truly worth a return visit.


Thank you all for your generous hospitality. 

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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