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La Terza Restaurant Review

  Among the many Italian fine dining establishments generously peppering the West Hollywood area, La Terza Restaurant, a tavern-style restaurant created by the chef and owner of the well-known Gino Angelini. With authentic Italian entrees, pastas,
and wonderful desserts are served in a warm and comfortably simple atmosphere, replicating a traditional trattoria experience perfect for small and large groups. Desserts created daily by the in-house pastry chef complete a meal or round out
a shopping trip. La Terza Restaurant brings fine dining quality for a casual
price during lunch Monday-Saturday, and dinner all days of the week.


There are different types of eating establishments in Italy, and Florence in particular. Trattorias and Osterias are far more casual than those that feature fine dining, and often serve their food on bare tabletops with unadorned drinking glasses. They
are a lot less expensive than the best formal eateries, which generally offer
a more extensive menu and usually do not serve a ‘house’ wine.

Perhaps one of the most faithful local portrayals of cuisine alta Italiano paired with
a genuine regional ambiance was created by master Italian Chef Gino Angelini
and Chef de Cuisine Ezio Puccioni, who was recently flown in from
Italy-Rimini to assist in overseeing the operation.


Chef de Cuisine Ezio Puccioni is a man of great passion and skill who sees to it
that all of the dishes are prepared exactly as they would be in his homeland;
excruciatingly fresh, unabashedly straightforward and absolutely delicious.

On the night of our visit, my guest and I were served a variety of La Terza’s
specialties along with a marvelous Bordeaux, which was reminiscent of a
marriage of a fine Chianti Classico and a smooth Merlot. La Terza
Restaurant wine’s list have the ones that are served are absolutely
excellent and accommodate a wide range of tastes.

    Arancini, Braised Artichokes                Meatballs with Stewed tomatoes

Our waiter, soon arrived at our table with a couple of fantastic appetizers such as: Arancini, Braised Artichokes in Casseruola, Meatballs stewed with tomatoes and onions. The peppery flavor of the meatballs went with the artichokes beautifully.

Sampler of Pastas

Also, Chef Puccioni, was so kind and gave us 6 delicious samplers of their homemade pasta, which were outstanding in taste, presentation and freshness. These delicately pastas were then topped with Parmegiano Reggiano and served to us piping hot. Among their huge variety of pastas, we tried the: Cappellacci Alla Zucca, with pumpkin, sage and reggiano sauce, Ravioli Burro Oro, with spinaci, ricotta with tomato sauce, the Agnolotti di Ossobuco, a veal shank with regianno sauce, Nidi
di Rondini, Maddalena Fellini, a gratin rolled pasta with ragu, ham, mozzarella
and bechamel, Gnocchi al Pomodoro Fresco e Pecorino, and finally the
wonderful Squid Ink tagliolini with lobster and cherry tomatoes,
ah…to die for! You must try them all, I love it, it was heaven!

Ahi Tuna with lentils and crispy onions

A delightfully fragrant Tonno in Umido di Lenticchie, a sauteed Ahi Tuna with lentils and crispy onions, next item to be served, and proved to be a real deviation from
rest of the places that serves tuna, it was tastefully topped with crisp onions,
fresh tomatoes, a high-quality ingredients really do make a better Tuna
especially if it is assembled and baked by a chef from Florence, Italy.

The Grilled Rack of Lamb with Sauteed Broccoli and Mustard Sauce

The best, however, was yet to come. When Chef Puccioni brought our steaming entrée, my guest and I were both captivated by the tempting aromas emanating from the huge platter that he presented on our table with a flourish. The Grilled Rack of Lamb with Sauteed Broccoli and Mustard Sauce, was replete with the haunting essence of freshly picked rosemary leaves, and featured tender meat lamb that
were sautéed into wine sauce. This hearty and delectable dish was served
country style, and had both of us taking advantage of the informal trattoria
motif to dip chunks of our fresh-baked ciabatta bread into the remaining
gravy at the bottom of the plate so that none would be wasted.

Poached Pear and Affogato                                Settimastrega          

We were both so full by the time we finished our entrée that dessert seemed out of
the question, but the amazing Chef Puccioni suggested that perhaps some of their Dolcezze specialties would be worth trying so he kindly sent us the Pannacotta with strawberry coulis, the Settimastrega, a chocolate cake with choco gelato and poached pear and Affogato, a vanilla bean gelato drowned in espresso, and a smooth desert wine which was perfect, crowning touch to the meal. His point was difficult to argue, so we ended our evening La Terza Restaurant with a sweet sip and a crunch.

Pannacotta with Strawberry Coulis

This restaurant is bound to build a strong following because of its unwavering commitment to offering its guests a true Italian Ristoranti experience so bonafied
that diners may even be a bit surprised they are still in Los Angeles when
they step back out onto the sidewalk beyond its doors.

  Dessert Wines                                      Chef Ezio Puccioni

Thank you Chef Ezio Puccioni for your amazing dinner!

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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