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Osteria La Buca Restaurant Review

An osteria is a tavern-style Italian restaurant that features wine and complementary foods. Osteria La Buca, shines with their award-winning list of domestic and Italian wines and fresh brick-oven baked pizzas. Whether you choose pizza or one of the authentic Tuscan pastas or seafood dishes, you’ll feel welcomed by the invitingly casual, but elegant, feel of a rustic farmhouse. Popular for both lunch and dinner, Osteria La Buca fills up quickly as a Hollywood’s favorite.

La Buca is the perfect name for a restaurant that offers a combination of fine,
upscale cuisine and the relaxed ambience that might be typically found in a rural Tuscan trattoria. When you add these assets to a flawlessly accommodating service and management team along with a great Chef Mamma Loredana, you've got the kind of restaurant that will always draw a crowd. And Osteria La Buca consistently does.

This was one of the first eating places to earn a reputation for consistently serving exceptional cuisine in the somewhat unpredictable atmosphere of the younger,
fledgling the Hollywood district, which existed several years ago. In a new century,
on the evening of Saturday night visit, I couldn't help but notice that nearby bistros
and cafés along Melrose Avenue's restaurant row were nearly empty, while
the tables at La Buca were almost completely filled with patrons.


The warm, inviting interior is enhanced by a large, wooden bar that features
a full selection of fine wines and cocktails, and guests are seated
comfortably by the friendly, coordinated staff.

House Manager Fillipo Cortivo

House Manager and charming owner Fillipo Cortivo sees to it that diners are well attended to and that all of the servers are perfectly choreographed. Executive Chef Mamma Loredana adds her own bona fide Italian touch to the wide variety of
culinary masterpieces that come from her kitchen. La Buca maintains its long
running status as one of Hollywood’s finest Italian dining establishments.


We began with an order of their popular Burrata Padovana; a fresh creamy
mozzarella served with arugula, cherry tomatoes and Italian cuts, and just
the right balance of tangy dressing and crunchy greens to offset the dish.

Then, cleared the table to make way for two beautifully dishes; the Calamari della Mamma, with fresh calamari in Special Mamma tomato sauce, and the Insalata Primavera, mixed baby greens, tomatto and fresh, delightful salad assembled with freshly made Mozzarella cheese, fresh greens, in extra virgin olive oil. Both appetizers were so flavorful and authentically seasoned that we could practically hear an
Italian tenor serenading us in the background as we enjoyed them.


Next to arrive, was a combo of 4 pastas course that consisted of a tastily sauced combination of their homemade pastas: Fusilli Vodka, Pappaderlle Fume, Pappardelle ai Porcini and the Special pasta of the day the Black Squid pasta with shrimp and tomato sauce. These pastas were all extraordinary in taste, presentation and flavor, that truly fit for royalty. The aromatic sauces was generously endowed with the essence of porcini mushrooms and ham. They were all authentic and delicious. 


It turned out to be so wonderfully rich that it could have actually served as our
entrée, but that was not be so on this occasion. Chef Cortivo, then suddenly
appeared from the kitchen with 2 incredible pizzas: Vivaldi with tomato sauce, artichokes, ham, mushrooms, olives and mozzarella, and the Celentano;
Mozzarella, blue cheese, pancetta, egg and shaved parmesan cheese.

Everything was so delicious that we tried diligently to finish all of our food, but eventually gave in and asked that the leftovers be wrapped to take home.


Chef Fillipo and his partner Ricardo were finally able to convince us to try their dense, decadent Tiramisu and their amazing Panacotta to top off our meal and, as a result, my guests and I ended up practically waddling back to the car in blissful satisfaction.

Let's face it. Hollywood has plenty of excellent Italian restaurants. Having said
that, I must add that I believe only a small handful of them have achieved
true greatness, and Osteria La Buca is certainly at the top of the list.

Grazie Chef Fillipo and your team for having us as your guests, we will be back! Ps: Unfortunately the night we visited, Mamma Loredana was not there, but thank you Mamma for your amazing food, you are the best Mamma in the all world!

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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