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Delzano's by the Sea Restaurant Review


An experience at Delzano is nothing short of stunning, with magnific Chef Rafael Solorzano’s culinary talents delighting the eyes, nose, and palate. Delicate creations based loosely around a “fusion” theme take seafood to new heights, weaving ingredients together in subtle harmonies. With an emphasis on freshness, the menu
is constantly changing, although certain themes—thoughtful pairings, light and
healthy preparations, and careful attention to detail—remain constant. An intimate
and welcoming atmosphere, composed of a beautiful ocean view, and very comfortable bamboo chairs and a nice bar, that prepares delicious drinks!


Stunning. Delicate. Exquisite. I could go on, but then I’d be gushing, and the tastes
and flavors at Delzano are something you should really experience for yourself.
The restaurant, a bold and exciting space in the heart of the beautiful
Redondo Beach, has been serving excellent seafood for over 3 years.


My friends and I visited Delzano on an Saturday evening when Chef Solorzano’s introduced himself to us and said, no worries, I will take care of you! And he
offered to prepare a tasting of several new dishes.  We ordered an aperitif in anticipation of Chef Solorzano’s meal, then, sipping on a glass
Long Island Ice and sat back to enjoy our surroundings.

Crab Cakes                                         Fried Calamari

The arrival of the first course marked a turning point in our evening, when we went from simply enjoying ourselves to being stunned. The Crab Cakes offered a truly
royal commencement of our meal: a plump, commanding crab cake sat atop a
throne of greens. The first bite sent us into a world of heightened sensuality, the
crisp, flash-fried crab crust giving way to both bursting with not only flavors
but texture. We eagerly relished each understatedly complex and savory bite,
realizing there was no turning back—this would prove to be an astonishing meal.

Next, the Fried Calamari presented a delicate flavor, accompanied by jalapeno peppers and served with marinara sauce. The brilliance of the dish was the integration, which somehow allowed each ingredient to remain distinct. A bite of the calamari
plus the jalapeno was precise and offered two simultaneous flavors rather
than melding as one. It was an intentional dichotomy!

  Clam Chowder                                   Lobster Quesadilla

Then we also tried their Clam Chowder  New England style; this soup
was both delicate and rich, subtly combining flavors and tastes so
that no one element seemed overpowering.

Also the amazing Lobster Quesadilla served with pico de gallo, guacamole
and Chipotle sauce, was a perfect example of the varied influences
that seemed to seep into Chef Solorzano’s cuisine.

Shrimp Tempura and Halibut Fish Chips

As if sensing the complexity of the last appetizer, Chef Solorzano sent out a soothing, refreshing counterpart: The Shrimp Tempura and Halibut Fish Chips served with
tartar sauce, spicy cocktail sauce, french fries and pineapple coleslaw. The dish
was immensely fragrant with aromas of fresh fish and fragrance was followed
by delicateness, as each element from the offered an almost elusive distinct flavor.
The fish itself was firm with a sweet mild and sweet essence of the pineapple
coleslaw, which together, the dish tasted wholesome but light, with
a mysterious complexity that was at once familiar and exotic.

Filet Mignon and Lobster

Our first entrée was the Filet Mignon and Lobster, a satisfying dish that explored and embraced the essence of both meat and lobster. The preparation centered around a 10 oz grilled “Natural Angus” filet mignon, and 10 oz steamed lobster tail then served along with vegetables. The result was a well-integrated dish that resonated with flavor and fragrance. The Lobster as almost sweet and distinctly smoky, the meat moist and succulent. We sampled a smooth and mellow Cartlidge & Brown Pinot Noir from Napa with this dish, although it was the dish, not the wine that we would remember.

Chilean Sea Bass

We moved on to a Chilean Sea Bass, or the third time a savory aroma arose from
the plate, seeming so irresistible we quickly dug in. The fish was tender, although
the unique, amazingly rich fruits of papaya and pineapple stole the show. This
plate was made create a rare and memorable intensity. And the last one was
the Grilled Alaskan Halibut with capers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and
olive oil. Another great entrée and also very fresh and delicious.

Grilled Alaskan Halibut

As our plates were cleared, hints of tastes from our meal still
lingered, and I relished the tingling sensation on my tongue.

Chocolate Cake                                     Lemon Cheescake

The dessert itself was a masterpiece; although simply titled Chocolate Cake, it was quite intricate. A harmless-looking form of glistening milk chocolate sat on the plate, hiding a treasure of delicate flavor inside. The milk chocolate shell gently broke open to reveal two distinct creams separated by a thin sliver of darkchocolate. A bite was rich with flavors but not heavy or burdensome, a theme that had carried itself throughout our entire meal. Also, the Lemon Cheescake was to die for!

Chef Rafael Solorzano

We left Delzano with smiles on our faces, feeling like we had just experienced a delightful surprise. While we had expected a good meal, there was something about our dining experience that we could not have anticipated. It was just a detail not the quality, or the service, or the ambiance but some combination of the Chef’s enthusiasm; the well thought out intricacies of each dish; and the lightness and delicateness not only of each element, but of the combination of elements on the
plate. Somewhat elusive, it was this that had instilled us with a sense of
wonderment, each dish calling for our full attention so that we explored and
delighted in its subtle complexity. In an increasingly populated sea of restaurants,
it is sometimes the little things that set one apart from the rest. Delzano,
we discovered, has emerged from this sea with distinction.

Thank you again Chef Solorzano for your amazing food and hospitality!

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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