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Twin Palms Restaurant Review

Twin Palms is the ultimate California dining experience, known for its unique ambiance and outdoor dining since 1994. The restaurant provide their guests with delicious New American Cuisine, cooking up American staples seasoned with cultural flavors for lunch and dinner daily, as well as an award winning Sunday Brunch. 


Twin Palms’ amazing full bar and first rate wine list offers great selections for all
styles, tastes and budgets, by the glass or by the bottle. In addition, they also
offer a wide variety of specialty drinks including over 30 custom
Martini’s created by our team members -- and much more.

Check out their live entertainment and special events calendar as Twin Palms' entertainment ranges from smooth jazz to accompany an evening dinner, to lively dance music and DJs for a more social experience. Special holidays and events are celebrated in style at Twin Palms through special menus and festive decorations.


Whether dining on the terrace, dining room or in their signature outdoor patio shaded by the two grand palm trees and elegant sails, their management and team members are there to provide you with the ultimate California dining experience.

The Twin Palms sets itself apart from its Pasadena neighbors. The modern, versatile space is part restaurant, part nightclub, and part sports lounge, with a menu to suit all occasions. Chef Afonso Celis marries classic comfort food with premium ingredients, offering a menu that runs the gamut from down-home comfort to gourmet elegance you’ll find Ahi Tuna Sashimi, to filet mignon with gratin potatoes. The large, luxe corner space offers an array of seating options, including outside tables, traditional banquettes, and lounge-style seating for happy hour or late night noshing. With an extensive bar that includes bottle service and a TV that morphs into a posh, late
night lounge, be careful you may come for dinner and end up staying all night. 

Part restaurant, part sports bar, part sleek lounge, the open, versatile space
seems equally ready to host a formal dinner as a night on the town.

       Mint Mojito                                       Raspberry Mojito

This is what sets the Twin Palms apart its versatility. The restaurant is one large,
open room, with loosely defined areas that seem to encourage flowing from one
into the other. The large, bar is the room’s commanding, one side of the bar
offers a comfortable, lounge-like setting. An array of flat screen and projection
TV’s pepper the walls, they fade into the background during dinner hour but
take center stage on weekend mornings to broadcast necessary sports games.


The other side of the main room is devoted to dining, with modern, high-backed chairs surrounding tables that are formally set for dinner. With no walls to separate this space from the bar and lounge, a meal here offers fine-dining-caliber service and food set amid a hip, happening scene. This is not the space for a quiet meal; its high-energy vibe seems best-suited for first dates, groups of friends, or even dining alone.

The Twin Palms seems an ideal launching point for a night out on the town in fact,
after dinner, you don’t even have to leave the premises. Around ten p.m.
nightly you will find a local DJ’s. The Twin Palms stays open until two
a.m., serving food as well as drinks into the late night hours.

Long Island Ice Tea                                      Merlot Wine   

The food is as versatile as the space, with an array of selections that runs the gamut from bar food to gourmet fare. The defining theme is clearly comfort Executive
Chef describes his guiding principle as serving “the food that people grew up
with.” The menu proudly includes classics such as great salads, small plates, etc.
But Chef Celis isn’t content to let guests dine within their comfort zone he
adds an element of discovery to each dish, with unique twists on the
traditional that elevate the dishes from comfort food to creative fare.

The Twin Palms's menus are short and sweet—one page each for
the wine list, dinner menu, and lounge small plates menu.
The wine list is peppered with reliable selections.

Shrimp Brochette

We were first enticed by a selection of appetizers, such as Shrimp Brochette; Prawns with cranberry and blue lake beans, one of many colorful and playful starters that added a surprisingly sweet crispness, a burst of comfort in an otherwise classy dish.

Appetizer Platter                                        Caprese Tower  

The Appetizer Platter for 2 featured Chicken empanadas, crispy calamari,
ginger chicken pot stickers, vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili sauce
and tomatillo salsa, were fresh and vibrant, light and refreshing.

Mediterranean Platter

It’s tough to get more comforting than the Mediterranean Platter for 2; with Grilled flatbread, hummus, baba ghanoush, fried olives with pesto aioli stuffed grape leaves and marinated feta. The dish was luscious but light; by the time we were almost done, our mouths were tingling with flavor, but we were not overcome by heaviness.

Tempura Shrimp

Also the Caprese Tower and the Tempura Shrimp were such an incredible choice,
we all loved them! In terms of salads, you also have to try the Chicken Mango
Tower, with Chicken, mango, mandarin oranges, candied walnuts, hearts
of palm, baby greens and passion fruit. A wonderful salad that could
be your entire meal, it was really big and delicious!

Sea Bass Vera Cruz

As far as entrees, there were so many great choices, you just can’t make up your mind, so my choice was the Sea Bass Vera Cruz, new potatoes; queso fresco, cilantro-lime salsa, it was impeccable. The result was eye opening.Each forkful
was a new experience as we sought the perfect ratio of tender fish, creamy
sauce. It was proof that elegant fare can indeed be comforting.

Twin Palms’s Filet Mignon

The Twin Palms’s Filet Mignon served with gratin potatoes was another take on playful, this time proving that comfort food can spin elegant. The accompanying baby carrots, port wine sauce and pont reyes blue cheese was brilliantly plated as a sauce rather than as a side: The blue cheese became a tempting addition to every bite, adding resonating notes of creamy flavor to the tender delicious meat.

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

And then it was time for the New Zealand Rack of Lamb, the triumph of the meal.
The lambs were fall-apart tender no knives needed here. Each bite was velvet
velvet that dissolved on the tongue, permeating it with rich, savory flavor. The
meat sat atop a bed of gorgonzola polenta, baby carrots, balsamic port wine reduction, which served as an island in a bowl of thick, almost caramelized
port wine reduction. The sauce seeped into the polenta, ensuring
each bite gloriously resonated with deep, hearty flavor.

Sauteed Musurooms                               Creamed Spinach  

The 2 sides we chose were perfect: the creamed spinach and the sauteed musurooms and with their innate sweetness, subtle variation in color, and imperfect crookedness,
it was clear they were straight from the farm. It was the most elegant presentation
of a rack of lamb meat I'd seen. Also, you can’t miss the Pan Roasted Salmon,
with squash ravioli, port wine sauce and broccolini, was to die for!

Pan Roasted Salmon

Chef Celis surprised us, unexpectedly with the most amazing Artichoke Ravioli,
filled with Ricotta cheese and fresh herbs, served with a spicy tomato-caper
black olive sauce, that was one of the best past dishes in the menu!

    Artichoke Ravioli                                 Chicken Mango Tower

By the time dessert arrived, we had been won over by Chef Celis; we gladly let ourselves be wooed by their Pastry Chef. Like the rest of the meal, our desserts
were a mixture of high brow and lowbrow, elegant and playful, refined and
no-holds-barred decadent. The melting chocolate soufflee was pure elegance
a house-made chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream, yes, to die for!

     Dessert Sampler                             Twin Palm Chocolate Cake

But when it comes to dessert, refined elegance is no match for gratuitous decadence. The Best of All Sampler plate, all of which were drizzled with a gloriously excessive amount of chocolate sauce. It was childish and playful, and a dessert that every
adult should relish in. This desserts combo offered a freshness and flavor that was unrivaled; it consisted of Twin Palm Chocolate Cake, White Berry Box, Mini
Crème Brulee and Chocolate dipped Strawberry… Soon these delicious
treats were coated in a tantalizing layer of melted cream mingled with
gooey chocolate sauce—it was bliss in every bite.

Chef Afonso Celis                                  Our Server Searcy  

Perhaps the best part of this childish revelry was the moment we were brought back
to the present, finding ourselves in an elegant space abuzz with a lively, jovial crowd. Looking around our sleek surroundings as we savored the last bites of our desserts, we were struck by the refreshing reminder that even as adults, there are still things
that can provide us with glorious moments of unabashed pleasure.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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