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Beacon Restaurant Review

As each dramatic dish on Beacon-La’s eclectic menu demonstrates, Chef Kazuto Matsusaka is not just a talented chef but a clever artist. His imaginative
culinary creations are equal parts sculpture and cuisine.


Treat yourself to some of the tastiest sushi around. The mostly traditional sushi
menu offers a variety of amazing rolls, plus an array of sashimi such as Ahi
tuna Sashimi, Albacore Tataki, Yeloowtail Sashimi, California Roll, etc.

 Beacon Roll

Try the sushi and sashimi combos for sampling, or try to select just a few of the special rolls—each one is more tempting than the last. The house specialty is the Beacon
Roll, Ponzu Gelee, which we loved it! But no matter what you order, the fish is
fresh, the prices are reasonable and, the staff friendly and accommodating.

Sapporo Beer                                          Nigori Sake  

This restaurant combines a traditional Asian dishes and offers a sophisticated blend
of inventive haute cuisine served in a stylishly aboriginal motif. Chef Kazuto is a
master host with a gracious manner that offers consistent assurance to patrons
that they will receive only the finest food and service when they visit Beacon-LA.

Pork Skewers                                              Kaki Fry   

The tables were beginning to fill up quickly on the night my guest and I visited for dinner, despite the fact that it was barely 6:00pm on a Easter Sunday. Our gracious server, started us of with a couple of delicious appetizers such as Pork Skewers
with Coconut-Curry Glaze, and Kaki Fry, a delicious Crispy Oysters, served
with Lettuce Cups on a Yuzu-Tartar Sauce, I am not a oysters lover,
but this dish is truly sensational, you must try it.

Mushroom Salad                                     Chicken Pad Thai

We also tasted a great salad, the Stirfired Mushroom with Spiced Almonds, Mixed Greens, Manchego Cheese on a Yuzu Dressing it created a wonderful
counterpoint of flavors and textures. The cooling mix of the cheese
and the almonds added the perfect compliment to this salad.

Miso Black Cod

Then it was time for our entrees; our server showed up with their famous Black Cod, Miso Marinated with Sesame Green Beans; truly delightfully and styled, this
version possesed an even more colorful flavor profile and presentation
than other similar dishes I had tasted in the past.

Koshihik Ari  Echigo Beer

The word ‘presentation’ is key when describing the artful delivery of Chef Kazuto’s exquisite cuisine. It was observed by gastronomes centuries ago that when we dine, we ‘eat’ first with our eyes. This fact is taken full advantage of by Chef Kazuto
and his team, who make sure that the visual appeal of each dish maintains a
level of creativity that will impress diners before they even lift a fork.
The entrees we sampled were no exception to this rule.

Grilled Hanger Steak

The magnificent Grilled Hanger Steak, with Three Grain salad on a Wasabi Relish
was an innovative marvel. We also tried an incredible preparation of their famous
Yaki Udon, sautéed Japanese Noodles, with Pork, Kim Chee, these appetizing renderings were also works of art on their respective platters.

Mango Crème Brulee                              Strawberry Crisp   

The dessert my guest and I shared was no less remarkable. Beacon’s LA house specialty, the Coconut Rice and Mango Brulee a true lover’s delight, it was terrific, and the special of the night; The Strawberry Crispy special, it was smothered by
a huge scoop of homemade Vanilla ice cream, this turned out to be one of
the most decadent treats that I have consumed in a long time.

After a couple of espresso coffees and a little digestion time, my guest and I
eventually made our way slowly through the throng of happy guests, that had
now managed to fill practically every seat in the house. It was clear to see
that, they too, understood the satisfied contentment that can readily
be enjoyed when dining with a "trusted friend."
Beacon-LA is a fine restaurant that I truly recommend to
everyone who enjoys great Asian-American cuisine.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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