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Savannah by the Beach Restaurant Review

Savannah At the Beach at the Beach features updated classic and contemporary, American cooking. The menu offers a variety of chilled coastal shellfish, grilled steaks, chops, ribs, seafood and nightly specialties from their custom fruitwood burning oven. Their signature dishes include Zinfandel Braised Short Ribs, Pecan-smoked Prime
Rib, Maple Glazed Alaskan Salmon, 'Voodoo Shrimp' and 'Old School' Seafood Newburg. They are sustainable and renewable whenever possible. 

They are located literally, 'on the sand' at the base of the Huntington Beach
pier and have the largest beachfront patio in Orange County
complete with firepit, palm trees and killer ocean view.


Their wine list offers an extensive selection of California and Oregon boutique labels.They offer a variety of chilled beers, tropical cocktails, wines by the
glass, aged tequilas, margaritas and our signature Mango infused martini.

But guests don’t come just for the view. The food is amazing. Executive Chef Thomas Tran, maintains a delicate balance of his own ambition and talent with sensitivity to the restaurant's legacy. He keeps a handful of "classics" on the menu, dishes that have become so popular that customers who have not been to the restaurant in years will return and order them. "People come in and request dishes that were before my
time, that I've never made before" he explains of the loyal clientele.

Margarita Martini                                        Mint Mojito    

The wine list, is as entertaining and alluring as the contemporary menu, with about 50 wines by the glass and three times that number by the bottle. We were told that this place strives to offer variety, particularly by the glass, as that is what he personally looks for when he goes out to dine. Lest guests be wary of such a wide selection, the restaurant provides suggested pairings with each dish on the menu. We take
advantage of this advice, and begin with a crisp, off-dry Ferrari-Carrano
Fume Blanc and a creamy, un-oaked St. Clement Chardonnay to
accompany the two seafood starters we have ordered.

Lobster Fritters

The Lobster Fritters, Spicy Ahi Tartare with avocado, SesameWafers is a visual
feast, with nearly every color of the rainbow represented on the plate. The
Ahi itself is awash in avocado and wafers, what a great combination!

Spicy Ahi Tuna                                         Pork Skewers

The flavors of the ahi are subtle, a sesame soy vinaigrette lending a slight savoriness
to the light, refreshing dice. It is a modern, alluring way to start a meal.

The Lobster Fritters, could also be an entree, and after sampling the appetizer portion I am tempted to order it again as a main course. The dish is a rare treat, lobsters are cooked to perfection. The flavor explodes on the palate, just enough to
occasionally cut through the richness with fresh earthy flavors.

Alaskan King Crag Legs

Maine Lobster Tail

When it comes time for our entrees, the Alaskan King Crag Legs with Maine Lobster Tail served with creamed corn, Papaya Slaw and French Fries wins us over. The presentation is both playful and delicate. The components are all cooked to
perfection, but it is the enchanting flavors of the Lobster and Crabs that make the
dish, which is tempered, blending perfectly with the rich fish flavor and the sweet corn.

Filet Mignon with Rogue Creamery Smoked Blue Cheese

The Filet Mignon with Rogue Creamery Smoked Blue Cheese, and Asparagus is contemporary comfort. The presentation is again playful and colorful. The unmistakable scent of blue cheese wafts up from the plate in a fleeting moment
of enticement. "We steep the rosemary in the jus, but then pull it out at the last
moment so guests don't know where the smell is coming from," The meat
slices through easily, the pale pink meat lending an unmistakable
gaminess that marries exceptionally well with all the flavors.

As we put down our forks we realize the band has commenced from
the adjacent room, and the soulful voice of our server is filling
the room with a lively, lighthearted energy.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Not wanting to leave, we order dessert. It is a smart decision. The Flourless Chocolate Cake is a gooey, decadent treat, a large ramekin filled with a
lava-filled chocolate cake. The crisp top gives way to reveal creamy,
molten chocolate studded with raspberries. It is decadence at its peak.

As we sit back, we relish in the now-packed restaurant, relaxing among the
beautiful ocean view, melodious ocean sound that fill the space allowing us to dream what life is all about: Good Food, Great Restaurant and an Amazing Location!

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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