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Tantalum Restaurant Review


As each dramatic dish on Tantalum’s eclectic menu demonstrates, Executive Chef Jack D. Robertson is not just a talented chef but a clever artist. Her wildly imaginative culinary creations are equal parts sculpture and cuisine. His small places are to die
for. He combines flavors and textures as if no rules existed, using only a theme
East meets West to guide this hip restaurant's contemporary menu.

                                                              Our gracious server, Jojo

The tables were beginning to fill up quickly on the day my guest and I visited for lunch, Our gracious server, Jojo started us of with a couple of cocktails from their fully stocked bar along with a delicious appetizer plate of Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
served with kaffir lime aioli, romesco sauce and roasted shisito, it created a
wonderful counterpoint of flavors and textures. The crabs were so fresh
and delicious it added the perfect compliment to this dish.

Margarita                                                    Mojito

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Jojo then showed up with a tempting small plate of Chicken Lettuce Wraps with hearts of butter lettuce, cilantro and radish and the Truffed Mac N’Cheesz, oh
boy these styled dishes that I had enjoyed south of the border, this version
possessed an even more colorful flavor profile and presentation.

Mac-n-Cheese                                             Crab Cakes  

The word ‘presentation’ is key when describing the artful delivery of Tantalum’s exquisite cuisine. It was observed by gastronomes centuries ago that when we dine, we ‘eat’ first with our eyes. This fact is taken full advantage of by Executive Chef
Jack D. Robertson and his veteran staff, who make sure that the visual appeal of
each dish maintains a level of creativity that will impress diners before they even
lift a fork. The entrees we sampled were no exception to this rule.

Filet Mignon and Lobster

The magnificent Cedar Plank Surf N’ Turf, served along with Cold Water Lobster Tail, on a meyer lemon scampi butter and 5 oz Filet Mignon, with miso demi glace drizzle, with roasted potato chips & garlic rapini, it was an innovative marvel.

Miso Caramelized Halibut

We also tried an incredible preparation of Miso Caramelized Halibut aside
garlic smash, roasted rapini, green mango slaw, these appetizing
renderings were also works of art on their respective platters.

Mile High Hamburgers

Amazing to behold, this great combination provided a sumptuous meal of succulent Lobster meat that practically melted in your mouth, and the Filet Mignon
was a perfect foil to the mix of flavors and textures.

Fried Banana Bread Pudding

The dessert my guest and I shared was no less remarkable. Tantalum’s house specialty, the Fried Banana Bread Pudding with dark rum caramel, Tahitian
Vanilal Bean Ice Cream and the Crème Brulee Cheese Cake, a seasonal
exotic fruit – ginger sugar cookie. This turned out to be one of the
most decadent treats that I have consumed in a long time.

Vanilal Bean Ice Cream and the Crème Brulee Cheese Cake

My guest and I eventually made our way slowly through the throng of happy guests, that had now managed to fill practically every seat in the house. It was clear to
see that, they too, understood the satisfied contentment that can readily
be enjoyed when dining with a "trusted friend."
Tantalum is a fabulous restaurant, and I can’t wait to return and enjoy
all those marvelous items that we did not have a chance to taste.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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