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Shula’s 347 Restaurant Review

Shula’s 347 – located at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, 6101 Century Blvd. is pure heaven. No raucous birthday parties or pounding heavy-metal soundtrack. No standing around waiting for our table, whacked by passing monolithic handbags.
I don't have to fight my way in or worry that the reservation desk has lost
our reservation. I don't have to wonder whether the chef is in or not,
because either way the food is consistently delightful and original.


I'm forever suggesting Shula 347 to anybody who loves to eat but also wants to spend time in an amazing ambiance, surrounding by locals or visitors over dinner. It's a great restaurant for entertaining and quiet enough to talk. The atmosphere is sophisticated, contemporary and the restaurant still holds up history. I loved the comfy
upholstered booths; the soothing palette of taupe, cream and dark
wood; and the intimacy that this wonderful place brings.

As soon as you sit down, a basket of crusty breads arrive in a coiled reed
banneton, the basket French bakers use to proof their dough. What
a pleasure. Everything about Shula’s 347is so, well, civilized.

Executive Chef Thomas M. Moran

The cooking from Executive Chef Thomas M. Moran,
has a strong point of view. It's filtered through a
California sensibility, sensuous and direct.

Chef Moran doesn't cook with an eye on fashion. He just cooks. And her
food is very personal, very seasonal. I would say that you go to
Shula 347 for its sophisticated comfort food.

Chef Moran keeps it simple. It's such a relief to slide into one of Shula’s 347
plush, curvy booths and be handed a single-page menu and
discover that every dish sounds delicious.

Key Lime Pie Martini                                Long Island Ice Tea

Instead of scouring a long, verbose menu to find even one dish I
want to order, here I could happily order anything listed.

At this time of year, you'll find winter greens dotted throughout the menu. Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp Blackned Filet Tips and the BBQ Baby Back Ribs
are Moran’s signature, along with the Double-Cut Pork Chop.

There's something for everyone -- carnivores, vegetarians, adventurous eaters and fraidy-cats who aren't comfortable venturing beyond lamb chops and potatoes.
And that's exactly why Shula’s 347is such a good choice for entertaining.

Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

On a cold Friday night, two of us order practically several delicious items from the menu. The restaurant is half empty when we arrive, then bit by bit fills up with an urbane grown-up crowd -- women in suits or interesting dresses, men in buttery
black leather jackets and black T-shirts or turtlenecks. You will also
see a lot of baseball caps worn backward.

Service is always warm and professional. The wait staff knows practically everything about the food, and if there's a question a server can't answer, someone will go
and ask. Without hovering or intruding, servers are there when you need
them, watching over your table in the best possible sense.

Oyster Rockefeller

To start, there's a perfect Oyster Rockefeller, the presentation is wonderful
and it is also light and delicious. Everybody at the table wants
more, the flavors are so beguiling.

Spinach-Artichoke Dip                                     Crab Cakes       

Spinach-Artichoke Dip and the Crab Cake are
terrific too. The combination is sublime.

Blackened Filet Mignon Salad

Blackened Filet Mignon Salad, practically appears in every menu in town, but this one stands out for brilliant green bibb lettuce, shaved red onion, tomato, and the grilled vegetables' sweetness a natural with the delicious 5oz Filet Mignon.

Side Dishes

Bucking the trends with so many new restaurants opening this year, older, very good restaurants sometimes get lost in the stampede to check out the latest hot spot. But for an important dinner, let me remind you that the trendy new places are still works in progress: You never know what you're going to get on any given night.
One time, everything could go like clockwork. Another night, everything's off.

But at Shula’s 347, you can count on the fact that
you're going to have a first-rate experience.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

As far as our entrees, we tried their famous BBQ Baby Back Ribs, slow cooked
and served with smashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. A simply delightful
and amazing dish, that if you love ribs, this one is a must try!

Grilled Fresh Salmon

I love fish, so my choice was the Grilled Fresh Salmon, served with smashed
potatoes, seasonal vegetables and beurre blanc. Another very rich dish,
which was one of the best Salmon I’ve experienced in a long time.

       Apple Cobbler                                    Chocolate Lava Cake

Desserts… my favorites since I love sweets, and I believe that a great meal can
not be ended without something good. I loved their Apple Cobbler and
the Chocolate Lava Cake, rich and simply to die for!
As we linger over the last bites of our desserts, I realize there is no substitution for a meal prepared with complete intention step by step, ingredient by ingredient. Not only does Chef Moran stand behind taste, he stands behind process, which means an unrivaled authenticity governs every bite on every plate. I’d say this is a rare treat,
but I’m surrounded by such a welcoming setting that I realize this treat need
not be a rare one. Shula’s 347 is so open, so honest, and so
comfortable that I already feel compelled to return.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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