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Pink Taco Restaurant Review

Pink Taco offers a delightfully inspired menu, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and flavorful combinations.


The sophisticated dishes have roots in Central Mexican cuisine, yet the talented
Mexican Chef strays from the traditional in innovative ways. He skilfully pairs
authentic Mexican ingredients with surprising counterparts, resulting in a
creative menu that is sure to delight tastebuds in surprising new ways. The
atmosphere mirrors the menu, placing patrons in a warm and creative
space both rooted in authenticity and inspired to depart from it.

It is always a pleasure to discover a new restaurant that has achieved the ability to consistently deliver culinary excellence to their guests, and could also benefit from assistance in getting the word out to the throngs of new diners who might benefit
from learning about their cuisine. Such an establishment is Pink Taco, a purveyor
of ‘Alta Cocina’ in the style of Mexico City, which is a refined fare with a
subtle mix of Spanish, French and other European influences.


Although Pink Taco serves Mexican food that possesses rich depth and
authenticity, this is not a place just to come for nachos, tacos and burritos;
expect, instead, a flavorful journey down a path of gourmet delights that
combine classic favorites with the special accent of central Mexico.


It all begins when you walk past Pink Taco’s somewhat understated exterior to encounter its warm, bohemian atmosphere and the fun exotic music that wafts through the cocktail lounge and front dining room and the outside patio. To the side, the main dining area features its own antique bar and a tasteful assortment of artifacts, pottery and pictures that help impart a bright Latin elegance to the dining experience. 

The Pink Taco’s Appetizer Platter

Our polished and cultured server, was quick to deliver a couple of their signature
Pink Taco margaritas, my guest and I while we sat briefly waiting for our appetizers. When they arrived, we both found their aromas and presentations to be
absolutely mouthwatering: The Pink Taco’s platter; consisting of 2 chicken
skewers, 2 carne assada skewers, cheese quesadillas, guacamole,
two corn tamales, rock shrimps and ribs!

Chips and Guacamole                                      Panuchos          

We also tried their amazing Panuchos, which is their tradicional tacos from the State
of Yucatan which was made with corn tortillas, stuffed with pinto beans, toped
with arbol salsa, grilled chicken, pink onion and avocado! These
creation was incredibly fragrant and delicious. 

Lobster Enchiladas

We each also sampled their super amazing Lobster Enchiladas;
consisting of two corn tortillas filled with a delicious sweet lobster in a
brandy chipotle cream sauce topped with cheese and parsley, what a
wonderful way to savor the most amazing enchilada of my life!

Although Pink Taco also features a wide range of wonderful dishes, my guest and
I decided to stay with the seafood theme that had already been established, and
ended up being extremely impressed with the entrées that the Chef
eventually brought to the table with a flourish.

 Spicy Salmon

My guest’s Spicy Salmon were giant, I was utterly enchanted by
this dish, served over a roasted garlic mashed potatoes,
and garnished with julienne vegetables.

Carne Assada

We alsotried their delicious Carne Assada, with marinated cilantro Jalapeno grilled steak skirt, with tomato, quacamole, rice and beans, simply another marvelous
creation, that I certainly recomment to all my readers and friends!

Caliente Brownie Sundae

We had little room for dessert, but were finally persuaded to split one of Pink Taco’ fine after dinner creations. The Caliente Brownie Sundae, a spicy chocolate
molten infused with ancho chile, served warm on a hot skillet covered in a
wonderful raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream, its richness that
was the perfect topper to our fine meal.

Dow 20 Year Tawny                                  Don Julio 1942  

If anyone should ever need a good reason to venture off the beaten track in
search of a great, ‘undiscovered’ restaurant in the Century City Mall,
I can certainly assure them that Pink Taco is it!

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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