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JAAN Restaurant Review


Whether it’s a casual lunch in the charming courtyard or a romantic evening in the cozy dining room,Raffles L’Ermitage promises an enchanting dining experience. The casually elegant ambiance and gorgeous décor set the stage for an enticing
blend of upscale comfort food, with influences from new California and
classic French cuisine. Raffles L’Ermitage has garnered a strong
local following over many delicious years of service.

Walking into the restaurant, we immediately felt at home. Light, warm tones swept through the dining room, which we felt open and welcoming. Comfortably elegant chairs gathered around the tables, while a dim light, cast from the flickering fire
place, and elegant wall lamps, gave the room a subdued glow. 

We were welcomed warmly by the hostess and led to a table, a courtyard patio in the center of the restaurant, while empty on this cool evening, offered a serene space to bask in Southern California’s mild air; on the other side of the courtyard a private dining room offered the same casual elegance with the added bonus of privacy. 


We were greeted by our server, who eagerly offered to start our meal off with an aperitif. The wine list at Raffles L’Ermitage is well thought out, with a generous selection of California, Italian, and French wines. As our server delivered glasses
of Montes Sauvignon Blanc, a clairvoyant, grassy wine from the heart of Chilean
wine country, we turned to the menu, which offered an equally tempting array of
what Raffles L’Ermitage calls “Exquisite California Cuisine.” He explained that
manyof the dishes had been on the menu since the restaurant’s opening;
Executive Chef Karim Razgallah confirmed that he dares not alter
beloved classics such as the Organic Salmon or the Sea Scallops.   

Tuna Carpaccio                                        Asparagus Risotto

We began with some of the more unique summer
appetizers on the menu, which our server ensured were also
two “classics” the Tuna Carpaccio, the Lobster Salad, the Asparagus
Risotto and did not want to miss the Osetra Caviar. These dishes were far from ordinary, and were perfect examples of the restaurant’s unique culinary offerings. 

Osetra Caviar

The caviar was also presented in a magnificent way, I love caviar, and if you do
too, you must try their Osetra, it was fabulous. Osetra is the freshest caviar
available on the market, subtle, creamy, buttery, rich and incredibly fresh.

Lobster Salad
The Lobster Salad it was an elegant presentation of a delicious salad plate that just happened to be resting on haricot vert, shallots and trulffes. The plate was worthy of an elegant cocktail party, yet had a playful air; somehow these exquisite ingredients seemed naturally suited to this casual form. And then there was the taste. While each component was precise and flavorful alone the Lobster revealed its brilliance when I lifted a “slice” to my mouth, and the flavors combined in one comforting bite.

Sea Scallops

Before our entrees arrived, our server brought glasses of The Four Graces
Pinot Noir, an absolutely astounding wine that would prove a versatile
accompaniment to our diverse entrées. The Sea Scallops with braised
leek with crispy turkey on a provencale herb sauce.

Chilean Sea Bass

I also wanted to try the Chilean Sea Bass on a saffron sauce. These dishes were perfectly refreshing, fresh, and satisfying. While our first course had satisfied our childish desires, the second impressed our adult sensibilities.

Petit Filet Mignon

My date’s Petit Filet Mignon practically defied the definition of steak. Pillowy soft, the steak barely called for a knife. Following suit, the pommes dauphine and asparagus were one degree softer, whipped and piped onto the plate in elegant rows. We spent the next few bites in silence, sampling both our own and each other’s dishes, trying to determine which version of comfort we most preferred. The debate, of course, continued in a stalemate until the last bites were gone, the complexity
of the green peppercone sauce forever declared equal.

Wild Forest Mushroom Ravioli

We also had the pleasure of trying the Wild Forest Mushroom Ravioli,
a homemade ravioli with morel sauce, a great dish indeed that
certainly went well with all of our entrees.

Chocolate Saffron Tart

While we could not have been more satisfied, we eagerly accepted dessert, selecting two of the more popular items to conclude our meal. The signature dessert, Chocolate Saffron Tart was far from baby-sized: an enormous circular form commanded the plate, while two elegant scoops of vanilla gelato tagged along. The dense “cake” was actually a large Devil’s chocolate brownie. One bite indeed seemed devilish, with chocolate so rich it begged to be savored.

Crème Brulee

The Crème Brulee was a more manageable size,
although enormously rich and flavorful. Both desserts were
simply great and a wonderful way to finish our meal.While we were unable to
come close to cleaning our wickedly rich plates, the smiles on our faces revealed that we were enormously satisfied. Finding a place where casual meets comfort is onething; finding a place where comfort meets elegance is quite another. Raffles L’Ermitage has somehow managed to combine all three, and may possibly be the only place in Beverly Hills where the staples of comfort food go hand in hand with the
pleasures of quality ingredients, artful presentation, and exquisite
taste. I’d have to agree with Karim Razgallah: a place like
this seems well worth trading your retirement for.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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