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LA PRIME STEAK HOUSE at the famous Bonaventura Hotel offers a refined
setting filled with upscale class and elegance. The menu showcases a variety of cuts
of succulent USDA Prime steak, Wet Aged and Hand-Selected provided exclusively by Stock Yards Packing Company of Chicago. While offering a variety of other options from Grilled Lamb Chops to a variety of amazing Seafood items. Appetizers and salads offer to tantalize the palate before the main course, while potatoes and vegetables always complimentary accompany each entrée. An award-winning wine
list offers an astounding selection of both well-known and boutique wines
across an equally varied price range, and gracious service, complimentary
valet parking and VIP treatment are the icing on the cake.

Westin Bonaventure Hotel Lobby

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel is a modern landmark in downtown Los Angeles.
Built in 1976, the 35-story Bonaventure is a futuristic structure, and the city's largest hotel. Made up of five cylindrical, mirrored-glass towers; it looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, with glass elevators shooting up through the
roof of the lobby and racing up the sides of the glistening high-rise. Visible from the Harbor Freeway, it is one of the most recognizable buildings on the downtown horizon, along with City Hall and the Music Center. In fact, it is one
of the ten most-photographed buildings in the world. 

Bona Vista  Revolving Lounge

The Bonaventure's dazzling appearance hasn't gone unnoticed by Hollywood. The hotel has been featured in a number of sci-fi epics. You may have seen this gorgeous glass building in 1983's helicopter flick "Blue Thunder" (with Roy Schieder), the
1995 virtual reality suspense film "Strange Days" (with Ralph Fiennes and Julliette Lewis), the 1998 Oscar-winning drama "Rain Man," (with Dustin Hoffman and
Tom Cruise,) the 1995 romantic comedy "Forget Paris" (with Billy Crystal
and Debra Winger), or any number of other movies and TV shows.


La Prime Steak House - this restaurant is a destination offering an elegant, secluded setting, service reminiscent of an elite supper club, and unrivaled steakhouse fare.

The transition to refined luxury begins not at the door but before it, with the restaurant’s complimentary valet. The hotel has a rooftop lounge which actually revolves. It's called the Bona Vista Lounge, and is located on the hotel's top (35th) floor. This restaurant was the setting for the 1980's TV sitcom, "It's a Living"
(which starred Ann Jillian and Crystal Bernard as waitresses), and the
revolving lounge was also seen in "In the Line of Fire."

We left the bar scene to the happy hour patrons and followed our host into the main dining room, at the La Prime Steak House, which is upstairs, while equally packed, was calm and serene. While the tables themselves were intimate, the restaurant itself was quite large, with seven different rooms and a capacity for over 150.

We settled into our generous booth and felt at once at ease, surrounded by supple leather and white linen. We were instantly greeted by Vickie, who along with the amazing manager Jennifer Nagao would take care of us throughout our meal.

     Champagne                                      Long Island Ice Tea

I eagerly picked up the wine list, whose offer one of the best selections in the city.
La Prime Steak House’s has been granted the Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence an honor bestowed on less than 10 restaurants in Los Angeles for many years in a roll. The list offers a truly dazzling, worldly array of wines. The selection ranges from everyday to special occasion, with each bottle hand-picked to accompany the cuisine. I was impressed by the “wines by the stem” selection
alone; it ranged from familiar to surprisingly high-end, allowing guests
with exquisite tastes to be satisfied with just a glass. French, Italian,
and California wines were particularly well-represented, with
half bottles as well as bottles and large-format offerings. 

I settled on a glass of 2005 Carly's Cuvee Chardonnay. My date's cocktail, a Long Island Ice Tea gave a surprisingly similar satisfaction. Satisfied even before we were sated, we turned to the menu, eager to begin our meal. Executive Chef Andreas Nieto and Executive Sous-Chef Barry Villiarimo, who has been with La Prime Steak House’s since its opening, offers an array of varied and creative starters, adding a
bit of variety to the classic steak house meal. We settled on a variety of the
truly amazing starters that were all outstanding: the Diver Scallops and,
upon our server eager recommendation, the LA Prime Seafood Tower.
They arrived, of course, exactly at the same time, our team of
servers simultaneously placing the plates on the table.

      Diver Scallops                                 Blue Fin Tuna Tartare

The Scallops were a feast for the eyes: four plump scallops in a pool of angel hair pasta with cilantro lime cream. Each pale scallop afforded at least three bites,
our knives sliding effortlessly through the premium meat to carefully divide
both scallop and the delicious pasta. Each bite was sublime mild, silky
scallop mingling with sweet and a burst of fresh lime flavor.

      Cadillac Margarita                             La Prime Seafood Tower

It was only after several mesmerizing bites that we moved on to the La Prime Seafood Tower, that consisted of; Marinate Shrimp, Crab Cake and Lump Crab Cocktail. The playful presentation was urging our attention. This is a great entrée that we could
easily share in four people. All of these were deliciously fresh and very filling.

Do not miss their Spicy Hawaiian Blue fin Tuna Tartare consisting of avocado
puree, micro cilantro, cracked pepper lavish, one of the freshest
and delicious Tuna Tartare we’ve ever eaten.

Chop House Salad                                     Lobster Bisque  

Our mouths lingering over flavorful starters while anticipating entrees to come, it was time for a refreshing interlude. La Prime Steak House’s Chop House Salad fit the
bill perfectly. Our server also suggested that we should not miss their signature
Soup & Salad. From their selection we had the pleasure of tasting their traditional Lobster Bisque and the Whole Leaf Romaine Caesar-Style Salad with crostini,
white anchovy and shaved parmesan which was also incredible as well.

Sides of Mushrooms and Broccoli

As if to ensure decadence even in their Caesar salad, the crostinis garnished
the dish. Each bite was creamy and refreshing, the clearly-fresh
leaves bursting with moist flavor.

USDA Prime Petit Filet Mignon

It takes little to spot La Prime Steak House’s flagship entree on the menu: USDA Prime Petit Filet Mignon. The filet appears not once, but 3 times, offered in three different sizes. Needless to say, it took little to persuade us to order this steak, although we did waver on the preparation. All three combinations an 8 ounce
Filet paired with, with three different accompaniments; Sautéed Shrimp, King
Crab Legs or Live Maine Lobster. It was all tempting, but ultimately we decided
on a classic: the Petit Filet accompanied by a Live Maine Lobster.

Live Maine Lobster

For our other entrees, there was little hesitation. If USDA Prime Filet Mignon is the crown jewel of the land, its counterpart, the crown jewel of the sea, is Australian
Cold Water Lobster. La Prime Steak House’s plump, oversized lobster tails are broiled rather than steamed, adding a dimension of flavor to the already succulent crustacean. Of the four accompaniments, we selected the lightest: the Truffle
Scented Mashed Potatoes, the Macaroni and Cheese, the Steamed Broccoli
and the Sautéed Mushrooms. All of these side dishes were easily shared
by 4 people and still there was some left over.

Australian Cold Water Lobster

The Australian Cold Water Lobster tail was gorgeous commanding the plate and bursting out of its shell. Just as I was lamenting how much damage I would do the presentation, I removed the lobster from my plate, and with one swift motion, removed the meat from the tail. What was left was a gloriously large steak of
lobster meat, which I could gloriously eat without destroying presentation.
The lobster was succulent and supple, the pale white flesh eagerly absorbing
a clarified butter sauce to reach decadent heights. The truffle smashed
potatoes, a whipped combination of potato skin and flesh were
creamy but not overpowering; the accompanying
mushrooms were clearly fresh, and sweet.

Sides of  Truffle Smashed Potatoes and Mac-n-Cheese

Chilean Seabass with Mango Chutney

My other guest’s entrée was the fabulous and amazing Chilean Seabass with mango chutney, Japanese sprout salad, again another winner of the night. The seabass
was cooked to perfection and the taste and freshness was also outstanding.

Bone-in Delmonico’s Rib-Eye

We also tried the Bone-in Delmonico’s Rib-Eye; indeed it is La Prime Steak
House’s forte. Steaks are prepared in a 1600 degree oven, ensuring a
solid sear and short cooking time. Juices are sealed in, steaks cooked
to perfection. Each bite was better than the last.


When your meal consists of filet mignon and lobster, dessert hardly seems necessary, yet we saw no reason to cut our indulgent meal short. Their signature Cheesecake
was a sweet tooth’s dream and the Tiramisu was also deliciously prepared. It was a wonderfully playful end to an astoundingly elegant, refined meal. And of course if you love great ends, please add to your palate the Grand Marnier 150 Year Anniversary. Very deep amber-orange hue. Generous brown spice, orange, and caramel
aromas explode from the glass. A viscous, rich attack leads to a full-bodied
palate. This was our golden key to end this unforgettable dinner.

Signature Cheesecake                             Grand Marnier 150 Year

On the way out, we paused between the bar and the exit. We happily could afford one last moment of calm before stepping out into the night. Like the sports figures
and celebrities whose autographed photos filled the walls, we agreed:
La Prime Steak House’s had our seal of approval.

     Our Fantastic Server                        Executive Sous Chef Barry

Our special thank to the Executive Chefs and to the great manager
Jennifer Nagao for her generous invitation and hospitality.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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