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e3rd Steakhouse & Lounge Review

e3rd Steakhouse & Lounge s where locals go to satisfy their cravings for a Korean Barbecue and Sushi. Soon after Jason Ha introduced the Korean-inspired Zip
Fusion Sushi in 2002, his unconventional little restaurant became the hit of the
Arts District neighborhood and later downtown. Dining was delicious.
Dining was fun! That's because Zip unveiled a homey style of
hospitality and inspired, original, signature dishes.


Customers were able to enjoy world class cuisine at very affordable prices because
of the innovative use of Asian and California ingredients by the kitchen design
team. Ha himself was honored by the downtown community in 2004 for
"taking a dark corner and bringing light to it".

Long Island Ice Tea                                        Margarita   

Enter through the doors and leave your world behind as you find yourself surrounded by a décor that takes its cues from the spices of Korean cooking. To the left is a cocktail lounge, with long banquets and a beautiful bar that serves specialty
drinks such as Long Island Ice Tea, Margaridas and nice Martinis.

     Shrimp Tempura                               Jalapeno Tuna Tempura

Jumbo Sea Scallops                                         Ahi Tuna          

We were seated at the edge of the room. Our server, came to give us a pre-set appetizer and menus and take our drink orders. The order came with six delicious appetizers; such as: Award-Winning Shrimp Tempura; a quartet of jumbo tiger shrimp, jacketed in an extra-crunchy, lighter than air batter; Jalapeno Tuna Tempura; Six jalapeno halves stuffed with a spicy tuna mixture with cream cheese, fried, topped with masago caviar and their house Oonagi sauce, also the Sea Scallop: Three fresh jumbos sea scallops, fried and glazed with a creamy mustard vinaigrette, Ahi Tuna; Sushi grade seared pepper ahi Tuna topped with orange miso vinaigrette, Snow Crab Seaweed Tower (vegan option with tofu), Chilled Alaskan snow crab chunks on a bed of Zip's signature Seaweed Salad, dressed with a duet of house salad dressing and miso vinaigrette, and our last appetizer the Kimchi Fillet Mignon: A 4 oz, Seared then thinly sliced Fillet Mignon served with Kimchi mash potato, dressed with house steak sauce, carefully chosen and prepared for maximum tenderness and juiciness.

Snow Crab Seaweed Tower                                 Fillet Mignon           

All of the appetizers were masterfully prepared and blended the flavors of the
ocean with the land. The scallops were bathed in fragrant and piquant spices.

E3rd Rib Steak

For one of our main dishes we they served us their signature: E3rd Rib Steak, fired
to tender juicy perfection! I know that aromatherapy is all about fragrance, but the spices that wafted up from this dish were heavenly and soothing. With this I ordered
a glass of wine from the California Central Coast. There was just enough fruit
in this medium-bodied wine to balance the acidity of this dish.

Pork Lover’s Steak

We also tasted their Pork Lover’s Steak this is one of the most popular dishes on the menu and it is easy to understand why. There were 2 generous pieces of pork that were cooked to perfection, and took on some of the smoky flavor of the grill.

  Ganache                                                 Cheekcake

And though we had absolutely no more room, we were compelled to have dessert
and so ordered the Ganache; the Cheekcake and Plum Wine Ice Cream. This was
a delightful blend of sweet and savory and a nice way to end a fabulous evening.

Plum Wine Ice Cream                               Fantastic Port Wines

This restaurant is inspirational and romantic and we were eager to try as many dishes as possible. We knew we were ordering too much, but couldn’t restrain ourselves.
Leaving e3rd Steak House and Lounge, we had the sensation of feeling happy
and very satisfied! This is a great place and I truly recommend it.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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