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Boulevard 16 Restaurant Review

 In its first days, Wilshire Boulevard intersected fields of barley. Over the years,
these fields materialized into an unmistakable cosmopolitan skyline, and Wilshire Boulevard became one of the world's most well known thoroughfares.


Palomar Westwood's restaurant/bar lounge Blvd 16, pays homage to the organic
and agricultural roots of the site's past with a seamless blend into the
glamour and sophistication of Wilshire Boulevard today. 

Our experience was absolutely fantastic! A red wall of glass mosaic tiles serves
as a beacon to passersby. This fractured sunset is pierced by a series of
wooden boxes offering a small glimpse of the spirits flowing inside.

Walls in the color of sun-kissed wheat are paired with bronzed mirror and intricate upholstered panels. This elegant texture intersects with wood slats that line the
soffits - emphasizing the shift in ceiling height and adding interest above eye level.


Stylized oak branches grow up the face of the honed chocolate marble bar. A Café Forest marble top gives the effect of looking through the foliage to the clear skies above. The wooden boxes seen at the entry wall pierce through to the inside
bar wall adding a connection to bustling Wilshire Boulevard beyond.

Banquettes upholstered in supple cream and milk chocolate leathers contrast with
the dark wenge floors. Curved sectionals surrounded with a translucent portiere provide an intimate dining experience for guests while retaining the
feeling of openness throughout the restaurant.

Long Island Ice Tea                                    Sunrise Martini   

At Blvd 16 you start feeling the vibration as soon as you enter the restaurant. With
an amazing bar, with an incredible choice of drinks, wines and beers. I started
with an Italian Grappa and my guest with a Long Island Ice Tea.

The dinner at Blvd 16 is truly an experience for food lovers.
The ambiance, service and food was spectacular!

Roasted Garlic, Butter and Beets

The casually elegant ambiance and gorgeous décor set the stage for an enticing
blend of upscale food, with influences from new California and classic cuisine.
Blvd has garnered a strong local following since.

We were welcomed warmly by the hostess and led to our table, walking through the dining room. Even at 6:30pm the dining room was beginning to fill, with a few couples and a family of eight already clearly enjoying their meals. We were greeted by our server, who eagerly offered to start our meal off with an aperitif. The wine list at Blvd 16 is well thought out, with a generous selection of California, Italian, and French wines. As our server delivered glasses of Montes Sauvignon Blanc, a clairvoyant, grassy wine from the heart of Chilean wine country, we turned to the menu, which offered an equally tempting array of what Blvd 16 calls "Exquisite California Cuisine."

Hawaiian Tuna Rolls

We began with a selection of appetizers that looked amazing; the Hawaiian Tuna Rolls, with jalapeno, lemongrass, kumquats, sea beans and dungeness crab, a delicious appetizer that was great in taste and presentation, and also very light!

Burratta Mozzarella                               Sumac Grilled Shrimp

Next we had the Salad Caprese with heirloom tomato filet, burratta mozzarella, balsamic jelee, organic olive oil and basil, a small salad and again, very fresh and
light, not good to share, but great to eat on your own. Soft cubes of fresh mozzarella and slices of grape tomatoes tumbled on the plate, tossed with slivers of fresh basil and accompanied by a fanned avocado and a single clove of roasted garlic. A
thick drizzle of balsamic vinegar finished the dish, adding visual depth to the
spectrum of white, red, and greens, while offering an acidic backbone
to the classic combination of creamy, fresh, and tart.

Hot and Cold Summer Squash Carpaccio

The Sumac Grilled Shrimp with shaved avocado, crusty bread salad and yellow tomato puree, was a good start, and very pleasant to the palate. Again, not to
be shared, but simply delicious. The Hot and Cold summer squash carpaccio,
with trufle vinaigrette, toasted macadamia nuts and shaved summer
black truffles, was very good and nicely presented.

Bacon Wrapped Diver Scallops

Talented Executive Chef Simon Dolinky surprised us with couple extra appetizers that I would certainly eat as my entrees; the Lobster and Dungeness Crab Risotto and the Bacon Wrapped Diver Scallops, both were equally tempting and delicious.

Lobster and Crab Risotto                               Fried Calamari         

By now, we were already feeling a bit full, but our entrees
were on their way and again, we were not disappointed.

While our first course had satisfied our childish desires,
the second impressed our adult sensibilities.

Side of Smashed Potatoes

Before our entrees arrived, our server brought a glass of The Four Graces
Pinot Noir, an absolutely astounding wine that would prove
a versatile accompaniment to our diverse entrées.

Sake and Pink Peppercorn Braised Sea Trout

My Sake and Pink Peppercorn Braised Sea Trout arrived atop a white corn soubise, pickled baby corn and macerated plums. The trout itself was cooked to perfection moist and flaky, it pulled apart with the gentle urging of my fork. The corns were
the most surprising element of the dish: sweet from cooking yet retaining
their tartness, they added a bittersweet complexity to each bite.

Char-Grilled Lamb T-Bone

My date's Char-Grilled Lamb T-Bone practically defied the definition of lamb. Pillowy soft, the meat barely called for a knife. Following suit, the side fingerling smashed potatoes were a great combination to this dish. We spent the next few bites in
silence, sampling both our own and each other's dishes, trying to determine
which version of comfort we most preferred. The debate, of course,
continued in a stalemate until the last bites were gone.

While we could not have been more satisfied, we eagerly accepted desserts, selecting three of the more popular pastries to conclude our meal. The signature dessert;
Cherry and Chocolate Cannoli, was far from baby-sized: an enormous
circular form commanded the plate, while two elegant scoops of
pistachio ice cream tagged along. One bite indeed seemed
devilish, with chocolate so rich it begged to be savored.

Cannoli, Lemon and Walnut Tart, Vanilla Panna Cotta

The Lemon and Walnut Tart was also delicious. Both desserts were accompanied
by a mélange of fresh berries, although the local, fresh fruit had nothing
on the flavor and sweetness of these succulent concoctions.

Our final was the Strawberries and Cream, a vanilla panna cotta, with
organic strawberries and basil syrup… we were in heaven!

While we were unable to come close to cleaning our wickedly rich plates, the
smiles on our faces revealed that we were enormously satisfied. Finding a
place where casual meets comfort is one thing; finding a place where
comfort meets elegance is quite another. Blvd 16 has somehow
managed to combine all three, and may possibly be the only place in
Los Angeles where the staples of great food go hand in hand with the
pleasures of quality ingredients, artful presentation, and exquisite taste.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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