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Lobby Court and Patio Review

Surrounded by the hotel's stunning lobby, The Lobby Court & Patio is the premier location for all day dining, catching up with colleagues at the end of the day,
or for meeting friends before heading out for a night on the town.

Sip a refreshing cocktail while relaxing indoors or outdoors by the tranquil reflecting pool or garden. This upscale chic lounge is the place to see and be seen! A
guitarist is featured on Monday and Tuesday nights, with piano
entertainment provided Wednesday through Friday.

 Vodka Martini                                     Our Server Audrey

Cuisine: Cocktail Lounge and light fare for lunch and dinner. The outdoor patio, reached via steps from the back of the main room, is no less glamorous. Here,
tables are set for diners, under the shade. To one side is there is a great working fireplace. The patio is a popular setting for parties and events. In fact, the night
we dined, there was a great party given by a very well known bank, which had
about 500 people. This is a perfect location for a great summer night!

Chicken Tandoori

The Lobby Court & Patio restaurant’s food is worthy of a trip in its own right.
The focus of the menu is on fresh, seasonal ingredients, the dishes fancy enough
to gain diners’ interest, but not overworked. For those with really simple tastes
(or who’ve had a few drinks at the bar, say, and need some sustenance), there
is the Pizza Margherita, a great choice, at the other end of the scale are the
likes of Steak Sandwich minis, or Chicken Tandoori. Some dishes even
manage to be both: for example, the Crab Cake and Calamari!

Pizza Margherita

The menu, refreshingly, isn’t too lengthy (a good sign, as it invariably means
the kitchen is focused on doing what it does best). There are about 9
starters, 12 entrées, including an amazing salads, sandwiches,
burgers, tacos, and a variety of great desserts.

Fried Calamari

Vegetarians may have a hard time eating here, however  they’d have to have a
salad as an appetizer and one of just two meat-free main course dishes
(one being margarita pizza, which admittedly sound delicious
enough to tempt even the most ardent carnivore).

Steak Sandwich Minis                           Chef Bernardo Medina

We were seated in the booth at the far end of the restaurant, directly
overlooking the patio. Our server, Audrey was charming
friendly, chatty, but not obsequious.

Chef Bernardo Medina came earlier and spoken to us about his signature dishes, which all sounded so tempting we vowed to try them all. First up was the
Calamari appetizer, as with everything we ate that night, presentation
was straightforward, the food left to speak for itself.

Spicy Tuna                                                 Crab Cake

Our second selection was the Spicy Tuna Roll  and Eel sushi. This choice proved, more than any other, that simple doesn’t have to mean boring. It was a
great combination that was ideal on our summer evening.

       Tiramisu                                              Courvoisier XO

We still had some room left for dessert. Indeed, the portion sizes aren’t huge, which in our opinion is a good thing. The lounge dessert list includes the usual suspects such as ice cream. But our eyes were immediately drawn to the Tiramisu, which, thankfully, was yet another chef’s specialty that we simply had to try in the name of research,
of course. It was sweet but not sickly, a dentist’s nightmare  but a diner’s dream.

Lounge Seating                                              Fine Cigars   

The Lobby Court & Patio has a great cocktail menu, but its well-chosen wine list
is worthy of a mention, too. It laudably focuses on California, featuring some interesting wineries from Paso Robles and Santa Barbara County.

We chose a glass of Chardonnay, which was slightly too oaky for our taste: perhaps next time we’d try a Pinot Grigio, or a Provençal rosé. And there will be a next time: The Lobby Court & Patio with a kitchen that deserves as much praise as its
drinking and nightlife scene, should lure people in for a long time to come.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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