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Irezumi Sushi Lounge Review

Irezumi, or "tattoo" in Japanese, is an unconventional, high-energy sushi lounge unlike anywhere else in Southern California. Old-world Japanese art blends with a vibrant modern décor to create an exciting and dynamic dining experience.


Open for lunch through late night, the upscale Japanese-American cuisine uses fresh, hand-picked seafood from local markets, and offers all the traditional staples
sushi lovers crave. The non sushi-loving guests will appreciate the substantial
entrée menu that includes Filet mignon on wasabi mashed potatoes,
Apple Teriyaki Salmon with organic veggies.


Seated among the swank décor, cool lighting and plush booths at Irezumi Sushi Lounge, there’s no shortage of delicious delights. A typical evening might begin
with a Sake-tini and a bite from Sushi Chef’s Anton Posniak’s sushi bar like
the Sashimi Special, five kinds of assorted market fresh fish, six sauces.

Irezumi Punch                                              Sapporo Beer

The Asian tapas menu offers a seemingly endless selection of small dishes as varied as traditional Tuna Tartar; spicy tuna, wonton chips and avocado. Also the Coconut Shrimp in a tempura style, roasted hawaiian sauce. The dinner menu is equally tantalizing, filled with Chef Posniak’s unique “new Asian cuisine” creations.

Miso Oni Soup                                        Irezumi Wantons 

The bar and lounge offers a casual gathering area for after-work drinks and appetizers (which are half price from 4-6 pm), while the sushi bar offers an up-close view of Sushi Chef‘s skill with a sushi knife. The main dining room offers booths and
tables for groups from two to twenty, while an adjacent private room
offers a secluded, intimate setting for private events.

Coconut Shrimp

The intimate space, designed by the MOR Project, includes a charming patio where guests are invited to dine by candle light. A wall featuring graffiti interpretations of traditional Japanese tattoo art adds to the contemporary feel of this stunning eatery.

Apple Teriyaki Salmon Dinner

The wine list at Irezumi Sushi Lounge has garnered a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, and provides an extensive and well-selected array of wines by the
glass, half bottle, and bottle. While Irezumi Sushi Lounge cuisine is decidedly
worldly, the focus of the wine list is on California wines. "When you have a
backyard with all of these delicious wines, it's hard to ignore them," General
Manager says. Not surprisingly, the California-influenced selection stands up
well to the extensive menu, with an array of versatile wines that promise
to pair well with any combination of dishes on the menu.

Black Pepper Filet Mignon Dinner

The versatility of the wine list is a must, as the overarching theme of Irezumi Sushi Lounge menu is diversity. In just one meal, it is possible to sample dishes from
more than five countries, thanks to the innovative "Asian Tapas" menu from
Executive Chef’s Anton Posniak’s. The menu offers a globetrotting array
of small plate dishes that pull from the best of Japanese cuisine. Augmenting
the selection are a handful of entree-sized dishes, as well as an
array of sushisashimi, nigiri, and traditional maki rolls.

Filet Mignon Skewers

To get the most of the diverse menu, it is almost imperative that tables embrace the concept of sharing. The restaurant encourages this each table is set with a stack
of clean plates that is replenished as needed. Unless instructed otherwise,
servers place dishes from the kitchen in the center of the table, allowing
guests to serve themselves from communal plates.

Japanese Tempura Shrimp

It took an entirely different flavor to distract me from the Japanese Tempura
Shrimp. The sweet innocence of the dressing contrasted with the
dark flavors of the shrimp in a delicious dichotomy.

Sashimi Special

While any combination of the menu’s two dozen tapas could easily make a meal, the options at Irezumi Sushi Lounge span well beyond small plates. The sushi menu is
hard to pass up, although its offerings are far more traditional and less creative
than the tapas. Yet, the freshness of the fish and purity of flavor
can mean a refreshing palate cleanser between courses.

Oni roll

The Oni roll offered just that, with lobster, avocado, seared albacore, jalapeno, ponzu, sasame chili oil. As is traditional with lighter-fleshed fish, after so many varied flavors and cuisines, it was a refreshing return to simplicity. Also the Sakura roll, with shrimp tempura, smelt eggs, market fresh tuna, white sauce and amai sauce was delicious!

Sakura Roll

But all good flavors eventually vanish from the tongue, and we soon found ourselves with another round of empty plates and a very satisfied palate. In no hurry to leave
our jovial surroundings and indeed the restaurant was now packed we opted
for dessert. I knew that next time I felt even a hint of wanderlust, I would
unhesitatingly make my way to Irezumi Sushi Lounge.

   Baked Eeel                                         Spicy Tuna Tartar

Unlike traditional sushi joints, Irezumi features an array of delectable deserts l
ike the sinfully delicious chocolate volcano cake, five varieties of tempura
ice cream, and a decadent banana cheesecake spring roll.

             Assorted Mochi                         Vanilla and Red Bean Ice Cream

The full bar offers an expansive variety of hot, cold, and unfiltered Japanese sake,
as well as signature specialty cocktails using fresh fruit juices. After dinner,
cutting boards come off the sushi bar, and the state-of-the art sound
system pulses with an eclectic mix of rock, deep house and funk as I
rezumi transforms into a lively lounge scene until 2 AM.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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