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Gonpachi Restaurant Review

Westside Power Brokers, Downtown Politcos & Hollywood’s Finest
Welcome New Executive Chef, Chris Behre

Alex Donnelley, Sean Kanan & Carolyn Hennessy

Beverly Hills -- The power and the glory of Tuesday evening’s gourmet soiree went to world-renown, Five-Star Executive Chef, Chris Behre – Gonpachi’s newest asset! Having recently joined the Gonpachi team less than three months ago, Chef Behre pulled out all the stops and created a gastronomic experience to delight even the
most discerning palate – delicate sashimi, scrumptious sushi, assorted tempura,
beef carpaccio, handmade Soba noodles, Robata grilled chicken, beef and
shrimp, crispy wontons with crabmeat, oyster shooters and much more!

Sponsored by Rivera & Rivera Fine Art, David Kean Residential Realty, Blue Angel Vodka, Vermeer Dutch Liquor and Hint Water, over 125 select gourmands attended this unique experience including the Honorable Soussan Bruguera, the Honorable Jack Goertzen, Dr. Susan Stafford, Beverly Hills socialite Gail Dauer, actors Chris Farley, James B. Sikking, Alex Donnelly, Alice Greczyn and Rachelle Carson-Begley, film producer Kevin Strom, celebrity stylist George Blodwell, comedienne Michael
Colyar, actor/producer Hal B. Klein, to name a few. Special guest, Los
Angeles City Councilwoman, Jan Perry, Ninth District -- presented a
commendation to Gonpachi of Beverly Hills for continuing to
honor the authentic, rich, Japanese culture and tradition
which is so vital to Southern California.

   Gail Dauer and  Jan Perry                    Alice Greczyn & Kevin Farley

In between bites, ‘Cougartown’s’ Carolyn Hennessy exclaimed, “this sushi is amazing -- so fresh, so delicate!” The handsome heartthrob, actor Sean Kanan was really into the food AND the atmosphere, ‘Gonpachi’s cuisine is really quite special and delicious and the ambiance and architecture is stunning! I just heard that Gonpachi’s sister restaurant in Tokyo was used in ’Kill Bill’ – how cool is that?!”

Gonpachi of Beverly Hills is located at 134 N. La Cienega Boulevard,
Beverly Hills, California 90211.

As a culmination of 20-plus years experience creating some of Southern
California's finest Pacific Rim cuisine. Chris Behre, a world-renown,five star
chef, has recently been appointed as the new Executive Chef of Gonpachi Beverly Hills. Located at 134 N. La Cienega Blvd. In Beverly Hills, Gonpachi is open
for dinner, sushi and cocktails seven nights a week. To sample Executive
Chef Behre's amazing food, please call (310) 659-8887.


Try the sushi and sashimi combos for sampling, or try to select just a few of the special rolls each one is more tempting than the last. But no matter what you order, the fish is fresh, the prices are reasonable and, the staff friendly and accommodating.

By joining the existing team, Chef Chris Behre's presence further elevates the already high-profile of this two-story 11,000-square-foot Japanese spectacle, which sits
squarely on L.A.'s legendary Restaurant Row. "A restaurant of Gonpachi's
magnitude needs standout cuisine to rival its visual excellence,"
reveals Chef Chris Behre: "My goal is to help make an
already-impressive experience…unforgettable." 

Champagne                                            Ginger Mojito

Chef Chris Behre's inventive new menu at Gonpachi will consist of an array of traditional Japanese items as well as more daring culinary efforts. Guests can start
with such rare twists as the Mentaiko Caesar made with spicy caviar and tofu croutons, or the Jako spinach made with baby spinach, spicy sardines, crispy
fried fennel and apple onion dressing. He will also feature more substantial fare,
such as a charcoal-grilled prime beef filet with wasabi mashed potatoes and port
wine yuzu pepper sauce (a main entrée), as well as several signature dishes,
including a broiled black cod marinated in saikyo miso and a Kobe-style
beef shabu-shabu served with yuzu, ponzu and goma dipping sauces.

All of the sushi rolls are the creation of Chef Chris Behre. Rolls such as the Dynamite roll offer stunning visual presentations, put together with the ultimate craft and care. We opted to sample three of the most popular special rolls on the menu.

All of the sushi rolls are the creation of Chef So. "They're common ingredients,"
his son Bobby explains, "it's just how you put them together." Chef So is a
master at creative concoctions. Rolls such as the Dynamite roll offer stunning
visual presentations, put together with the ultimate craft and care. We
opted to sample three of the most popular special rolls on the menu.

Kinoko Miso Soup                                  Flaming Grady Roll

We started with the Kinoko Organic Miso Soup, one of the best miso soups I
have tried, the taste was delicious and included tofu, nameko and mitsuba.

The Flaming Grady roll is one of the house signatures, a decadent combination of spicy lobster, albacore, jalapeno & garlic chips. It sounds like a mouthful, and
it is and a delicious one to boot. The roll is a burst of flavor, and we are
instantly hooked the freshness of the fishes mingles with the sauce,
while the lobster lend a lingering decadence.

  Sweet Shrimp Roll                                 Yellowtail Carpaccio
Our next roll, the Sweet Shrimp Summer Roll, is a favorite among heat-lovers.
A Santa Barbara shrimp, asian spring vegetables, cilantro dipping sauce. The roll
is stunning and vibrant, awash with playful tones from the pink shrimp and red sauce. The innocent appearance belies the flavor that waits a burst of fresh fish followed quickly by several layers of spiciness. The intoxicating flavor lingers long after
the piece is swallowed, tingling the tong, enticing us back for more.

Ebi Shinjo, with shrimp, scallops white fish and Onion Dumplings

Our faces must have displayed our pleasure, because our server soon insists we try something simpler. "You have to try our Tuna Sashimi Salad," he presses, "it's so fresh." Again seemingly without effort, a plate with Tuna tataki, field greens,
enoki mushrooms, tosaka seaweed, komochi konbu, yam cake, kauware,
soy-yuzu balsamic dressing. Simple and unadorned, the tuna alone
rivals the most creative salad A smile and nod is all that's needed
to acknowledge this is some of the best fish around.

Baked Dynamite                                            Yuba roll     

Another tempting small dishes that we tried were the Baked Dynamite, with king
crab, sea scallop, Japanese eggplant an corn kernels. What I love about this
dish is the fact that you can't taste the mayo, it is absolutely to die for!

Black Spaghetti                                             Ahi Tuna   

Another hot "onsai" dish that we tried was the Ebi Shinjo, with shrimp, scallops white fish and onion dumplings, with spicy sweet chili sauce, not only the presentation
was divine, but this is the kind of appetizer that you would try no one, but about
10 more… simply amazingly delicious… The Yuba roll is also part of the hot
"onsai" and the Yuba Roll with crab, scallops, salmon, cream cheese,
madras curry, wrapped in tofu skin was another top-notch creation
that deserves an "Oscar" for its taste and preparation.

A Selection of Sumi-Yaki

We are eager to press on, and while we are tempted by the sushi that is being prepared in front of us, we decide to test the non-sushi portion of the menu. A selection of Sumi-Yaki (Robata Charcoal Grill) dishes look tempting, so we tried
the 8 skewers that consisted of a selection of Shrimp, Chicken Leg & Tokyo
Leeks, Minced Chicken, Beef Skirt Steak, Asparagus Wrapped
in Bacon, Samon, Eringi Mushroom, and corn. Another
delicious and light creation that you should not miss.

Gindara Misoyaki  (Black Cod)

Gonpachi offers a wide array of combination dinners that serve several different selections at once. Tempting dishes include Black Spaghetti; made with squid ink pasta, lobster, shrimp, calamari, scallops, peppers, enoki mushrooms, shiso garlic
soy yuzu. This is an amazing dish, that you should try, we absolutely loved it! It
is to die for! Another signature dish that you can't miss is the Gindara Misoyaki;
a perfectly broiled black cod marinated in saikyo miso & sake lees, soba
ravioli, braised leeks, red chard, on a miso dashi cream. This is
without any doubt the best black cod in town!

Lobster Special

The special of the night was the amazing and most succulent Lobster! The
most delicious tender lobster, cut in half, and served by itself. For
those who are lobster lovers, you can't miss this one again!

I feel as if we could stay all evening, simply watching the Chef spin together endless creations. The room is bustling, and the activity behind the sushi bar is more so
both pairs of hands work deftly and gracefully, pausing only to dip their
fingertips in a nearby bowl of water or call back into the kitchen for
a piece of tempura. But alas, our empty plates are cleared and
there are guests waiting for a spot at the near-full bar.

Pumpkin Zenzai

We ended our meal with a simple
but delicious dessert: The Pumpkin Zenzai.

As we walk out the double doors I look back longingly, already eager to return.

Chef Chris Behre

Chris Behre has spent more than a decade honing his culinary skills in award-winning restaurants and hotels. Chris began his career in Sydney, working his way to entrèe sous chef at the iconic Bennelong Restaurant in the Sydney Opera House
before his breakthrough assignment as executive sous chef
at the world-famous Tetsuyas Restaurant.

During Chris' tenure, Chef Tetsuya Wakuda's gourmet establishment won numerous national and international awards, including induction into the American Express Restaurant Hall of Fame and Rèmy Martin Restaurant of the Year honors.

While at Tetsuyas, Chris was selected to participate in The James Beard House Invitational session in New York. Chris speaks with pride and pleasure of his
long and continuing association with Chef Wakuda, who has come to exemplify
the cutting edge of modern Australian cuisine and whose eponymous
restaurant is continually ranked among the world's very best.

The next phase of Chris' career saw executive chef appointments in some of the world's most exciting hotel kitchens: the Crowne Plaza in Shanghai, the W back
in Sydney, and the Millennium Knightsbridge in London. Chris' next challenge
brought him to the U.S. as group executive chef and a key member of the managementopening team of the upscale Cinch Restaurant in Santa Monica.
Chris brought the multifaceted sensibilities of his different influences and
experiences to a chic LA menu, quickly establishing Cinch as
a destination in the crowded Los Angeles market.

Chris Behre’s is now the head chef for Gonpachi Restaurant in Beverly Hills, he delivers his greatest challenge yet - to capture the freshness, vitality and diversity
of modern and authentic Japanese food for discerning American diners. At
Gonpachi Restaurant; you will enjoy Chris’ varieties of samplings from the
Edo-Mae (Tokyo style) sushi bar, delicate meats from the Robata Grill,
handmade Soba noodles, delectable tempura, hearty spirits and more!
This is a place to be welcomed by a smiling sushi chef, be seated where you choose, and leave with a smile on your face. It is a place where the prices are reasonable,
the fish is high quality and fresh, and the selection is creative and enticing.
Whether you are just introducing yourself to sushi, looking to try more
adventurous items, or simply want to order reliable favorites,
Gonpachi Restaurant is a place to return to again and again.
Steeped in Japanese carpentry, cherry blossoms, Zen gardens and
intricately-designed roof tiles and lighting fixtures imported from Japan,
Gonpachi is as authentic as Japanese fine dining in L.A. gets.

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their
website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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