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Wokcano Restaurant Review

Wokano's fusion of classic Japanese with a spin of California style complemented
with chic, modern and vibrant decor is where people of LA
gather to enjoy a refreshing dining experience.


Where you are in shorts and flip-flops at the Santa Monica pier, seeking the
perfect happy hour spot, or just wanting to share good food, drinks
and time with your family or friends, Wokano in Santa Monica is
the haven for food, decor, and life-style connoisseurs.


Elegantly decorated, with a great patio outside, with a DJ playing great music,
dancing, and with an outstanding bar that offers great selection of drinks, from martinis, to wines and champagne. Wokano is a stunningly modern Asian restaurant located in Santa Monica. An evening there promises a classy and contemporary
spin on Asian cuisine, with a mixture of traditional Thai dishes and modern interpretations of Thai cuisine, with just a hint of French influence. Their
fabulous menu includes Hot Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Signature Roll,
Sushi Roll, Sushi Dinner, Chichen, Beef, Fishes, and Vegetables.


We started with couple cocktails, that were divine! Their special Martini
was truly delicious! But, the most amazing part of our night, was our meal!

Our server Armand

Our server Armand, was truly the best, we could not
have asked for someone better who was guiding us through the
night and giving us the best of the best that Wokcano had to offer!

  Edamame                                           Shrimp Tempura

Crab Stick  and Eel Sushi

We started going from simple to more sophisticated. So, first we got the usual Edamame, and then the Shrimp Tempura, very good and served hot with a
delicious flavor that only special places like Wokcano can make it. We tried
the Eel Sushi and the Crab Stick both sensational with its freshness.

Crisp Pepper Calamari                                  Onion Pancake     

The Crisp Pepper Calamari appetizer is another wildly unique dish, stunning in both composition and flavor. The bulbous calamaris rest on a rectangular plate, sitting in
a bright orange pool of sweet, tangy cooking liquid spotted with house-made garlic “savou” sauce. Additional tentacled pieces curl around the plate, interspersed
with delicate slivers of flash-fried lemon. A forkful explodes with a myriad
of flavors, producing an entire spectrum of sweet, tart, savory, and
salty from just a handful of carefully chosen ingredients.

 The Late Night Party Roll                        Seared Tuna with Jalapeno

The Onion Pancake was also a great and filling appetizer that we both enjoyed.
Also another great roll is called: The Late Night Party Roll. A very innovative
roll that includes Crabmeat Avocado Roll topped with Baked Lobster,
Scallop & Smelt Egg in a creamy sauce, this one tastes like the
Dynamite but with rice. I truly enjoyed this roll.   

The latest dish to try before our entrees was the Seared Tuna with Jalapeno in
a Garlic Ponzu Sauce. Another great and light choice that you will love it!

When the entrees arrive, the table is covered in a dazzling array of textures and colors. The Grilled Seabass with Ginger on a light soy sauce is a playful dish, with a colorful, almost tropical presentation. A slender triangle of bright seabass stands by itself.
The accompaniments work in harmony the Spicy Garlic Eggplant, earthy
sweetness compliments lusciously thick, honeyed tang; both are balanced
by the earthy, peppery bite of the eggplant. Simple, elemental, and
yet decadent, there seems no other way to eat fish.

Spicy Garlic Eggplant                                     Crab Fried Rice  

Peking Duck served with Onions & Pancakes

Finally the Peking Duck served with Onions & Pancakes feature a dazzling, playful presentation the theme here is comforting, the medium-rare meat offering a gentle, almost spring like flavor with nary a hint of assertiveness. This dish is a playful
twist on the traditional Duck served warm, the effect is delightful, releasing
a heady garlic aroma. As with every dish, the flavors imparted by the
accompanying plum sauce are bright and vibrant.  

And that seems to be the result of dining at Wokcano complete satisfaction from
start to finish. A meal here is an adventure, a journey through the flavors and
textures of Asian cuisine, an introduction to the pleasures of the Chinese table
that touches all the senses. Go ahead, treat yourself to a culinary vacation
at Wokcano, you will certainly never forget this amazing restaurant.

For map and location click Here!

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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