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Boe Restaurant Review

Every once in a while, a restaurant blows me away. Not because of its creative menu or exceptional wine list; not because of the artfulness displayed on its plates, or its design or decor. While the restaurant may have all of these features, it wows me not because it’s doing things to impress, but because it’s doing things right.


Boe Restaurant, located at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills is truly a welcoming space that boasts an after-hours lounge as a casual nightlife destination.
Boe Restaurant is indeed one of my favorites places to dine,
and enjoy my evening when I am in Los Angeles.


Chef Chandra Clark does everything right. And they do everything, but perhaps
most impressive is the new selection of the Lounge appetizers; "This is A
who we are," Chef Clak says of their food's transparency. 
When you're taking that much time in-house, what is sourced from outside can only match the high standards of quality. "All of our vegetables come from three local, organic farms.” All of this effort culminates into a rare treat for guests when is the
last time you knew exactly where every ingredient on your plate came from?


While far from an underground supper club the restaurant's dining room has a dining room open to the street, inviting passers-by to peer in. Boe Restaurant is certainly
a place where guests will feel at home. I also love their inside and intimate private dining room that seats about 20. The newly expanded kitchen overlooks both
bar and dining room, where the vibe is pure neighborhood bistro.

It’s a vibe that completely mirrors the cuisine. New Chef 's menu of casual bistro fare is a mixture of traditional comfort foods starting with some appetizers selection, the Buffalo Chicken Skewers with blue cheese dipping sauce and the Tuna Tartare Wontons, both make appearances on the menu and elegant creations that pull
from a worldly array of international influences. It’s unpretentious and authentic, prioritizing quality and taste over flashy ingredients and showy presentation.


They also serve great martinis, true to the restaurant’s spirit, the cocktail list is built
on house-made syrups and infused liquors. The "Caipirinha” is recommended
to us by their wonderful manager Allen who was guiding and helping
us through the night. Their service and staff members are simply
the best, making you feel really comfortable.


The Caipirinha lives up to the hype in the first sip. The cocktail, featuring Leblon cachaca lime, sugar and ice, is unlike anything I've tasted it gives way to a
lingering spice that despite considerable heat is mysteriously refreshing.

    Mac & Cheese Stack                       Argula and Red Pear Salad

Mini Curry Burgers with Yogurt Dip

We can't order a drink without ordering a Fried Macaroni Stack with tomato and spicy dipping sauces and their famous Mini Curry Burgers with Yogurt dip,  The
Mac & Cheese is truly phenomenal and so unusual. We loved it, you must go
there and try because it is sweet and comforting, but after much
debate, we declare the Mini Burgers our favorite.

Chilean Sea Bass with Lentils

It is a twinkle in Allen's eye that convinces us to try the special of the evening, the Chilean Sea bass with warm Lentils on a Black Pepper Crust. The result is
heavenly; the rich lentils combining with the fresh fish while the
piquancy of the pepper crusty cuts through the richness.

Angel Hair with Sea Scallops

While a meal could easily be made out of several small plates, the entree-sized dishes are difficult to resist. My guest loves Scallops so he ordered the Angel Hair with
Sea Scallops, the distinctive taste of slow-cooked Scallops dominates the Angel
Hair. Backing the intensely savory scallops is a subtle, creamy base, one
with a complexity that is achieved only after hours of simmering.
I'm not sure if there's a more comforting dish in the city.

A Flight of Ports

We turn to dessert with 3 mini glasses of Ports, a sparkling wine dessert from Portugal. It is playful and lighthearted and we probably would be content,
but who can pass up house Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta and their
dream dessert the Banana Meyer. Both dinner and
desserts were fantastic, and very light.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta                                  Banana Meyer     

I realize there is no substitution for a meal prepared with complete intention step by step, ingredient by ingredient. Not only does Chef Clark stand behind taste, she stands behind process, which means an unrivaled authenticity governs every bite on every plate. I’d say this is a rare treat, but I’m surrounded by such a welcoming setting
that I realize this treat need not be a rare one. Boe Restaurant is so open, so
honest, and so comfortable that I already feel compelled to return.

Thank you Chef Chanda Clark and Allen for
your wonderful meal and hospitality.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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