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Mucho Restaurant Review

Not only does Mucho Restaurant have a prime location with a beautiful view of Downtown Manhattan Beach, it has inventive Mexican cuisine that promises guests
an interesting and special dining experience. One of the best parts of is the exciting scene of Manhattan Beach beachgoers and the beautiful customers at Mucho! The restaurant’s style dishes are created by their Executive Chef. John Butler from the sauces to and desserts to both the corn and flour tortillas are made in-house. This restaurant is suitable for people willing to test their palates and try new flavor combinations, and for those looking to enjoy the Manhattan Beach party scene.

When Mucho Restaurant opened in November 2007, it became one of the few area restaurants able to simultaneously offer 3 of life’s greatest pleasures: exquisite cuisine coupled with a picturesque view and the most amazing drinks! While a new addition
to Manhattan Beach, the restaurant boasts a successful heritage: Owner Michael Zislis is proud of this restaurant, serving a unique and delicious Mexican cuisine to a
loyal clientele. His decision to bring the tantalizing flavors of “alta cocina”
(haute cuisine) to an exquisite almost waterfront setting results in a
dining experience that is nothing short of stunning.


The bar at Mucho is an essential part of the entire experience, serving the most delicious margaritas that are hand-shaken, made with fresh lime juice, and
coated with imported sea salt; instead of just being salt, it’s salt with flavor. 

Custom Margaritas

There are 16 margaritas on the menu, ranging from the basic Mucho Margarita
(made with El Jimador Silver, $8), up to the $45 Paradiso Margarita (made with
El Tesoro Paradiso and Grand Marnier 100th Anniversary). In between, there
are margaritas made with pomegranate, chipotle-pineapple and desert pear.

There are a half-dozen mojitos as well, all priced at $10. Try the Moskojito made
with Ketel One Vodka instead of rum. Nice. Like the margaritas, the dishes also
range from the basic to the sublime , such as the Chips that are made with
some cinnamon, which is a great combination with their delicious
spicy salsa that comes almost immediately upon your arrival.

Sweet Mexican Corn Rolled in Cream and Cheese

At the starting line, you’ll find the Platos Mexicanos,  mix and match combos of tacos, chilles rellenos, enchiladas, absolutely amazing. But even here the edge can be found, such as the There’s another memorable corn dish on the menu; the sweet Mexican corn rolled in cream and cheese, I could eat this corn every single day of my life.   
I’ve encountered corn on the cob akin to this south of the border,
but it’s never been quite this good as this one!

Tomato and Watermelon Salad                       Camarones de Amelia       

Other appetizers include the Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon
salad, a delicious and light salad that is very light and that
opens your palate to your next appetizer.

The Camarones de Amelia was one of the best shrimps I’ve ever tasted since I left Copacabana in Brazil. The taste of the shrimps makes you feel like you are somewhere else in the world. I can’t describe, but I must say that you like
garlic, paprika and cayenne mix, this is out of this dish is world!

Taquitos Polluelo

We also tasted the Taquitos Polluelo, which was another wonderful surprise,
house-made crispy tortillas filled with chicken, tomatoes, unions, cilantro
served with roasted red sauce and avocado sauce. Again, another
delicious appetizer that was so good we finished the entire dish!

Our server, was gracious and professional, with a touch of friendly humor that seems perfect for the setting. While upscale, this is no stuffy restaurant, and the staff’s friendliness proves enjoyable throughout the meal. The wine list is enticing
and intriguing, with several Mexican and Spanish wines standing
out among well-chosen California offerings.

While the lunch menu contains elegant renditions of familiar Mexican staples, tacos, ceviche, tosdadas, the dinner menu seems to depart from traditional Mexican cuisine. While the country’s influence is certainly present, there is no street food here.
Instead, we find a refined cuisine that draws on the flavors and traditions
of Mexico but simultaneously breaks away from tradition.

Chilean Seabass

As far as our entrees there is so much choice in their menu, it is very hard to decide, but I love seafood, my choice was the Fresh Chilean Seabass served with green
rice, roasted corn puree, and a trio of fruit salsas. I also wanted to try their
Black Beans and the Jalapeno Potato Gratin on the side.

Sides of Mashed Potatoes and Black Beans

The textures, too, are surprising and engaging, the supple plumpness of the seabass joined by soft, sweated corns. I can’t get over the sheer uniqueness of the dish,
and the boldness of the chef in creating it, and the stunning result of such an
insightful decision. It is bewitching, and enticing, and will forever
open up the potential of seabass for me.

The fish needs no knife to slice through its gentle flesh, which practically pulls apart upon the touch. Yet despite the elegant flavors, it is texture that wows me in this
dish.  The sea bass boasts the lusciousness and the tenderness of a peach,
and as my mouth envelops the supple flesh I am in hedonistic heaven.

Primas Carnitas

Next my guest’s choice was the Primas Carnitas, which pleases the eyes as much as the palate. Its explosive presentation features a thick piece of Kurobata pork
cooked in its own juices, until tender along with tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo,
and a choice of two sides; the Chipotle Mac’n cheese. Every detail on
this plate enhances the enjoyment of the dish. It take each bite in
wonderment, experimenting with the myriad combinations of
flavors on the plate. I am completely won over by this dish.


Dessert at Mucho Restaurant seems more traditional than the dinner, with selections that draw on sweet classics. We opt for a simple finale, the Churros and Coconut Flan. A perfectly round crepe is saturated by a thick, light brown chocolate and caramel sauce. The thick, cloying sweetness is deliciously addictive, tasting
similar to caramel but more rustic. Each bite is a decadent mouthfeel.

         Coconut Flan                               Sous Chef Omar Elmukhtar

By the time we leave, the room is abuzz with conversation and illuminated by
flickering candlelight. The sun has just set and a cool fog creeps over the coast.
The drive over the Manhattan Beach area is a contemplative one, as I turn over
in my mind one of the most engaging meals I've had in some time.

                  Special thanks to owner Michael Zislis for his hospitality.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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