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Scott’s Seafood Restaurant Review

For nineteen years, Scott’s Seafood has been the premier place to enjoy culinary artistry within the cultural heart of Orange County. Located across from the famous South Coast Plaza and within walking distance of the Orange Country Performing
Arts Center, South Coast Repertory and the brilliant new Segerstrom hall, sits the pristine classically refined 18,000-square-foot facility. With room for 550 patrons, Scott’s is designed with the dashing elegance that is a sublime fit with the surrounding area. Indeed, Scott’s goes out of its way to ensure its spot as the ideal place to
indulge during an evening at the arts. The main attraction at Scott’s is the Oyster
Bar featuring an open kitchen.  Seafood purists will delight in their kettle steamed crustacean specialties and traditional favorites, as well as an array of appetizers,
pasta, and fish entrees. The outstanding wine list feature more than 125
of the best wines that the West Coast and Europe have to offer.

Scott’s is also the perfect place to grab dessert after a show, as it features such legendary decadent offerings as the Steamed Lemon Soufflé or thePineapple
Upside Down Cake. The entire menu is also available to those who
want to merely relax in Scott’s lively bar and lounge area. The
fantastic cuisine, stellar service and regal atmosphere prove
that Scott’s Seafood is most worth of a standing ovation.

Also, if you have a party, you will be in great hands, simply hire Scott’s team
of experienced professionals to help plan your event from start to finish. Whether
you choose their private fireside dining room, atrium or outdoor patio, Scott’s will tailor the setting to your group’s special needs. Or, you can also have Scott’s bring renowned seafood and Prime Aged Beef to your place, then relax…Scott’s does
the work for you as your full service caterer and event planner. Either way, your
place or theirs, you can’t go wrong with Scott’s professionals working for you.


Chef Michael J. Doctulero marries classic comfort food with premium ingredients, offering a menu that runs the gamut from down-home comfort to gourmet elegance.

The large and spacious space offers an array of seating options, including communal tables, and lounge-style bar seating for happy hour or late night noshing. With
an extensive bar that serves the most amazing drinks, be careful you
may come for dinner and end up staying all night.

Long Island Ice Tea                                  Cadillac Margarita   

The food is as versatile as the space, with an array of selections that runs the
gamut from bar food to gourmet fare. The defining theme is clearly comfort,
Executive Chef Michael J. Doctulero describes his guiding principle
as serving “the food that people grew up with.”

But Chef Michael isn’t content to let guests dine within their comfort zone and
he adds an element of discovery to each dish, with unique twists on the
traditional that elevate the dishes from comfort food to creative fare.

Key Lime Pie Martini

The Scott’s' menus are simply amazing, also the wine list, dinner menu, and lounge menu. The wine list is peppered with reliable selections, including Wines by the Glass, Half Bottles, Champagne and Sparkling, Classic Wines, Ports, Desserts, Armagnacs, Brandies and Cognacs. We had the pleasure of tasting a variety of wines and
drinks, both which proved elegant accompaniments to several courses.

New England Clam Chowder                         Dungeness Crab Cake     

My guest ordered a bowl of the Clam Chowder, asserting that clam chowder is the ultimate judge of a seafood restaurant’s quality. When he tasted it, he gave his nod
of approval – the chowder was more broth-like than some, but chock full of clams, making it simultaneously less heavy and more hardy than most chowders. This was truly delicious and authentic chowder, that we all tasted and enjoyed. The velvety texture proved surprisingly sophisticated, with lots of clams and so comforting. The dish was luscious but light on the cream; by the time we reached the bottom of the bowl our mouths were tingling with flavor, but we were not overcome by heaviness.

Hamachi Sashimi with Shishito Peppers

The Dungeness Crab Cake; with roasted tomato aioli, spring salad and sweet
yellow corn was also fresh and delicious, I could have easily eaten another one.
The Hamachi Sashimi with Shishito Peppers, cucumber, red onion with togarashi
and ponzu; was one of many colorful and playful starters. A wide-rimmed dish
held a generous mound of sashimi. This was a very light appetizer, an ideal
marriage of flavor and texture, while the peppers added a surprisingly
sweet crispness, a classic and light appetizer.

Seafood on Ice for Two

Peruvian Ceviche

The Seafood on Ice, for 2 included Lobster, smoked salmon, shrimp, crab,
oysters and Ahi sashimi, an appetizer that again, was enjoyed by all of us.
The Peruvian Ceviche was also fresh and very well done, with citrus
marinated fish in ginger, fried wontons, cilantro and macadamia
nuts, another dish sent by our dear and talented Chef Michael.

 Oysters Rockefeller

I loved the Oysters Rockefeller, with spinach lemon, grana padano cheese,
pernod and bacon, one of the finest ways to enjoy this fresh oysters,
I would easily eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Asian Pear Salad                                  Roasted Beet Salad  

The Asian Pear Salad, with toasted almonds and butter lettuce was so light,
and so good. We were truly happy with our choices; all of the appetizers
were light, fresh, beautifully presented and so fresh!

Prime New York Steak with Scott's Bliss Potatoes

The Prime New York Steak was also another great choice as far as our entrée,
each bite offering a burst of earthy savoriness. Yet the Scott's Bliss
Potatoes hidden among the greens were fresh and vibrant the
entire dish was truly delicious especially for meat lovers.

Chilean Seabass Kasuzuke

The Chilean Seabass Kasuzuke was impeccable. A thick cube of glistening, moist fish was unadorned, with sushi rice, baby spinach and spicy sweet red pepper relish. The result was eye opening rather than commanding the plate, the pale, milky fish took
the role of a blank canvas, poised to showcase the acute flavors of its bold accompaniments. It’s as if Chef Michael was toying with his guests, proving
that obscure ingredients like red pepper relish can offer astounding flavors.
Each forkful was a new experience as we sought the perfect ratio of
tender fish; it was proof that elegant fare can indeed be comforting.

 Scott’s Roasted Maine Sea Scallops

The Scott’s Roasted Maine Sea Scallops was another take on playful, this time proving that comfort food can spin elegant. The accompanying shiitake
mushroom, butter whipped potatoes fresh thyme on a Madeira sauce
was brilliantly plated. A tempting addition to every bite, adding
resonating notes of the delicious flavor to the tender Scallops.

 Australian Lobster Tail

And then it was time for the brilliant Australian Lobster Tail, the triumph of the meal. Each bite was velvet, velvet that dissolved on the tongue, permeating it with rich, savory Lobster flavor. The Lobster sat atop a bed of Scott’s bliss potatoes.

Truffle Mac & Cheese

Halfway through the dish, I realized I was so absorbed in the flavors, it was the most elegant, delicious and amazing presentation of lobster meat I'd seen and tasted. Along with all these delicious entrees, we also had the pleasure of trying the Truffle Mac & Cheese side. Wow, without any doubt, the best, what can we say, simply delicious and cooked to perfection. I would eat this side as an entrée, it was truly amazing.

Lemon Soufflé

By the time dessert arrived, we had been won over by Chef Michael; we gladly let ourselves be wooed by the pastry Chef who prepared our desserts. Like the rest
of the meal, our desserts were a mixture of high brow and lowbrow, elegant and playful, refined and no-holds-barred decadent. The Lemon Soufflé was pure
elegance, a house made soufflé that was so light you can’t tell how much you
can eat, simply the most delicious dessert you can have. But when it comes
to dessert, refined elegance is no match for gratuitous decadence.

Cheesecake Stuffed Beignets

The Cheesecake Stuffed Beignets were hands-down the way to end the meal. Four baked-to-order beignets were filled with cheesecake. It was childish and playful,
and a dessert that every adult should relish in, truly inherently satisfying, which
offered a freshness and flavor that was unrivaled; it was bliss in every bite.

Fantastic Dessert Wines                        Chef Michael J. Doctulero

Perhaps the best part of this childish revelry was the moment we were brought back
to the present, finding ourselves in an elegant space abuzz with a lively, amazing crowd. Our service was impeccable. Looking around our luxurious surroundings
as we savored the Port wine, we were struck by the refreshing reminder
that even as adults; there are still things that can provide us
with glorious moments of unabashed pleasure.

The only challenge now would be to ensure that every delicious
detail locked itself in my memory for a long time.               

Special thanks to the Marketing Director; Jennifer Simmons for your amazing hospitality and Chef Michael J. Doctulero for your superb and outstanding meal.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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