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Yard House Restaurant Review

The Yard House Bar & Grill is a real gem that just opened at the LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the best restaurants and places to be and
to enjoy the most amazing food, exceptional service and great time with your
friends and family. The Yard House is open daily for lunch, dinner and
late night dining, is known as the little sister to the Yard House that
Southern Californians have called their own for over a decade.

L.A. Live Downtown                                    Yard House Bar   

The Bar & Grill features a modest selection of long time Yard House favorites offering some 65 menu items including the addition of a spit-fire rotisserie oven. The trademark center-island bar showcases 50 beers on tap with a compliment of house martinis, selected wines and specialty beverages. The familiar interior of colorful abstract artwork and the visual backdrop of HD plasmas are placed among the
expanse of oversized booth seating and the casual ambiance
created by warm tones and classic rock music.

Brazilian Lemonade                               Stone Smoked Porter  

We are immediately greeted by the Manager Tim and the server Jamie, who presents the menu and wine list with a flourish and offers helpful and knowledgeable guidance. The wine list is an extensive multi-page assortment of predominantly California wines. The menu is more pared down, offering a careful selection of dishes with varied
and exotic influences: the ingredients and culinary styles of Asia and California
and are all fair game in Executive Chef’s deft hands. While the dishes favor
seafood, more red-blooded options are also offered for meat lovers.
Overwhelmed by the diversity of the menu, and its intriguing flavor
combinations, we willingly submit to Jamie’s suggestions for our
appetizers. With drinks and appetizers ordered, we sit back
and relax into the Yard House’s festive atmosphere.

Smithwicks Red Ale                                   Pilsner Urquell      

Our appetizers arrive all at once, an artful collection of culinary presentation. As per our server’s suggestion, everything is amazing, but we should not miss the; Lobster, Crab & Artichoke dip; with Maine Lobster, Blue crab and Artichoke Hearts baked with a four cheese blend served with tortilla chips and grilled flat bread. The dish
plays with the subtle nuances between different forms of sweetness: the salty sweetness of the shrimp is juxtaposed against the tangier flavor of the
crab and artichoke. Accents of the four cheeses refresh the
taste buds and complement the flavor of the dish.

Lobster, Crab & Artichoke Dip                       Moo Shu Egg Rolls          

The Moo Shu Egg Rolls are presented like an abstract work of art. It is filled with chicken, chili cream cheese, carrots, green onions and spinach served with apple ginger plum sauce, The taste confounds my preconceptions: rather than being
sweet and fruity, each bite is dominated by a savory earthiness, accented by
the pungent, ginger sauce. It introduces a seasonal component to our
feasting and welcome warmth on this chill winter evening.

Tower One Beer Selection of Six Five Ounce Samples

The Coconut Shrimp, an astounding, near dinner plate-sized golden mound, dwarfs the other appetizers. Substantial enough to be a main course, it is drizzled with a
spicy green papaya salad, sweet chili sauce and cilantro pesto. Hints of Asian
culinary influence intrigue the tongue. My dining companions and
I have a difficult time resisting this tasty creation.

Grilled Korean BBQ                                 Coconut Shrimp     

Next the Grilled Korean BBQ beef is truly amazing, the boneless beef short ribs marinated in garlic, soy and brown sugar with jasmine rice, sesame spinach,
carrots, bean sprouts and green onions, is not only delicious but
one of the best BBQ beef we have ever tasted.

The Spicy Tuna with seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi
soy sauce was truly big enough to be shared in 6 people.  Spicy and sweet at
the same time and simply delicious and fresh. It can’t get better than this!

Seared Ahi Sashimi                                Spicy Tuna Appetizer

The Seared Ahi Sashimi is another great and light appetizer that I would totally
order again. The seared rare ahi, were lightly blackened served with soy
vinaigrette, wasabi and pickled ginger, very tasty and it was an
unadorned ode to the splendor of this oceanic delicious fish.

And finally we tried the Béarnaise Sliders that were also another amazing appetizer that could easily substitute any dinner; four delicious mini-burgers made from Naturewell; Natural Angus Beef served with crispy and delicious fried
onions, béarnaise sauce, fries and pickle. We were truly satisfied
with our amazing choice of the most succulent appetizers.

Béarnaise Sliders                                      Summer Salad 

Now, our friendly waiter came and asked what we were having for dinner. Well,
again the menu was tantalizing and everything looked simply divine. It was
hard to make a choice, so she surprised us by selecting our entrees.

The Summer Salad as a starter was also a great way to enjoy this delicious salad. With Romaine lettuce, strawberries, avocado, oranges, candied walnuts, leeks,
spiced balsamic vinaigrette was a light and great salad that we all enjoyed.

Miso Chilean Sea Bass

The Miso Chilean Sea Bass was glazed with miso, bok choy, carrots, edamame a
and jasmine rice. The fish is served atop of the rice, presenting a startlingly rustic juxtaposition to the refined quality and skilled preparation of the dish. The yellow
flesh of the fish peeks seductively from beneath its deep, smoky miso sauce,
tantalizing us with the promise of boldly satisfying flavors. Reminiscent of “Chilean
Sea Bass candy” from Chile, the sweetness and inherent richness of the buttery
sea bass is intensified by the roasted, sticky sugariness of the spicy miso glaze
coating it. It is a dish that reveals the unexpected complexities and
sense of culinary opulence conveyed by high quality ingredients.

Lobster Garlic Noodles

Confounding my expectations, I am surprised when the Lobster Garlic Noodles are delivered to our table. Instead of the modest pile of pasta I anticipated, I am greeted instead by an amazing generous portion of noodles tossed with lobster, shrimp,
crab, fresh spinach and shiitake mushrooms. A sweetness that balances this
savory dish. Like the Sea Bass this dish captures the comforting flavors of
winter, with the spicy sweetness and nourishing heat of a winter stew.

Porcini Crusted Halibut

Next we all tasted their famous Porcini Crusted Halibut, with porcini cream sauce and white truffle oil with asparagus and bok choy over parmesan mashed potatoes. Another great entree and a delicious way to enjoy your favorite fish.

New York Steak with Shrimp Skewer

We also love meat, and our server Jamie again, told us that there were 2 of their best meats that should not be missed; the New York Steak & Shrimp and the St.Louis
Style Ribs. The New York Steak was a 14 oz cut with green beans with garlic mashed potatoes, the meat was tender and prepared to perfection, and the St.
Louis Style Ribs, well, take a look at our picture, I guess you can see that I
am serious when I say: simply out of this world, the full rack smoked pork
spare ribs with spicy bbq sauce and the most amazing creamed corn, with
spicy beans, you can’t desire anything better than that, it was truly an
experience that I would certainly repeat again and again.

St.Louis Style Ribs

Despite the growing mountain of takeout containers we are accumulating, we can’t resist sampling The Yard House’s sweet confections. In the spirit of overindulgence that has characterized the rest of our meal; four desserts arrive to the table, each tempting us with their virtues, and sinful attractions. Each are manifestations of
the diverse possibilities of sweet tooth satisfaction. The Macadamia Nut
Cheesecake is an elegant cylinder of cheesecake over caramel and
raspberry sauces with whipped cream. The velvety cheesecake, with
the flavors being brightened by the caramel and raspberry
sauces were a rare way to enjoy my favorite dessert!

Kona Coffee Sundae, Macadamia Nut Cheesecake and Baked Brownie

The Fresh Baked Brownie is a study in texture and darkly sweet decadence. True
to its name, topped with mint chocolate chip, caramel or vanilla ice cream. As the palate nears chocolate saturation, a taste of cool vanilla ice cream refreshes
the taste buds and prepares the mouth for more indulgence.

Trio Sampler of Lemon Soufflé, Peach Apple Cobbler and Chocolate Soufflé

Unlike the weighty decadence of the Cheesecake and the Chocolate Brownie, the Kona Coffee Ice Cream Sundae is surprisingly light refreshment. Topped with
Oreo cookie crumbles, macadamia nuts and chocolate sauce served with
macadamia nut cookie. The first bite is a surprise: It crackles in the mouth,
dissolving into pure sweetness. While each dessert is an expression of
pastry mastery, the next and final Pint-Sized Trio sampler was also
an extraordinary way to enjoy 3 desserts at the same time; the
Lemon Soufflé, Peach Apple Cobbler and Chocolate Soufflé.

We stagger toward the door under the weight of our leftovers and full stomachs,
giddy from the serotonin rush of our bacchanal extravagance. Driving down
the winding road leading back to civilization, we reluctantly leave behind The
Yard House’s island of temptations, cheered only by the knowledge
that this gluttonous getaway is not too far out of reach.

I truly recommend you to try this amazing restaurant, you will not regret!

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Articles By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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